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Then cooking is needed
It gets only fine, with a drop of wine
Da muss dan mal gekocht werden
Es wird erst fein, mit ein bisschen wein



22 01 2017
I will never drive when I have taken alcohol. I prefer chocolate
Ich würde niemals Auto fahren wenn ich Alcohol getrunken habe. Ich bevorzüge Schokolade
Monday.. Laundry.
A pile as if it is from 10 people
Oh Bear!


26 01 2017
I am missing that one final screw
That’s why the glass dropped out!



27 01 2016 What a lot of trash are we producing, I can hardly oversee the pile! (rommel/trash)


Hmmm William’s Christ
Let the weekend begin
First I let change the battery of the watch. No charges, they said, we saw this battery is changed last summer, and when he now is empty that is much too soon, guarantee (and that for only a few Euros).
Then, walking at cloud 9, I went to let my sunglasses to pe repaired. The man took his time, the shades came back cleaned and fixed…. For free!

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