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Kaiserswerth 2018

What to do when the temperature rises to about 35 degrees in the shadow?  (95F).

What about taking a trip to Kaiserswerth, to a tiny little square in Düsseldorf, where the water is near, the history is plenty and the places to eat and drink are richly in the shadow?

Enjoy the photos

St Suitbertus Kirche


The rest

With Hildegard and Sabine




Düsseldorf is the capital city of the region NRW (Nordrhein-Westfahlen), in Germany.
It is also the residence from the local government, Der Landtag.
The modern building in what the politicians decide about what happens in our area, is named Landtag.


Today we went inside

History and Art

Close to the Medienhafen,

in a wonderful area at the Rhine.  Lots of things to see and photograph!

And my probably most favorite photo album, ‚da mix‘  🙂

A wonderful morning with a great photographer and friend as company.  Not bad for a Saturday!



Standort: Düsseldorf, Germamy
Burgplatz (Altstadt)

Künstler: Bert Gerresheim (1988)
Material: Bronze

Zum 700. Jahrestag der Stadterhebung wurde vom Heimatverein Düsseldorfer Jonges ein Bilderbogen der Düsseldorfer Stadtgeschichte errichtet, der aus insgesamt 485 Einzelteilen besteht.
Unter anderem wird das Kriegsgeschehen der Schlacht von Woringen (1288) sowie die Besiegelung der Stadterhebungsurkunde durch die Hände des Gründerehepaares Graf Adolf V. und Elisabeth von Geldern dokumentiert.

Poetry December

Dragon for Genesis
Poser /Image by Petra Vos

While your eyes are bursting
From the biting, poisoned smoke
That slowly fills your prisonroom

For your moment to come

THere is no escape
Our of this nightmare
Because it is real
The heat that you feel

Steaming smoke
Takes your breath away
You not seem to notice it
Focussed at the only way out

There will be no one
Who unlocks your prison cell
What else can you do
Than waiting for that moment
On what your spirit leaves your body
When there is no pain anymore

A last cough is what you hear
There is no way out
And you do not fear

3 12 2017

Painting and music by Peter Blacksmith
Music at youtue ->
Words by me

Travelling high

Let me travel high
Let you be free again
Away from the chains
Away from where you can not escape

Let me fly through the sky
With the unending view
Let me fly
Upon the dreams, that we once knew

You may say, it is a dream
And I tell you, it is is not
This is it, I have it seen
The sky is the limit an unendless spot

Let us travel high
Let us fly, into the blue
Feeling free again
Where ther is
just me and you

4 12 2017

Let me hear the waves in my ear
Let me step on foreign sand

Let me look over the endless water
Where waves wash away our sorrows and pain
Where we can live again

Let me drown in the brightness of the sun
Where the seaguls catch their fish
Let it all be as it is

Let the world turn around
Let us not forget, where we are from
Let us feel what we once found

Where we broke out of our shell
And started to breath

Take me back again
Where our life began
Where we will return
Where our separated souls will unite again

Looking from Sandsend to Whitby
Painting by Margaret
Words by me (HaFri)

14 12 2017

Xans christmas

It is here
THe most wonderful time of the year
While we are dreaming from a christmas what is white
The stars twinkle in the night

Our wishes are spoken, but unseen
In your eyes, I read your dream
I whisper to you
May your dream come true

Baby, it is cold outside
And the stars, they shine so bright
This year, again, there will be no snow
But a christmas tree with lights that glow

Together wit the stars in de dark
The candles inside give a spark
Many ways to say or do
My wish is simply, from me to you

Merry christmas, happy new year
Now go inside my dear
Because outside it is chilly
without a coat it is so silly!

20 12 2017

Painting (c) by Gabrielle Stubbs

Polar Plastic

A painting by Gabrielle Stubbs

At the end of another year
We do look back
And can relect
To things far, or near

There are things that are fantastic
Other things are scaring me
Like the polution of the sea
And the climate at the antartic

More and more people open their eyes
And realize
that something has to change, now
If it is not already too late, somehow

We can change it, if we want
But we should work together, hand in hand
There is no time to waste
If we want to save the human race

Think with what you are living for
Buy what you need, and not much more
A polar bear can live fantastic
when it is not surrounded by plastic

So our plea, from us to you
Save the world
Be careful on what we have
and what you do

20 12 2017

Step into another world
Allow yourself another vision
High in the sky
Reflect your ambition

What will be in your eye
You will know it, in a view
At the world below
Go, with the flow

Immense the wheel shows up
When we stand in line
Look up to the sky
Thrilled, with your hand in mine

The cache of glass opens its door
We step in, a bit nervous
But safe, together
Our tempararily prison
It doesn’t matter

Slowly we get higher
So this is called a magnificent view
I feel small

Trees, not bigger then matches
People in the size of a needle
They all seem the same
No one is important at all

I look down at them
As a stranger
I want out but then again
The wheel catches us, for another round

Flying around in circles
The wind moves our cabin
The steel rattling
I start sweating
The eye of vision
Is a failed mission

I tap at the door
There we go, one round more
I can’t take it any longer
The wind in our jail is getting stronger

I can’t tell you, what I feel
I hammer at the glass
Please let me back, to where I was
I want to get out of this horrible mass of steel

When we step out
I am relieved, and shout
I will never return in the wheel
I belong on earth, where life is real

21 12 2017

People say it is christmas
From the windows you can tell
Lovely lights, Glittering balls
The candles and the Glühwein smell
People say it is christmas
The shops invite us in
Buy more, it will bring you happines
Credit cards allowed, you win
People say it is christmas
I wonder who believes it
The fest of light turned around
In a party of gifts for who achieved it
People say it is christmas
For a few days, they believe in Santa again
We watch the trees around the world
The light blinds our eyes, until when
People say it is christmas
And I am wondering why
The stress of cooking, the stress of looking
What more we need to buy
People sing that it is christmas
Freddie sings it is for just one day
People rush and fight for presents
In long queues they go out to pray
People sing about Christmas
And while they are collecting more then they need
They struggle over the legs of human
Who invisible sit in the steet

25 12 2017

A happy Christmas, to you all
At least we wish you had it, big or small
We hope that your dreams did all come true
And that you ate our friends, happily too
We were the loosers, of this year
Christmas is over, we are still standing here
We love to be happy, as well
But, poor we, we did not sell
We were okay, we sure did taste
But we will end in the bin of waste
It is simply not fair
They are eaten, and we are still here
Our wrapping is exactly like from our brothers
The chocolate tastes identic to the others
Without the wrapping, we look all the same
Or is that the problem, are we naked too lame
There is no hope for us, nothing funnies
But don’t think that we leave so fast
In a few months there will be a return of our cast
Proudly presenting the easter bunnies
25 12 2017

Where do you come from
Where do you go
Not all answers we know

We all travel at the river
Some boats travel together
Sometimes we go, with the flow

Sunny days
Where we wish we could stay
While we know
It won’t last forever

Our boat will flow at the river
We see the dark clouds approaching
Let’s hide for the rain
It won’t last forever
Even when it seems so

We will follow the streem
Our waves, sooner or later
Will end in the sea
Time will learn, we shall see

I know
Nothing really matters
As long as you are there
For I love to be with you

26 12 2017

And another year is almost over
And I am left (still) sober
The bubbles wait for the new year

I don’t want to talk about it
We shalll see what it brings
Looking forward with hope in the hearts
Looking back, to the remarkable paths

So many wishes, are going around
People that a whole year were not found
All the sudden do appear
Wishing something beautiful, for the year

I reflect, what was good, what will be better
Important memories wrapped in my heart
The rest, does not really matter

The clock ticks the hours away
And I have nothing to say
Who knows me, knows the wishes I dream
Will some come true?

Time will tell
Let the corks shoot away
Worries and pain
Let the bubbles surround you
Wit love and happines, again

I cheer for what’s another year

31 12 2017


(Fototreff Die Welt der Fotografie)

Background information about Kaiserswerth
Hntergrund Information überHintergrund Information–> Kaiserswerth


Click @ the photos to enlarge
Click auf den Birder zum Vergrößerung

Kugelfotografie / Sphere



Black and white


Photographers posing

Fotografe Hildegard Jesch

Photographers at work 

Photos from and with …

Hugo Hoff Hans-Georg Bender Gisela Bender Sonja Maaßen Hildegard Jesch  Willi Hoyman  Helmut Friedrichs Reinbert Eitz  Rita Peters

Botanischer Garden Düsseldorf

Hidden behind the stone walls of the Universety of Düsseldorf, is a small oase in the form of a Botanic Garden.

This Saturday in June we went there with our Photogroup.  Walk with us, enjoy the photos

Click at the pictures below to enlarge them

Animals in different sizes

Flowers, flowers, flowers


« 1 von 2 »

At the water line



The making of ..

Photo by Helmut Friedrichs


And the photographers, photographed by the photgraphers.   A wonderful saturday afternoon, thanks to

Helmut, Hilde, WIlli, Karl-Heinz, Andrea, Sonja, Markus, Silke, Guido, Reinbert


HaFri Poetry 03 2017

And when the party is over
Nobody may be left sober
Nothing needs to be said
Because thinking so much hurts the head

The last drop is drunk
Some still want more
Others already snore
And smell like a skunk

I look back, and only see black
Even when the pictures colour, somehow
I feel like a wet sack
Hit by the tiger’s paw

We are behind the masquerade
Showing our real face again
Maybe I should accellerate
And face it like a man

The cascs are empty
The last laughter is long gone
I wake up, life offers plenty
Another cheer soon will come

©  01-03-2017

A windy day
Plenty shades of grey
I wish the rain to go awayI think about the sun
The time that life began
The time that spring sprung
I am sitting here
See that it is getting near
I trust
I do not fearSoon the sun will shine again
Life will wake up, and then
I love you,
Because I can

Spring will open up our eyes
We shall bloom, and realize
That time flies

No matter how dark
In the end it will be light
I will love you
Not less then tonight

©  02-03-2017


So close, he is
To find back the road
That he not wants to follow

So far away, he is
Sitting on cloud 9

© 03-03-2017

Life is making choices
And they are not so easy at all
We need to make them to come further
Take the risk, don’t be afraid to fall

Our climb to our destination
Is filled with moments with a tear
Stumbling further
The end comes a little near
We all have our wishes
And dreams, that won’t come true
But even when it rains
The water will be less cold,
Because of you

© 04 03 2017

© © © © © © © © © ©


When you only can ask
When your sorrows
are too much to carry

When hope is gone
When fear takes away the light
When your comfort
Is frozen by the night

When you are lost
Let me find you
When you think, there is nothing to live
Let me give

If you want, you can have my shoulder
If you can, we will grow older
And if you can not go anymore
I will love you
a little bit more

©  HaFri Poetry 6-3-2017

The road seem to be blocked
It looks impossible
To reach your target,
The one you need so much

The gates seem closed
The signs warn you
Not go further

Read the sign
Watch the bars more clear
Is there really no way through
It might look different, when you forget the fear

There are always ways to escape
There are always reasons to stop
Bend your head, to not hit your head
Crawl at your hand and feet

A big chance that you can make it
If you just give it a try
And when you decide the challenge and take it
You will, later, know why

Was it all worth it
Was it worth the prize
Was it more easy
THen you did realize

Don’t feel lost
Where ever you may roam
There is someone who has faith in you
You never walk alone

© HaFri oetry, 8-3-2017

Where is the sun
On a rainy day
Where is love
When the world screams hate

Where is the light
In the darkness
Where can we hide
Against what makes us sad

Where is hope
When you lost
Where to go
When you are gone

Walking in the rain
Is so much nicer, arm in arm
Walking in the dark night
Is lovely with your charm

And when the bullets silent
The songbird still will be singing her song
I still will walk, with you hand in hand
Together, somehow, we will feel strong


© 08-03-2017 HaFri Poetry

Hiding for the rain

Waiting until it ends
Is not really an option
Drops drip from the stones

It won’t last long
Before I go
I want to be home
Before it is dark

I want to walk in the light

And for a few drops, or more
I should
And won’t
Not hide

©9-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

When you are feeling cold
And you think you have no one to hold
Then let the sunshine in

When you are feeling blue
When you need that encouraging pat
Be different, and try red

Why should you drown in fear
When love is near

When the night is without the moon
Look to the stars, and know
She will be back soon

When someone tells you to be strong
It does not mean that weakness is wrong
Be what you feel
Be who you are

In all of us
shimmers a brightening star


 © 11-03-2017

Rest your weary head
Smell the fresh pillow in our bed
Your breath and the fresh sheet
There is not much more we need

Close your eyes
Leave your laundry in the night
GIve it away, enjoy the new white

Close your eyes
Wash your brain
Let it again be fresh and clean
A rainbow as has long not been seen


Sometimes, when I look to a tree
I wish I could be more like them
They wait there, patiently
To what will come, and when

The winter, cold and wet
No complaints, no regret
Silently they stand
Until the dark days will end

They don’t give up,
well, not from free will
It may happen
That a storm does kill

But usually, they just wait
Until the ice is gone
And the sun shines great

Then the miracle happens, again
What looks dead, in between
Returns back to green

I love the trees
I admire their power
They are so strong
They teach me
Every day
That there is a way to carry on


 © 12-03-2017 HaFri

Tired he walks on the road
His back is almost breaking
He bows under the load
That lays on his shoulder

The weight got more
When he grew older
He still is strong
but not so fast anymore

He welcomes every bench,
On his road
And rests a while
Enjoying the unload

He wonders why
He has to carry the heavy pack
And decides
To leave his past behind

He walks away
Still slow
But he can look up again
The luggage from the past
Under the tree.

I find it
There is not much in it
But the bag is too heavy for me to lift



when the day is grey and wet
When all the words are said
In the lonely hour
Pick up a flower

Don’t close your eyes for the star
When the night is dark
Smell the scent
Of the unseen flower

When the sun comes up
And all you feel is the pain
Smell the roses again

Lay your worries aside
For a moment, that’s all right
Breath the beauty
Smile through the tears

Breath the colour
Drink the nectar
And it won’t be
so dark anymore


©18-03-2017 HaFri Poetry

There is a place under the sun
Where spring has just began
Where you can listen to the birds
And see the flowers grow

Won’t you sit with me
Watching an early humble bee
Hearing the birds, sing their song
Where we can pretend, that nothing is wrong

And when we close our eyes
We feel the sunshine at our skin
Let her in

That moment
When you drift away
To a world, where all is okay

Come, sit with me
And dream
Let it in

The dream might last just a moment
But it is the start of a new begin


There is a place, under the sun
Where you can sit, and dream away
Where you can be in peace
Where you can feel okay

The birds sing their song
And when you are silent enough
Let your thoughts and worries go
You can hear them

There is a little fountain
And when you sit down
Take some time to stand still
You will hear the water float

The flowers are free to show
Let it go, don’t be afraid
Your package will not run away
But it might loose some weight

Get closer to yourself
You are wonderful, the way you are
And so is the garden, behind the wall
Don’t be afraid, to know it

The garden’s serenity and rest
Will cure you
And I assure you
That this meditation
for both of us
the best


© 26-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

There is light
Even when we can not see it
The light is shining
And waiting for us

When there is nothing to look
When you can’t see your own shadow
There still is light, at the other side

Not be afraid, to walk out of the dark
Not be afraid, to give up what was
Not be afraid, to step into a new life

What will be more the same
But with more light
With less pain

There is light
Waiting for you, and me
Just have faith
When we hold on
We shall see


© 26-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

I had a dream
Angels, dressed in white
Were everywhere, where I could see
They were not looking for me

They sang sad songs
Of life, what went to soon
They sang their songs
Under a shining moon

I walked to one angel
Who sat, under a tree
And asked if she could answer me

Where they were looking for
And why, and such more
She looked at me
And I could see
The answer in her eyes

I asked her if I could sit next to her
She did not say a word again
So I took the invitation
Stepped into her meditation

Under that big, dark tree
That carried the answer
What we could not see


© 29-3-2017 HaFri

Karneval 2017


Street Carneval.  Happy people, costumes, fun to photograph. Enjoy the people

Düsseldorfer feiern einfach so wie sie das wollen


Street Carneval.  Happy people, costumes, fun to photograph. Enjoy the people,   here, in Düsseldorf

Sunday. Home play.
Kappesonntag in Neuss

Not everybody was exited to be photographed ..  😀

But most had their fun

With Südstern Freunde



Happy Faces

Ons Neuss — HELAU

And…. the rest!

—->  click here <— for my carnival photos at Facebook


A Winter Fotoshoot. Südpark 2017

Winter. Temperatures close above zero. A waterly sunshine. A stroll through the Südpark (Düsseldorf).  Enjoy the photos!

Water..  means.. ducks!


And more birdies!

The crystal ball showed its best side

A flaw of spring, for who wants it, but in fact it are winter flowers

And the rest.

A wonderfu winter Fotowalk with Hilde, WIlli and Sonja