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Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Ein neues Projekt.

Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Die Herausforderung.  Fotografieren mit den Handy

Eine Runde durch den Stadtmitte mit

Steffanie, Petra, Chris, Reinbert (und ich).

Special Guest….  Die Ente

Das Erfolg?  Erstaunlich


Die Fotografen sind allen Mitglied von der Südstern Freunde
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Tannenbusch – Wildlife behind bars

A nice wildlife park, in our neighbourhood is the ‚Tannenbusch‘.

Many animals, a lot to see, even at a chilly day in spring.


Oh, and ducks 😀

A special place for the storks

And for the peacocks


And a special album for the boars family

The rest

Former visits in Tannenbusch

click at the pic for more Tannenbusch


Spring in the park


After a few days of rain, I think that March 10, 2017, can be labelled as the day on what spring really showed his beauty.

Click at the picture for spring pictures from former years

Here are a few pictures of my walk through the park.

A touch of spring – Hausstrecke XL

A flavor of sring  covers our part of Germany

The bigger lakes still cary a thin layer of ice, but the temperatures are up to the double digits.

I catched the first sunsparkles, how can it be different, at the ‚hausstrecke‘ .

Comorands, Herons,


oh, and duckkkkies… 🙂


And of course, without photographers, no pictures

This shoot was with Hilde, Willi, Hans-Georg and Ernst

A Winter Fotoshoot. Südpark 2017

Winter. Temperatures close above zero. A waterly sunshine. A stroll through the Südpark (Düsseldorf).  Enjoy the photos!

Water..  means.. ducks!


And more birdies!

The crystal ball showed its best side

A flaw of spring, for who wants it, but in fact it are winter flowers

And the rest.

A wonderfu winter Fotowalk with Hilde, WIlli and Sonja

Hofgarten und Kö Bogen

I had a short visit in Düsseldorf for something very unpleasant.

But I took my camera with me and made a stroll over the Hofgarten und Köbogen.

Photgraphy can be a healthy therapy as well.  Walk with me through old and new, two outermost sides of Düsseldorf.

Rathinger Tor
(for more info – click the pic – german language-)

Das Ratinger Tor besteht aus zwei fast quadratischen Bauten im klassizistischen Stil, die an antike Tempelbauten erinnern. An jeweils drei Seiten befinden sich dorische Säulen. Die Metopen sind mit Lorbeerkränzen versehen, die goldfarben bemalt sind. Das jeweilige Tympanon ist dagegen nicht verziert.

It was long ago,that I took the crystal ball wth me. This time it was with me, and used 😉


Hofgarten  Düsseldorf

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A few steps, one bridge away, the ‚Kö Bogen‘  are situated.  Modern Architecture, with a slight tad of influence from the Hofgarten Park

Kö Bogen

Human and nature… 

When I was standing there, looking to find the right motive (the architecture was intrigueing me), The (sea)gulls came flying and finding a place at the bridge. Appearantly they thought that I could hold a bit of bread out of my bag 🙂

And here I serve you  some crumbs of the Köbogen

All in all it was an intresting walk, between old and new, nature and city.  This picture sums it nicely up.


Hafri Poetry August 2016

Poetry and Emotions.  August 2016

harries challenge
The row is long
And said to be strong
they are all the sameA border between left and right
Or between right and wrong
Unindentified, seems so strong
I love to break free
Be the real me
Not so much the same
Stepping next to the rowMaybe it looks not so strong
But to me it is double the funAre you a part of the border
Massive and tall
Or are you dancing
And freeThe choice seems easy to me

(c) 01 08 2016,  HaFri Poetry

A place to rest

harries challenge
And the road
Lead the traveler to the city
Tired, he approached his place for the nightThe last few miles,
With every step
Closer to the light.
Reaching the gate
The traveler started to think
About what should happen
When he would pass the wallShould he be welcome
Or should he remain a stranger
Just a shadow, passing by
Not been noticed at allWhen the door opened
And he walked through
His destination for todayThere was a voice
Who welcomed him
And offered a shelter,
Something to eat

Tired, but safe
He soon dreamt about his next step
Back outside, back through the gate

Finding the unknown future again
Leading to his next destination
His hidden sensation

All in all
It are just
That make a wall

(c) HaFri Poetry 02 08 2016

The path I walk

harries challenge

Sometimes I am wondering
What path I have to go
Should I take left, will that be right
I just don’t know

When debating where to go
I stop stepping forward, and am standing still
Considering where I am now
And what further may be my will

I can not decite where to go
What bow will lead me to my goal
I am stopped by my questions and doubts
I can’t come further
Than where my questions flind me

At that moment, I meet someone
And I follow a path
Stepping forwrd
Loosing some, winning more
A new view

Is that where I was waiting for?

(c) HaFri Poetry 05 08 2016

The decission maker

harries challenge

When you are unwanted
When they say you have to go
Where should you go to?When strangers tell you
Your home will be destroyed soon
Because they need the ground
To dig for energy
So that we
And they
can use our tv
And computerWhen they give you no chance to stay
Then I wonderWho are they?Who can not let you stay
And not even let you rest in peace

Who are they
Who decide
That there is no place anymore
For who is alive, and for who is passed away

Who are they
Who print that glossy folder
Telling that people can fish and swim
Where the graves of your beloved once were

When we are not there anymore to see

Do they think we shall forget
Or don’t they care
As long as it is far from their bed?

(c) HaFri Poetry 06 08 2016


harries challenge

A broken window
Can anyone tell me
why you need to break the glass
at a telephone boot

Why you need to park
your empty milkshake
while the trash ban is much more easy to reach

(c) HaFri Poetry 08 08 2016

They return

harries challenge

And eveytime
A flower ends flowering
There will be a new one
That might flower even more beautiful

But, I hear you say, in winter there are none
And of course you are right
The winter won’t last forever, tho
And when the days get brighter

The flower will return

(c) HaFri Poetry 08 08 2016

No one there to see

harries challenge

There was a time
Not even that long ago
That people were sitting at this bank

Memorising about life and death‘
Feeling near, with the ones
That had passed away
And are bitterly missed

There was a time
Not that long ago
That this was the place
Where people braught dear ones
To their last place to rest

Then some people decided
That they are going to dig this place
To find, in immense depths
Dirty and pollutied energy

Those people decided
That the last place to rest
should be elsewhere

Not that long ago
People were sitting at this bank
Feeling heartbroken
Because they could not keep the promise
To leave the ones that are not with us anymore
in peace

The graves are gone
And the people who decided that all should go
Left the bank in peace

There is no one who sits on it anymore

(c) HaFri 9 8 2016

a hug of wood

harries challenge

I was looking to the ground
Taking care, not to drop
When you said, look up
To this beautiful tree

I looked up
And the tree looked back
Now I know their language enough
They don’t need words
To move me to them
Letting me hug his living woodIt only lasted a few minutes, maybe 4
This hug I forget nevermore
We understood
(c)  HaFri Poetry 11 08 2016

a rest

The path was long and dangerous
The wood filled with hungry creatures
The travelers
Small and fragile

The travelers continued their journey
Knowing that
The further they go
The more dangers they will find

And at the moment
That it seems almost impossible
To continue

There appears a helping hand

The travelers know
That they are safe, for now
They fall in a restless sleep

After a deep sleep
They wake up from the sound of the sparkling fountain
They bath in the water
Get dried by the sun
Picking the fruits of life.

They live like in paradise
That every day that passes
Leads closer to the moment
That they need to go further
Facing the growing danger
Under the all seeing eye if the evil

Still, they will go further
Not sure of the happy end

(c) HaFri Poetry 13 08 2016


They thought they were safe
And could return home again
Like every time before

But today it was different
The trees in the wood
Did not look friendly at all

Their crowns of leaves swang wild
No mercy for they
Who dare to come close

It was dark
They were hungry
And at that moment

Like magic

(c) HaFi Poetry 14 08 2016

Dukkie reflect

Catching the sun
Before it leaves again
Reflecting waterdrops
Dimmer through the trees

Soon the colours will come
Where did the summer go?
Where was it, anyway?

Floating through the river
Ready for the night
A last pick of the light

Why do we never doubt
About the morning
After the night?

(c) 16 08 2016 HaFri  Poetry

3 dukkies

When all are looking to the left
It might not be wrong
For you, to look to the right

Because when one side is secure
There still is plenty
Of what you can’t be sure

Don’t rely on what others tell
Your own common sense
Might help you better
Then many advice

A helping hand
Is always nice

(c) 17 08 2016 HaFri  Poetry

IPaff MG_2550

Time wont stand still
And there comes a moment
That you are ready to go

When that moment is
Nobody does know

We can’t see the time
Still no one doubts that it is there

With looking to the present
We look to the past
What once was a tree
Now is a place, took over by water,
plants and animals

We can imagine what the future will be
We can make images in our fantasy

As well that we can imagine
How the tree looked
In our memory
Or in a photography

(c) 18 08 2016 HaFri  Poetry

Summer leaves
harries challenge

And before the summer is gone
The signs of autumn already come in
Cobwebs around my head
The leaves slightly turning red

The rose hesitates to flower anew
The sunny days get a few
Oh bummer
Where was the summer

(c) HaFri Poetry 19 08 2016

A different view

harries challenge

Sometimes it needs nothing more
Then a change of sight
The difference of running in the dark
Or choose to see the light

And when you expect
To see a sky, bright and blue
The clouds may cover
The expected view

It is all right

Let yourself being amazed
from the now
When was the last time
You felt like wow

Look to the world
Like it is something new
Act happy
Life is shining happy to you

No time for the night

Tra nsport

harries challenge

Sometimes it comes in time
Many times it comes too late
Or it doesn’t come at all

And with the increasing varieties in the delays
The Tickets cost more and more
To increase their services

(c) HaFri Poetry – 21 08 2016

Safe it on a rainy day
harries challenge
On a rainy day
They hide their beauty
Whilst the plants
Feed themselves

Preparing for a hot summer day
What is promised to come

In a few days
There will be hardly place
For their beauty
So close to each other

But until then
None will it bother

(c) HaFri Poetry – 21 08 2016


One day they shall feel what I feel.
One day they shall see what I see
But I will not be there anymore
Karma is all what is left for them

One day they might realize that they were wrong
And maybe they realize that it is too late
At the moment that they are swallowed
By the poison that they now put upon others
I wait for that dayAnd until then
I might not exist
And only live on
Because no one cares to kill meI will not look back in bitterness
The scarves will never heal fully
But my pain will be bearable
At the moment that theirs has just begun



harries challenge

I carry you on hands
No matter where we go
I love your arms around me
Your breath, I need it so

And when the weather changes
From sunshine until rain
We smile unto each other
Because we know we think the same

Your hair gets wet
The smell,
How I love that
I know you so well

While everyone hides for the weather
We don’t care
Oh, I am so much better
When I feel you, everywhere

Drops drip from my head
And land at your lips
Both so united
I hold tight your hips

And when the trees could talk
They should tell about love, serene and plane
Life with you is wonderful
On sunny days
As well as in rain

Poem (c) 25-08-2016 .
Photo is not mine (a still from the videoclip to the song ‚Damage‘,

Challenged by  Harrie Vonk

Light or shadow

harries challenge

The path I walk
On a hot summer day
Makes me looking forward
To the next shadow
A moment to rest

And when the sun shows my silhouette
The shadow swallows it
I become invisible by the darkness

My shadow
Allows me
To make smaller disappear
The power of the light
Is as big as me

And still
If I want to walk further
I first will need to disappear
In the shadow of the tree

(c) HaFri Poetry 26 08 2016

The Leader of the band

harries challenge

Who tells the band, when they should start
Who knows the right moment for the perfect part
Who plays adagio and forte with his hand

It is the leader of the band

Who hears exactly who is out of tune
Who can as loud as a church bell
From who you get the most valueable comment

It is from the leader of the band

He directs you in the right derection
He corrects you until perfection
He prepares you for be a star on stage

He is the heart of the band

What should music be without his arms
What should you do without his temper
He makes you famous
He knows what to do

Because he is the leader
And not you

(c) 28 08 2016 HaFri



You know…
When I am out on a parade
I love to have everything correct and great

I shine my shoes, wear the correct hat
I even wear gloves, can you imagine that
And when I must, just for fun
I as well might carry my gun

Now walking on the street
Means that maintenance is need
So, when I linger
with that bloody finger

I need to take strong measures
Else it brings me under pressures
So, I wear my things, correct and clear
No one can trap me for being uncheer

(c) 29 08 2016  HaFri Photography

kirmes dienstag

No matter how fast
Or maybe just slow
No matter how high
One shall come low

No matter how dark
There always is light
The sun will start shining
After the night

We share our dreams
But shall they come true?
Maybe different
Then we expcted, too

I am not perfect
I am just me
And all I wish for
Is our harmony

Let’s face the sky
Being amazed, together
With you at my side
Nothing else matters

Poem (c) 29-08-2016 .



Finding Dori

Enjoying the sun
This funfair is … fun

I hold my balloon, pretty tight
I love the colours, blue and bright

We found nemo,as I can see
But how about Dori?

(c) HaFi Poetry 31 08 2016

Waiting for tomorrow
2016-08-29 15.24.03
Waiting for tomorrow
When everything will be better
Waiting for tomorrow
When all is right
What now looks wrongWaiting for next day
That is the day that matters
Then all will be okay
Gone are all our sorrowsWaiting for that moment, later
It won’t last very long
We forget to live today
And tomorrow
Will never come
(c) HaFi Poetry 31 08 2016