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König schiessen Schützenfest Reuschenberg 2018

Eindrücke von den Feierligkeiten  rundum das Königsschiessen, am Schützenfest in Reuschenberg (N)


Kids –  die Zukunft heute


Der neue König 2018/2019 heisst  Ricardo Braun.

Sehen und gesehen werden


Ein großes Teil der Bilder ist zu sehen bei Blumenhaus Erika in Reuschenberg.  

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Eure Photographen  Hilde und Hans
Wir fotografieren gerne für Ihnen

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Karneval 2017


Street Carneval.  Happy people, costumes, fun to photograph. Enjoy the people

Düsseldorfer feiern einfach so wie sie das wollen


Street Carneval.  Happy people, costumes, fun to photograph. Enjoy the people,   here, in Düsseldorf

Sunday. Home play.
Kappesonntag in Neuss

Not everybody was exited to be photographed ..  😀

But most had their fun

With Südstern Freunde



Happy Faces

Ons Neuss — HELAU

And…. the rest!

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HaFri Poetry November 2016


The color of the leaves
Is changing their position
They crackle down from above
Smell like autumn, after their transmision

I walk through the wood
They crackle under my foot
Oh, how I wish you were here

I listen to them crunching, when I move on
Don’t stop me now, I must be strong
The wind let my footprints disappear

It is raining
As well in my heart
The colourful carpet
Under a layer of water
Transforming itself
To give new life

I look up
I see some sparkles of light
And think, that I will survive

© HaFri Poetry 12.11.2016

When the world turns dark and grey
Add some colour
When the world is wet and cold
Add some warmth
When the world spreads hate
Give some love
Wake up, search the light
Stay together in the peaceful fight
Heal the wounds, from who is hurt
Wrap your arms around them
Who, more then ever
Fight for their identity
Just like you, just like me

© HaFri Poetry 13.11.2016


Find me a place
Where we can hide against the rain
Hold my hand
Let me take away your pain

Look for the roof
Where below we are safe for the weather
Lean on me
One day it will be better
Find the colours
That fade away the darknes of hate and fear
Walk with me
The light is near


© HaFri Poetry 14.11.201

Thankful for you, for not pushing me away
Thankful for the group‘ to allow me to show this
Thankful for creating fantasy
(Are there any Poser artists in the group? )

Thankful for the photo
Thankful for the light, so that I can see
Thankful that I still can walk

© HaFri Poetry 14.11.201


A man wearing white socks with sandals is pictured in Duisburg August 27, 2013. The Bavarian election will be held on September 15, 2013 and the German general election on September 22, 2013. ATTENTION EDITORS - PICTURE FOR PACKAGE 'GERMAN STEREOTYPES' REUTERS/Ina Fassbender (GERMANY - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)

Somehow Evan moved our group
With revealing his non-socks whoop
We not now yet about the Bushop’s feet
If it is cheese, or socks they need

But, back to the socks off shout
There it is all about
I rarely wear those cver of feet
Quit frankly, I guess we never need

They start with two, one time seen
But beware when they come in the washing machine
Then one of them disappears in the night
Randomly the left or right

So to prevent a lot of frustration
And to not end in desparation
I do what feels so good
Socks away, dancing barefoot

© HaFri Poetry 14.11.201


A branch in autumn
At first sight you might think, it is dead
The leaves are not willing to leave
Their life had just began,when autumn came
Bad plannig, you might say
But it is all okay
They protect the branche, for a while
They give the buds the change to bet strong
Because the winter might be longThe nature is ready for the cold
The rain gets colder, nature hides
And we wear our winter coatWhat will protect us for what has to come
And we shall trow it out
As soon as we feel cozy and warm
© HaFri Poetry 14.11.201


Everything looks the same
Unless I look betterThe golden carpet of autumn leaves
Should not be the same
If one colour was missing
Be the difference
Turn the wrong in something right
Colour your life
In the darknes, let there be lightTake the compliment, you get
(and you will)
Take it serious
Because it is true, for youLet the smile, that comes to you
(and you get them, I know)
Let it in into your heart
And return it with yoursLet the happiness reflect in your eyes
Be proud at your colour, it fits so nice
Together with mineWe are the carpet, on what we can walk
We are the colours, that tells our storyBe different, be you

Be yourself, so I can believe in you


© HaFri Poetry 17.11.201


Tell me
What do you see

The spooky darkness, coming near
The fire within, that we should fear

Do you see the golden light
The love
In the end
Will win?

Do you see the blue within?

Heavy clouds, it will soon be rain
Shall the sun return again
Before the darkness takes control?

I lighten a candle
The colours of a few minutes ago
Are gone

Leaving an amazing memory
Lovely to share
Hope and love
For all who care

© HaFri Poetry 18.11.201


It is almost winter
I saw you standing there..
Slowly loosing your leaves
Like I have lost my hair

I came closer, and I did it again
You hugged me, like only you can
You were cold, but not that cold
And instead you were twice as wet
Still, I hugged you, and it felt good
The winter will pass, we understood

© HaFri Poetry 19.11.201


For my grandson, Viktor
For my grandson, Viktor

You should be a passenger
And all was fine

Until the moment that we saw you
How can we let you go?

Your fur, the way you look
The way you feel

Who will get you
Can’t do other
Than love you for real

Seen, for the unseen
Still apart
Both united in my heart

© HaFri Poetry 19.11.201


Sometimes our lives are full of decissions
We constantly need to consider conditions
Shall we do this, shall we do that
I want it all, and I want it now
But how?No matter if you are happy or not
You must make those decisions
Most likely a lotBecause in the end, and after all
You can not have it allMake your choices wise
And try to be nice
To what you have to give upSometimes the price you have to pay
Is high
And only you consider if it is worth it
Give it a tryNo matter what your decision is
Consider what is worth for you to miss
Don’t run away in silent or anger
A saying is, you always meet someone twice
What is better then saying it gently and niceDon’t let your heart go bitter and cold
You might feel the hero now
But you will end lonely and cold

© HaFri Poetry 21.11.201


Hello, you wonderful you
Yes, it is you who read this, I am talking to
I am so happy that I did find
You are really amazing

Don’t worry, everything is all right
I am simply happy with my sight
It is great that just the simple me
Can be your friend, for the time to be

I can not say it enough, and it won’t get boring
You are wonderful, to me
As in the songs, so often song
about you and me

I not need to be your lover
For that there is only one
But I love your friendship
I can not imagine that it should be gone

I look at you,
You need nothing more to do
Then being, who you are
The rest…
comes from nature

We are all God’s people, that is true
But only the unique, wonderful you
Can cause that twinkle in my eye
And the hickup of the heart

My friend
No one can tear us appart

I can talk on and on
I will not find the words to be
We need less words
If we clearly see

© HaFri Poetry 23.11.201


Sometimes we have no idea
Where our path is leading to
Even when the road is paved
And we follow the signs

Never we can be sure about the lines
Who knows where our names are graved
Walking in trust we do
Uncertain about our destiny

What is my goal in life
Do I really want to survive
Or is it just grand
To be sure of the end?

No one will answer, time will tell
If this is heaven, or that it is hell
The demons in the darkness
Might turn out to be
Angels in disguise

© HaFri Poetry 24.11.201


No one knows
What tomorrow will bring
Often we think we know
And then there is a new begin
Suddenly we must letting go
Or we change or direction
Find some new affection
The sun shines, instead of rain
You can’t run anymore, restricted by pain

In good or in bad
I think it is a fact
That we can’t change the thngs
That are about to come

Our choices are not for tomorrow
Actually we decide today
Sometimes it is hard, to forget our sorrow
We can not afford our life in delay
The show shall go on

I try to live better
Every day again
And because the future does matter
I give my best today,
as good as I can

© HaFri Poetry 25.11.201


On a day
When all seems grey
Colour your lifeWhen the darkness
Slowly strangle you
On a day
That you can’t see any good
Open your eyes!On a day
Like to day
Count your blessingsAnd find the difference
Be the difference
Between the dark
And a spark


© HaFri Poetry 2.11.201


Is it dark
Is it light
Is it day
Or is it night

Like a mirror
We never see
What is our reality

Because left looks right
And right might be wrong
Who seems to be weak
Appears to be strong

The light embraces the darknes
Sunlight reflections might blind our eyes
We swim against the water
When I realize

How great it is
To have you near
It might get dark
But there is less to fear

© HaFri Poetry 27.11.201


When the days get colder
When the sunshine is only spreading lightThen nature goes to sleep

It is not always easy to accept
When the time to go has come
We don’t have it in our hands
When we are called back home
It’s why I don’t leave you
without saying goodbye
And when we are in a rush
I still owe you a kiss, feel you near by

One second
Feels like eternity
Not a goodbye
A moment of intimacy

When we rush into the darkness
of the day
It is cold outside
A frosen rose coloured bright

The last amazing moment
I look at it
And miss my train
And if it should happen once more
I shall do it again


© HaFri Poetry 30.11.201


Hansefest 2016

One of the annual events in our city is the ‚Hanse Fest‘

From ages ago the ‚hanse‘ cities had a prominent role in the countries economy.  Lots of traditional handcraft, and trade between the Hanse Cities are based on a long traditon

Hansefest 2016 a crowded main street
Hansefest 2016
a crowded main street

In our modern times the tradition is transformed to a marketing event for the city, on wht the partner cities (the hansa städte)  can presentate themselves with their specialities.

Different then the years before, and as a consequence of the disappointing performance of the ‚hansa fest‘  in the past years, I now went alone. Of course with my camera with me, good company 🙂
And, of course, there were many more photographers, such as Reinbert, who made this picture of me, full in action.

Photo by Reinbert Eitz
Photo by Reinbert Eitz

I took a bit time to watch the baking of ‚baumkuchen‘

Baumkuchen Backofen

Under the picture (click on it)  is a video of the full process (german!)

Below you will find the photos that I made at the ‚HanseFest‘

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Neusser Schützenfest 2016


Schützenfest Neuss 2016


Klicke auf den Bilder, für Vergrösserungen und Slide show.

Mehr Info über den Bilder, bei mir .

Kirmes am 27. August. Weit über 30 Grad.

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Fackelzug. Dunkel, aber noch immer sehr warm. Respekt für den Schützen und Musiker

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Konigsparade, Sunday, August 28th,  ‚op de Maat‘, bei bestes Wetter, gute Laune und viele Schützen

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Festumzug This year the parade was shortened.  Since they normally pass our street, I was waiting at home until the parade to come. Unfortunately they were a few streets further.  Next year better, maybe?

The monday parade. Big fun for all in the parade and for  ‚us‘ at the street.

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Was ich nicht fotografiere …. den Köngsschiessen und der Umzug des neuen Königs… Na ja, da findet man bestimmt auch Bilder davon!

And then it is Tuesday already.  The last parades, the last stroll over the funfair. And the firework?   They must be elsewhere at the internet 🙂

My impressions you find here

For Photographers the ‚Schützenfest‘  is an endless place for wonderful (and less wonderful)  pictures.   Look below to see what I mean

Schützenfest means Street life

Schützenfest means flowers
Schützenfest means Humans


Schützenfest means Music


Schützenfest is every year.


Schützenfest is  ons Nüss

Keine Galerie ausgewählt, oder die Galerie wurde gelöscht.


And this is also ‚Schützenfest‘


The official albums …

Saturday Kirmes /Funfair



Saturday Fackelzug

Sunday. Königsparade


Photoshoot Südstern Freunde 2016

Es fing alles an mit regelmässigen Treffen im Südstern, der Kneipe im Dreikönigviertel.
Wenn diese geschlossen wurde, entschlossen sich ein paar Menschen die traditionellen Treffen fortzusetzen.
Seitdem trifft man die bunte Freundestruppe überall in und um Neuss.

Am 3. Juli 2016 kam die Gruppe wieder zusammen. Hauptziel (neben der Geselligkeit)  war ein Fotoshoot rund um eine der berühmtesten Neusser  Skulpturen, der Eierdieb.

Die Geschichte des Eierdiebs kann man lesen, wenn man auf das Bild hier unten klickt

Eierdieb _0721

Ich durfte fotografieren.

Das Hauptziel war (glaube ich)  das neue Gruppenfoto.

Gruppenbild offiziel_0748

So kam es zustande


Speziell möchte ich ein paar Menschen erwähnen:
Nicht nur der harte Kern, aber auch der Kern mit Herz.  The fabulous 4 …:-D

fab 4 FB

Pffft, es war schwierig sie alle 4 ‚gut‘ in Bild zu bekommen!

Dann hat der eine die Augen zu, oder guckt nicht ….  Schau mal was ich meine

Diese Lach von Rosi ist natürlich ansteckend.
Aber da war mehr zu lachen

LACH Rosi _0771

Und zum Schlussi…  ein Bussi von Uschi

Bussi Uschi 0785

Es war noch lange unruhig, bein den geselligen Nachsitz.  Mit Kuchen

Petra Kuchen 0860

und mehr leckeres. für groß und klein

chips und kuchen _0862

Alle Bilder die ich gemacht habe, stehen hier unten. Klicke auf den Bild für eine großere Wiedergabe.

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Lust auf mehr?

Schaue dann mal vorbei bei dem Südstern Freunde Album auf Facebook.   Da die Gruppe eine geschlossene Gruppe ist, könnt Ihr die Bilder nur sehenm wenn ihr Mitglied der Gruppe seid.
Das Gruppenalbum findet Ihr  –>  HIER  <–
Wer Lust hat auf gute Laune kann sich bei den Admins anmelden
Juppy, Stefanie, Ingrid.

Wie immer könnt ihr euch auch an mich wenden, mit Fragen oder Wünschen.

Sehen wir einander auf einen nächsten Foto-Shoot?

Japan Tag/ Japan Day – Where East and West meet

Japantag 2016

One of the absolute highlights and crowded festivities in Düsseldorf is the Japantag, the day that Japan greets and celebrates the friendship with Germany.  After London and Paris, Düsseldorf is at the 3rd place in the number of Japanese people living in Europe. There are more then 300 japanese businesses in Düsseldorf, and the ‚Japan Tag‘ has become an important and colourful festival.

People, dressed in the style of the Japanese comics, cultural shows and of course the stalls with food and goodies.

A festival for the people and with the people. Well, almost everyone, that is..
kein bock

For photographers a wonderful event, people show theirselves and want to be pictured.  Well, almost everyone, that is!
The challenge… to get a nice picture without too many people ‚disturbing‘  the photo 🙂

Enjoy the photo’s, there will come more, so check it out soon again!

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As most people can admit, being pretty is not easy, it takes effort.

The Japan Day is a huge open air spectacle, and the breaks are often open, and show the people from another site. Sometimes vulnerable.

The pictures in this gallery are NOT to make you laugh about peopl,e, it are respectful captures of a wonderful day, what should have been nothing without these stars, that you here see backstage.


Below a few impressions of the JapanTag 2015. Then it was a rainy one, in 2016 a sunny one

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Street carnival

One of the huge street events in our region in Germany is called Karneval, Carnival.  The highlights are the street parades  that happen 7 weeks before easter.
We are legally allowed to be crazy for a few days, so no one is surprised about finding a lost princess in the street, or being surrounded by devils or witches, or standing behind a pink bunny in the supermarket.
2016-02-07 16.00.51
Colourful, fistive. For who likes it. Here  some impressions of Karnevall in our city.
Ons Nüss …. Helau
(and for the kids, small and bigger, sweets (Kamelle)

and here an impression from 2015

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