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Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Ein neues Projekt.

Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Die Herausforderung.  Fotografieren mit den Handy

Eine Runde durch den Stadtmitte mit

Steffanie, Petra, Chris, Reinbert (und ich).

Special Guest….  Die Ente

Das Erfolg?  Erstaunlich


Die Fotografen sind allen Mitglied von der Südstern Freunde
Viel mehr Bilder findet ihr in das Fotoalbum auf FaceBook.

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Immer gerne wieder!

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Tannenbusch – Wildlife behind bars

A nice wildlife park, in our neighbourhood is the ‚Tannenbusch‘.

Many animals, a lot to see, even at a chilly day in spring.


Oh, and ducks 😀

A special place for the storks

And for the peacocks


And a special album for the boars family

The rest

Former visits in Tannenbusch

click at the pic for more Tannenbusch


Spring in the park


After a few days of rain, I think that March 10, 2017, can be labelled as the day on what spring really showed his beauty.

Click at the picture for spring pictures from former years

Here are a few pictures of my walk through the park.

A touch of spring – Hausstrecke XL

A flavor of sring  covers our part of Germany

The bigger lakes still cary a thin layer of ice, but the temperatures are up to the double digits.

I catched the first sunsparkles, how can it be different, at the ‚hausstrecke‘ .

Comorands, Herons,


oh, and duckkkkies… 🙂


And of course, without photographers, no pictures

This shoot was with Hilde, Willi, Hans-Georg and Ernst

A Winter Fotoshoot. Südpark 2017

Winter. Temperatures close above zero. A waterly sunshine. A stroll through the Südpark (Düsseldorf).  Enjoy the photos!

Water..  means.. ducks!