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Hafri Poetry June 2018

You seem to swim so lonely
But I am always nearby
No matter where you go
I spot you, in my eye

Swim into the big world
It is all so new for you
You will find out good and bad
Just like I still do

And when the world is sad
Return to the water
Fill it with your tears
Fill it with your fears

Swim in troubled water
And hold your head up
Feel the bubbles under your skin
Drink the world, that you float within

Be happy, and be strong
Be weak, but not too long
If you can, share the water
You will be loved for that, now ant later

I look at you
As long as you alow me to
I promise, I will be there
Even if you do not care

04 06 2018

Walking in the park, feeling free
Just my thoughts and me
No questions in my head
Just free feelings instead

I stood still, to watch the flower
I did not expect it
And I could not neglect it
Your wings catched my eye

I stood stil, amazed by your flight
Spread your wings, fly away
My eyes were following you
And saw you turning … around the corner

You kept on flying
And turning back to me
As if you had to be sure
That I did see

It was amazing, just me and you
And the questions, that were not there
All the sudden became an answer

I closed my eyes,
And when I opened them again
You were there
I am grateful, for your sign

Let me give
Let us live
Let it be okay
You are only one breath away

11 06 2018

One day, long ago
All that I did know
Was, that there is a God in the sky
Who ruled the world, who was the reason why
My mum told me so, also it had to be true
There was no reason to doubt, why should I do
I grew up, went to church, did sing a song
My world was safe, nothing could go wrong
Until that day, that I did wonder about
How it is possible, that we were ruled from above the clouds
Because, if there is a God, somewhere
Why it seems he never does care
Those days, I hear more children cry
It is louder, then in many ages
Dear lord, tell me why
Do you allow children to be held in caches
Why do you let people families split
Why you created hate, without stopping it
Why do you send us such dark clouds
That are a few things, where I worry about
Yes, you hear my words of grieve
It could be a prayer, if I did still believe
I still believe in the goodness of man
I still believe in love, because we can
I refuse to think, that you allow this cruel
I refuse to think, that you sent those horrible tool
If I still did, I should pray
Please, send the evil away
Still, it is this world where we live together
So, life goes on, and life does mater
Instead of telling the others to change right now
I have to do it myself, somehow
I say no to hate, and agression
I will love my friends, with gentle passion
I will not accept, when people cry
I will gain courage, when I look to the sky
No, it is not a dream, where I am talking of
We can change this world together,
when we start to love
19 06 2017

Do it ,
Before it is too late

Smile, be happy
There is no time to hate

If I say I love you
You can love me too

Make your world
A happy world
And I will be there

20 06 2018

When the world is bad
When people do not care
Be better
Spread love and share

When children cry
Give them comfort
Dont allow borders
Between people

Love can’t be destroyed
Hate shall be replaced with love

Refuse to live in fear
Resist the darkness
Our future is here
Make it better

21 6 2018


A trip with Hildegard, to the mini zoo Tannenbusch.

Spring is coming, but the winter was cold and long, this year.

Today I look up to the sky
And you know why
Just like then, the sky is so blue
Just like then, I talk to you

In a language, you could not understand
As always, you know what I meant

What is there to say?
I hope you are okay
I am fine, but, yes, I miss you
In my thoughts, I smile and kiss you

Thank you for the signs you sent
Life goes on, after the end

( 07 04 2018)

Kloster Knechtsteden

Kloster Knechtsteden ist eine ehemalige Prämonstratenserabtei aus dem frühen 12. Jahrhundert, die sich seit 1896 im Besitz des Spiritanerordens befindet. Sie liegt westlich von Dormagen unweit der Ortschaft Delhoven.

Die Klosteranlage besteht aus einem Gelände, aus dem das Torhaus und die Klosterbasilika St. Andreas herausragen. Auf dem Klostergelände befinden sich auch das katholische Norbert-Gymnasium und eine Gaststätte. Das Kloster liegt in einem Naherholungs- und Naturschutzgebiet.

Poetry April

Foto –Inge Baldo
Wörter – Ich

manchmal möchte ich ein Schifflein sein
Und mit dem WInd in den Rücken
Mich die Freiheit entzücken

Ertrinken in der hellen Luft
Atmen des Meeres Duft

Aber meistens führt meine Reise
Nicht weiter als mich verlieben
In wunderschöne Bilderbeweisen

03 04 2018

What is in a name?
A reason to live?
A moment to give?

We can’t foresee how long life is given to us
And when we give life, to our children
We do not know, how long their lives might lost

Is it the hand from above?
Do you call it nature?
Or is it faith. just as it is?

What’s in a lifetime
What do we need
What do we get

We can’t turn back the clock
And when the time passes by
With every second
We come closer


Today I look up to the sky
And you know why
Just like then, the sky is so blue
Just like then, I talk to you

In a language, you could not understand
As always, you know what I meant

What is there to say?
I hope you are okay
I am fine, but, yes, I miss you
In my thoughts, I smile and kiss you

Thank you for the signs you sent
Life goes on, after the end


One day
When the sky is blue

I will look, again, at you
And,when I hold your hand
We enjoy the grey to fade away

We will be happy
That the sky is blue

I will look into your beautiful eyes
I might not find words, when we relize
That this is what is we both are up to

We shall wake up
When the sky is blue

Until that day
We will walk our way
Together, we share the pain
In the darkness, our light will remain

We will carry on
We will make each other strong

The clouds shall all be faced
When we are looking for the blue
I wish it so much
And most of all
I wish it for you

For you, Sabine

29 04 2018

Render (c) by Petra Vos

Render by Petra Vos
Words by me (HaFri)

I was walking blind
THere was nothing I could find

I was running from A to B
Looking for what I could not see

I had to be in time
I could not drop the line
Running faster, but I was too late
Hurrying more, without finding the gate

I went on, but did not know
Where my feet were letting me go
I could not stop it
I could not drop it
I had the will to carry on
with the show

Then, all out of the blue
All the sudden, there was you
When I saw you, in a flash
I knew what to do, in a dash
I ran behind you, but you were so fast
I don’t know how many hours it last

Then you stuopped
And while you took my breath away
You said, well hun, you should not run
Because you can get everything, if you are willing to stay

I opened my eyes, was bathing in sweat
You were gone
But your words I will never forget

29 04 2018

Goodbye, April Lady

I won’t regret another month to be over
It was not bad, it could be better
It was an easy come
easy go
Thank you for letting me in
I faced you with a grin
Now you leave, and there we have it
And I’ve seen, many worlds
And I ever see will see again
What’s another year
No more for you to fear
Goodbye April, another month is over
And all I am, is left sober

30 04 2018

Hafri Poetry March 2018

There is no end
After the last ending
There is no victory after the win
There is a shadow where the sun shines
Every end means a new begin

The darkness hides you for the light
Step out, don’t worry, it is all right
There might be a reason to survive
There might be a reason to be alive

When it looks like it is over
Look better, and look within
Becase there is no end, aofter the last ending
It is the road to a new begin

04 03 2017

Hello, world
A new day is breaking
Love your life
Because today is the day

Hello you,
The sun is awakening
Let it reflect
And smile through you

Don’t be afraid
Enjoy the birds sing
There is no darkness
The sky will be blue

Don’t join the hate
Love is so much better
The world is wonderful
And you are okay

09 03 2018

Sometimes I wish
I could spread my wings
Fly high above the treeJust spreading my feathers
In all kind of weather
Looking down to what I see

When I fy high
It all looks so small
And huge problems
Seem not so big at all

The higher I fly
The more I see
Leaving it all behind
For the time to be

When I could jump, and fly from here
I should know where to go to
I fly right away to you

To you, who leads me up
And I would offer my wings
In case you could not fly yourself
I should lift you,up to everything

We should fly as high
Where no one can see
Having our world for ourselves
Just you and me

To Sabine

 10 03 2018

Follow your dreams
They bubble before your eyes
Grab them

Let the bubble reach your hands
Let it poof
Free the air that is hidden
Let the water splash at your nose

What is holding you back?

Choose your life
Not all bubbles need to be catched
And if one explodes
Before it is time

Then think
That, maybe
Maybe this bubble
Was not meant to be

Find a bubble
They are everywhere

 13 03 2018

HaFri Poetry February

Weird it is, but I do
Happy birtdhay dad, to you
I normally ignore it, or forget
This time not, I just had to do that

Maybe it is, because I am getting older too
That I dig in memories more often, and find you
I can’t say much, without being rude
So I keep silent, because I should

Still, we remain being bound in blood
Just like my children to me, and that is good
We will turn to eachother in the end
No matter when it is

So, happy birthday in heaven
I hope you celebrate in style
Knowing you, you will do well
Some people will like you, for a while

And even when I deny it
When I look into the mirror
No matter how I do
I always see a part of you

My mixed memories remain forever
Are reflecting behind the closed door
And, even when I never admit it
I miss you, every year
A little bit more

02 02 2018

The water comes
Following its road
Let it flow

When the rain fills the river
When the water takes
Let it go

One day the sun will shine again
The tears from heaven will get dry
Yes, we know

The water takes, and gives it back
Different, maybe, then expected
But it will show

The grass will be greener than before
We will walk hand in hand
along the yet hidden meddows
And they will grow

The water comes
On it’s way to the sea
And when it goes
It remains the memory

(10.01.2018 Flood in Düsseldorf)


It will be spring again
It will be spring againThe flowers will bring showers
Of colour, for many hours
It will be spring again
It will be spring again
Still it is dark and freezing
My nose is cold and sneezing
It will be spring againIt will be spring again
The sun will shine again
Your heart will sing and then
It will be spring againIt will be spring again
It will bring hope and light
new life will be borne, one night
And It will be spring againIt will be spring again
I can write it in my words
Can compose some bright new chords
It will be spring againDon’t give up, you will be fine
Let your hand rest into mine
And live our life, because we can
My love
One day
It will be spring again
06 02 2018

Good morning, are you ready
Ready for a brand new day
Or do you, just like me
Just want to dream on

Make it hot, make it strong

Good morning
Am I asleep, or already awake
I look at you
Am I dreaming?

Admire, require, desire

Stumbling to the kitchen
No tea for me
Make it strong, make it hot
Make my dream come true
You got it, and I want it, too

Desire, hot as fire, admire

Your smell
I dwell

Your temptation, sensation
And I
I can’t take it any longer
I want you, hotter, stronger

Be my luck
Be my hot shot
in a mug

Poser Created by Xan
Material – Rene Russo wannabe
Words by HaFri


(Painting by Gabrielle Stubbs)

Colourful Willow

Do you realize
How special you are, swiming there
The way you look, the colours you wear

I do not say the others look less
But you look different, I guess
Even if only this time of year

The sun shines, it is beautiful weather
I am amazed by your wonderful feather
You glide through te water, without a sound
Under the willow, you turn around

Showing your beauty
It seems, just for me
I love this intimate moment
Colorful under the wheeping willow

The magic happens, without any sound
And I wished, I could stay a bit longer around

07 02 2018

I am not the same as you
I might feel pink, while you feel blue

We have our colours,
we wear our power
We are amazing, every hour

Together we create
A colourful palette
That make this world
Worth to live at

You are not less
Or more then me
You are just beautiful
Go to look and see

Don’t let rules or law take you down
You are a pearl
On the earth its crown

Love will never walk away
No matter what flavour
You are really okay


Here I sit and listen
To the sound of the falling water
Drop by drop
The water returns

The sun transfers the water into pearls
I listen to their sound
How much I love this intimate moments
All alone, where I can not be found

My worries slightly slip away
The water clears my mind
I count my blessings
With every sound that reaches my ear

Oh, how I wish you were here

And when I open my eyes
I realize
That, no matter where I go
You are at my side

And when the reality flows back again
I know stronger then ever before
That everything will be all right

Time to go,
I stand up and rise
Until we meet again
In our small paradise


In stormy weather
When the cold takes your breath away
Stay warm
And breath

When time tackles you
Stiffnes in the bones
Walk on
Just a bit slower

When you think you are useless
And nobody loves you
Then remember
This nobody

When the water is cold
And you wonder if you can survive
Return to the water
Where it began, the source of life

Just at the moment
That the darknes makes you feel lost
Open your eyes
And find, who loves you the most

Don’t worry too much
Spent not too long with tears
Because there is a moment
On what the darkness disappears


When the sun
Shines over the icey water
And I look at the silvery spot

In the silence of the water
Where light and life unite
I know
I love you
More then alot


Wrapped in glass

They disappear
When I walk away

In a magical mirror

They will grow
When time passes by

And when I turn the ball
The memories
Will reflect the same


Poetry December

Dragon for Genesis
Poser /Image by Petra Vos

While your eyes are bursting
From the biting, poisoned smoke
That slowly fills your prisonroom

For your moment to come

THere is no escape
Our of this nightmare
Because it is real
The heat that you feel

Steaming smoke
Takes your breath away
You not seem to notice it
Focussed at the only way out

There will be no one
Who unlocks your prison cell
What else can you do
Than waiting for that moment
On what your spirit leaves your body
When there is no pain anymore

A last cough is what you hear
There is no way out
And you do not fear

3 12 2017

Painting and music by Peter Blacksmith
Music at youtue ->
Words by me

Travelling high

Let me travel high
Let you be free again
Away from the chains
Away from where you can not escape

Let me fly through the sky
With the unending view
Let me fly
Upon the dreams, that we once knew

You may say, it is a dream
And I tell you, it is is not
This is it, I have it seen
The sky is the limit an unendless spot

Let us travel high
Let us fly, into the blue
Feeling free again
Where ther is
just me and you

4 12 2017

Let me hear the waves in my ear
Let me step on foreign sand

Let me look over the endless water
Where waves wash away our sorrows and pain
Where we can live again

Let me drown in the brightness of the sun
Where the seaguls catch their fish
Let it all be as it is

Let the world turn around
Let us not forget, where we are from
Let us feel what we once found

Where we broke out of our shell
And started to breath

Take me back again
Where our life began
Where we will return
Where our separated souls will unite again

Looking from Sandsend to Whitby
Painting by Margaret
Words by me (HaFri)

14 12 2017

Xans christmas

It is here
THe most wonderful time of the year
While we are dreaming from a christmas what is white
The stars twinkle in the night

Our wishes are spoken, but unseen
In your eyes, I read your dream
I whisper to you
May your dream come true

Baby, it is cold outside
And the stars, they shine so bright
This year, again, there will be no snow
But a christmas tree with lights that glow

Together wit the stars in de dark
The candles inside give a spark
Many ways to say or do
My wish is simply, from me to you

Merry christmas, happy new year
Now go inside my dear
Because outside it is chilly
without a coat it is so silly!

20 12 2017

Painting (c) by Gabrielle Stubbs

Polar Plastic

A painting by Gabrielle Stubbs

At the end of another year
We do look back
And can relect
To things far, or near

There are things that are fantastic
Other things are scaring me
Like the polution of the sea
And the climate at the antartic

More and more people open their eyes
And realize
that something has to change, now
If it is not already too late, somehow

We can change it, if we want
But we should work together, hand in hand
There is no time to waste
If we want to save the human race

Think with what you are living for
Buy what you need, and not much more
A polar bear can live fantastic
when it is not surrounded by plastic

So our plea, from us to you
Save the world
Be careful on what we have
and what you do

20 12 2017

Step into another world
Allow yourself another vision
High in the sky
Reflect your ambition

What will be in your eye
You will know it, in a view
At the world below
Go, with the flow

Immense the wheel shows up
When we stand in line
Look up to the sky
Thrilled, with your hand in mine

The cache of glass opens its door
We step in, a bit nervous
But safe, together
Our tempararily prison
It doesn’t matter

Slowly we get higher
So this is called a magnificent view
I feel small

Trees, not bigger then matches
People in the size of a needle
They all seem the same
No one is important at all

I look down at them
As a stranger
I want out but then again
The wheel catches us, for another round

Flying around in circles
The wind moves our cabin
The steel rattling
I start sweating
The eye of vision
Is a failed mission

I tap at the door
There we go, one round more
I can’t take it any longer
The wind in our jail is getting stronger

I can’t tell you, what I feel
I hammer at the glass
Please let me back, to where I was
I want to get out of this horrible mass of steel

When we step out
I am relieved, and shout
I will never return in the wheel
I belong on earth, where life is real

21 12 2017

People say it is christmas
From the windows you can tell
Lovely lights, Glittering balls
The candles and the Glühwein smell
People say it is christmas
The shops invite us in
Buy more, it will bring you happines
Credit cards allowed, you win
People say it is christmas
I wonder who believes it
The fest of light turned around
In a party of gifts for who achieved it
People say it is christmas
For a few days, they believe in Santa again
We watch the trees around the world
The light blinds our eyes, until when
People say it is christmas
And I am wondering why
The stress of cooking, the stress of looking
What more we need to buy
People sing that it is christmas
Freddie sings it is for just one day
People rush and fight for presents
In long queues they go out to pray
People sing about Christmas
And while they are collecting more then they need
They struggle over the legs of human
Who invisible sit in the steet

25 12 2017

A happy Christmas, to you all
At least we wish you had it, big or small
We hope that your dreams did all come true
And that you ate our friends, happily too
We were the loosers, of this year
Christmas is over, we are still standing here
We love to be happy, as well
But, poor we, we did not sell
We were okay, we sure did taste
But we will end in the bin of waste
It is simply not fair
They are eaten, and we are still here
Our wrapping is exactly like from our brothers
The chocolate tastes identic to the others
Without the wrapping, we look all the same
Or is that the problem, are we naked too lame
There is no hope for us, nothing funnies
But don’t think that we leave so fast
In a few months there will be a return of our cast
Proudly presenting the easter bunnies
25 12 2017

Where do you come from
Where do you go
Not all answers we know

We all travel at the river
Some boats travel together
Sometimes we go, with the flow

Sunny days
Where we wish we could stay
While we know
It won’t last forever

Our boat will flow at the river
We see the dark clouds approaching
Let’s hide for the rain
It won’t last forever
Even when it seems so

We will follow the streem
Our waves, sooner or later
Will end in the sea
Time will learn, we shall see

I know
Nothing really matters
As long as you are there
For I love to be with you

26 12 2017

And another year is almost over
And I am left (still) sober
The bubbles wait for the new year

I don’t want to talk about it
We shalll see what it brings
Looking forward with hope in the hearts
Looking back, to the remarkable paths

So many wishes, are going around
People that a whole year were not found
All the sudden do appear
Wishing something beautiful, for the year

I reflect, what was good, what will be better
Important memories wrapped in my heart
The rest, does not really matter

The clock ticks the hours away
And I have nothing to say
Who knows me, knows the wishes I dream
Will some come true?

Time will tell
Let the corks shoot away
Worries and pain
Let the bubbles surround you
Wit love and happines, again

I cheer for what’s another year

31 12 2017

HaFri Poetry July 2017

Listening to the voice

(painting by Gabrielle Gubbs(

Today I switched the radio on
As in a dayly routine
I was not thinking what would come
Just building up my daily screen

I took my coffee, and around
I was comfort by the familiar sound
The radio spread its usual noise
And then I realized it was your voice

I stopped for a moment, from sipping my tea
And started to listen what you were telling me
I still could not understand your words
However, I dreamt away at your familiar chords

I do not even know your name
But all the sudden, the magic was here
Sprankling your sound through my ears
And I knew
that nothing, anymore, will be the same

03 07 2017

Painted by Margaret Wilson

I can watch the flowers
For hours and ours
And it might sound silly
Still, I can hear their story

They whisper to me
In invisible communication
TI understand
And I admire your wonderful creation

The painted flowers, I can smell
The magic of their colours touches me so well
A kind of magic, nature is art
We shold not forget, wa are all a part

With all the different colours
We built the patchwork of life
I say it sinsere, without any shame
Without you
Life should not be the same

03-07-2017  HaFri Poetry

Bedroom stories

Poser Creation by Xan
Words by me

When the time is right
When the day dims the light
When your day gently changes
into the darkness of the night

Then come to me

I will whisper in your ear
The stories that you want o hear
It is about passion and fandasy
About dreams, nothing to fear

Draam on

My stories will suit you the most
When your pretty eyes are closed
You are so ready for the night
Too much champagne enclosed

Lay your fantasy
Next to me
It are my stories
That you are going to see

Sweet dreams, my friend
Today will have a happy end
Tomorrow you will not know
If my stories were tuue,
or fantasies, in the end

04 07 2017

There are times, that I am looking for you
But I can not see you, here
I expect something, that you can not give
Because you are there

I talk to you, when I sleep
I talk to you, when I walk in the street
Sometimes my thoughts are deep
Ween I want you, deseperately, to meet

It seems that you are gone
It looks like I am alone
You can’t help it
When I look in a different way

It was so easy, a while ago
When we just could say
Overhere, there I am
Gone is that day

We found another communication
The words made a transformation
I not need to listen to the sound
Your love is everywhere to be found

No longer I can kiss you
Much stronger I do miss you

But we carry on, on with the show
Because as long as the light comes up
There is a reason for living, for giving
As long as the water in the river will flow

05 07 2017

Painting by Peter Blacksmith -Oil on canvas 180 x 120 cm

Sometimes I realize
How hard it is to pay the price
For knowing what I know
And not can letting go

Sometimes I just want to hide
Away from glamour and pride
close the curtains, dim the light
Just me and the shimmering light

Those sometimes mostly disappear
When I, again, am looking clear
Awaking from my dream
Leaving the nightmare in a scream

I leave my body and fly
Nothing to carry, nothing to feel shy
Flying back to the inner me
Proud with what I see

Words by me
06 07 2017

Chopper ride
(poser by Xan)

Chopper ride

How much I did long for you
And now, finally, my dream comes true

You came to me, shining and bright
I knew it, I got the invite
There you stood, sexy and hot
Ready to ride, and I thought, why not

I smiled and touched you with my fingertips
Your roar made me weak around my hips
Baby, I said, you are beautiful, today
You shined ever more, growled that’s okay

I could not hold very much longer
My desire grew stronger
But when I saw you drool
I slowed down, pretending to be cool

One grip at your boiling tank
A pat at your saddle, spank, baby, spank
I gripped you tight
Ready for the ride


Wrapped my legs around you, wow
The touch was too much, I should do it now
I switched your key
You shivered to me

There we go baby, I heard myself say
Before you took me in your arms
The smoke and smell of your greasy charms
Ride the wild wind, hey hey hey

And we were one, that night
Chopper ride

07 07 2017

Painting by Margaret Wilson

the sea
It gives
And it takes

The wind
Through my hair
I wish you were here

The seaguls cry
In their never ending search
For a fresh fish

The air
Smells like salt
Here I want to get old

The sound
Of the waves on the shore
I not need anymore

The lights of the tower
At the port
Is the witness

On .. out
The sky forms
A brand new cloud

And in the meantime
The sea
come back to me

words Hafri 10 07 2017


(painting by Gabrielle Stubbs)

Today I crow for victory
In a special way
We celebrate French Liberty
It is Bastille Day

So much about the history
In the books you can read it
And for who looks close to life today
Will know, that hiistory repeated

We must be alert, to fight the shadow
We can not bow for fear and hate
Unite, stand up and hold the tricolour
It is freedom for what we fight

And when the La Marseillaise plays
We next can sing our own countries glory
Resist, don’t let the darkness win
Love will bring us all victory

Words – HaFri 14 07 2017

There are moments
And they are not a few
That I know that you
Are taking things out of our hands

To get the things sorted oud
And working according to your plans

It was not just a song
That made me go on
And a few days ago
You shared that memory again

A song from the past,
You may call it, from another life
We know it so well
Every chord, I can spell

The memories of the past
Before we drifted apart

You made her remind to me
A shared memory
You made her brushing clean the share
As if you told, you both are still there

We are
Close, but still, very far

Thank you, again, old friend
For your music, that never ends
Thank you, lover of life
For giving me a smile, again

Maybe it is just a little step
But my heart jumped up, pretty loud
Thank you, for giving a sign of hope
Thank you for the share, dear Freddie
Thank you, for where I can not talk about

HaFri – 13 07 2017
For Anne, with hope.

I take life into my hands
I can not wait any longer
Even realizing that I can’t
It will make me feel much stronger

Between what is and what once was
We balance on the thin line
In the present leaving the past
Walking there, where the sun shines

I am only one step away
From what I left behind
And only one step more
To where I want to find

As long as I walk on
I will be strong
As soon as I look back
The danger takes a track

I take life back into my hands
Thinking of you makes me stronger
And remembering the past
I look forward, and walk a bit longer

As long as the line is willing to hold
I will be there
And I will care
I will love you
Words that can not often enough be told

16 07 2017 HaFri

For Harrie

Let’s all stand together
Doodle by Margaret Wilson

Let’s all stand together

Doodle by Margaret Wilson

Sometimes when I face the big bad world
I feel so lonely
I feel so lost

It is not that I want to run away
But what I want
Seems so far

I feel so helpless, when I see things happen
Things that I can not change
But so desperately want to, need to

At those moments
The tears run free
My heart cries, for me
My heart cries for you
What to do

Then, when the tears are fading away
There is some light, between the grey
Your shoulder, the glimpse in your eyes
Make me realize

That we are not alone
That I love you
Friends will be friends
And nothing else, really does matter
Because, in the end
We all stand together

17 07 2017  HaFri Poetry

Jerusalem 2017

Painting by Gabrielle Stubbs

Jerusalem 2017

My heart cries
With every shot
My heart cries
For too many blood

No matter who you are
No matter at what side of the wall
We are all God’s people
We do not differ so much at all

SO much hate, human create
That we can not trust each other
Some may say, far away
But it is too close, not to bother

There is no solution in fight
There is no wrong, because there is no right
Only humanity is real
The tears that I feel

My heart cries
For the beautiful people
Who are blind
And of who their calculating leaders
Tell, tell that there is no solution to find

That is a burtol lie
Because when we start to understand eachother
Then the differens do not bother
And all who cares
are you and I

22 07 2017 HaFri


After the rain has gone
The drops are not aware
That they were the last ones

After the rain has gone
The drops might fade away
They are waiting
In their endless duty

Until their time has come
After the rain has gone

23 07 2017

At the very end
When no one is getting in
Where we look back
To passing traces
Of memories, sweet
And until now untold

At the very end
Standing in the present
We let the pass fly away
It was good
I am grateful

This end is a new begin

30 07 2017

Het strand, de zee, het water.

De troost, de wind die alles zegt, met onhoorbare woorden.

Iedereen ziet je, maar niemand ziet je.
Behalve degene aan wie je denkt.

En de zon schijnt,
en de golven spoelen zand, zoals altijd.

En toch.. is de lach van de kinderen een beetje anders.
En je voelt het, meer dan ergens anders.

Je weet dat iemand je ziet

31 07 2017