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Die Flora – Köln

In the middle of Cologne, a beautiful park is resided, die Flora.  A botanic garden and park.  After our visit in the japanese garden in Leverkusen, we went to Cologne.

And did not regret it, enjoy the photos.

Very much flowers,

and many flower seemed to have its own visitors


And … the rest


Japanischer Garten, Leverkusen

After the heat (part II)

A visit in the small, and beautiful ‚Japanese Garden‘  in Leverkusen.

Flora and Fauna


And the rest

Hombroich 2018

Museeninsel Hombroich is one of the most wonderful places to photograph in our area.

In a kind of tradition, like the years before, we made this year a photo walk with our photogroup (Die Welt der Fotografie).

Weather conditions, warm and hot,  bright blue sky.

Where Flora

and Fauna

and art


Photograpers Andrea, Hildegard, KarlHeinz, Sonja, Hans

Around the water line

My original plan was to ride along the meddows of the rhine.

Actually, it became a longer trip-
It lead me following the side river (Erft) to the Kindernbauernhof,

and I took the road along the creek (obererft) to get home again.

That was all the (flooding) water of our city in 1 day, enjoy the photos.

Yes, spring is there. I hope that the bad weather, the night after my trip, did not ruin the beauty too much.

Spring in the city

The first warm weekend of the year,  the city is exploding

Fish Market

The ‚Hausstrecke‘,  my routine walk trhough the park

Spring has sprung!

And the best of the rest

Langen Foundation /Raketenstation Hombroich

On the first day of summer …. I made a very small bicycle trip to a very wonderful location.

Langen Foundation near Neuss, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is a museum designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The foundation showcases a collection of Oriental Art and Modern Art. It is located on the grounds of the Museum Insel Hombroich.

It is Spring, finally!!!

It was my first bicycle trip after 15 years, and I did not trust to bring my big camera(s) with me. So, I took the photos with the good old powershot.  Enjoy!

botanischer Garten Neuss January 2018

A new year (2018) and the same location as every year.

One of my favorite spots, here, the tiny, wonderful, Botanic garden.

January yet.  They say it is winter.

Nature, however, shows that spring is not far away anymore

And a bit of sphere, with the ‚hurted‘ (because dropped and damaged) crystal bowl

Photo Frühstück im Botanischer Garten

Die Idee.  Einen Frühstück mit Kamera

Die Lokation Botanischer  Garten, Neuss


Viele gelbe Farben/ Many yellow colours

Sonneblumen Sunflowers

Blumen/ Flowers



Groß oder klein?  Big or small?

Einen schönen Tag/ A beautiful day

Die Fotografen/ the photographers

Hans Georg Bender,  WIlly Hoymann, Gisela Bender, Hildegard Jesch,  Hans Friedhoff 

Photgraph Hans Georg Bender


Mid August 2017

While I am writing this, heaven opens its gates and a lot of water is falling down.

Holidays are over,and it seems that the weather hunts us all in our warm and safe homes.

Today  Igot my new photo treat, a rucksack in what Icomfortable can carry all my stuff and still have my hands free. Eeeerm, I need a wnd one, LOL 🙂

Testing it. As if I need an excuse to walk through the park.  This time it was the park only, for the difference.

Enjoy the drops,

the mushrooms,

the flowers

the roses

and the rest

2 days later, on a lazy sunday, I made a larger walk, included the Hafen Park with it