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Köln in December

In Cologne is always something to do.

Our visit lead us to the Triangle, the 8th highest building in Cologne, with a magnificant view from 100 meter high  at the ‚altdstadt‘

The Hohenzollernbrücke is known about its many ‚love slots‘ that are chained at the bridge. The loving couples, in tradition, throw the keys in the Rhine.  And what is left … is love.

Visiting Colgne in December makes a visit at the christmas markets (and the mulled wine) obligatory!

Cologne.  Kölle.  Simply a wonderful city.

Die Flora – Köln

In the middle of Cologne, a beautiful park is resided, die Flora.  A botanic garden and park.  After our visit in the japanese garden in Leverkusen, we went to Cologne.

And did not regret it, enjoy the photos.

Very much flowers,

and many flower seemed to have its own visitors


And … the rest


Street photography -and more- in Cologne

Who reads my (b)logs regurarily knows my special intrest for Street Photography

And what is the best way to photograph people, situations and scenes ‚from the street‘?
Indeed, the big city.


Together with my photofriends Hilde and Wännä we had an afternoon photo shooting in Cologne.

And of course, next to the street photography, a visit to the Dom is a MUST,, also there are some pictures taken as well.

Dom 0475

On this tour I tried out a new camera lense, the Tamron 18- 270. A travel lense, it is called. The big advantage is that I not need(ed) to change lenses between a nearby photo and a zoom/remote picture.

I think that I can become good friends with my new baby,  you will see more photos made with it in the (near) future.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Summer in the City (back to human)

A big city means, a lot of people. A lot of people means, many stories.
Some stories are read easily, other needs ages before finishing page on
Turn the pages Humans in Cologne


There are more churches in Cologne with an intresting history
You can click at the picture of ‚Madonna in der Trümmern*  to read her story.

madonna trümmern _0453
Madonna in der Trümmern




A city like Cologne lives in many ways.
Did you ever notice how many advertiing there is, in all kind of forms?
Enjoy the window shopping, and no worries, this time you can leave your credit card where it is! 🙂

Photography never can be done without the photographer. And the photographer get photographed as well, now and then.
The fun with Hilde and Wännä resulted many times in happy hunting 🙂