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Inge Wiescholeck

The mother of many teddy bears, that found a nice home, in our city and far about it.

Hand made, every bear is unique and made by the amazing Inge Wiescholleck .  

A collection of the Teddy Bears is at the Teddy Bear Calendar 2019. 

Rhine – Oberkassel/Düsseldorf

What is nicer, on a 2nd christmas day, then a walk along the Rhine?

Yes, a walk with the one I love <3

And you know what is even better?

Exactly, a walk with a bit of sunshine included. 😀

And, of course, the camera. It is not only water, you know!

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HaFri Poetry January 2017

What’s another year
If you put it in a life time
In the age of mother earth
our lifes are less then a second of time

Still Too long to keep our breath
Time waits for nobody
Before we know it might be gone
We might take it easy
We might not have longNo matter how I turn my thoughts
No matter how I walk my path
I will remain the same as ever
Before and aftermathI try to keep my head up
It is not easy all the time
Sometimes the rain will wet me
Sometimes the sun will shineNo matter about the weather
We have to go
On with the show
My heart shall remember the good things
And smiles, because all what I know

© 01.01.2017© HaFri Poetry

Every day
We pass bridges
The comfortable way
To get at the other side

Sometimes we ride the wild wind
hey hey hey
Sometimes we enjoy the sun
And look around
To the beauty, what we pass

We do not realize that we pass the bridge again
It is so normal,
That we carry on
In thoughts, in our dreams, in our books
It is so natural
That we pass the bridge

Until we look down
and see
That we are able
To pass barreers
That in our imagination
never could have been taken

Walk on, or ride your bicycle
Go to where you need to go
And feel amazed
About what you all can overwin

© 05.01.2017© HaFri Poetry

In the night
Alone with your fear
You can not sleep
Even when I am near

In the day
Your worries won’t fade away
You are so tired
You don’t want to stay

I look at you
When you finally sleep
Because of the pain

How can I reach you
When you won’t let me
How can I wrap my arms around you
When you feel too scared
To let me in

I am scared, you say, and so afraid
Well what can I do?
I so much want
To be closer to you

I can not solve your fear
But I can dry your tear
I don’t know what the future will bring
But I will be there, if you let me in

Yes my heart
I am scared
And, for you, I will be strong
Even when we both can’t see
What the future brings upon

Yes, my world
I won’t leave you alone
Take my arm
And let us be together
Until far
After the cold has gone

© 09.01.2017© HaFri Poetry

When I will return on earth
What sounds weird, because I am still here
I want to be an astronaut

I want to be surrounded
By the black, endless sky
And when I look outside
I will see the stars

They might not be much closer
But they look less far

I should not mind
Being locked up
In Bowies thin can
Because my view will be endless
I shall be able to do
What not many can

When I return on earth
I want to be an astronaut
And fly me to the moon
Where I shall be loosing my direction
Without gravity
Floating in perfection

I will get dizzy, I might feel not well
When I turn around onethousand times
And there is no one that I can tell

Because at the moment, that I am lost
I will see, what I use the most
The blue ball in the sky
Will still be turning

I will look at it
And feel happy because I know
Nothiing really matters
Even for earthlings it often seems so

© HaFri Poetry- 09 01 2017

When you are looking up to someone
The other is looking down upon you

But, you not necessarily
Need to feel less
Just because you choose to look up

And the other not necessarily needs to be better
Only because he is in an upper position

No matter how low, no matter how high
When we respect each other
We always look streight in the other’s eyes

© HaFri Poetry – 10 01 2017

It is cold
But the sun is shining
The winter offers plenty of place
At he places that in summer are overcrowded

Watching over the water
A penny for your thoughts
Looking to the bridge
From one side to the other
And while the sun
Shyly shines upon your skin
Your dreams drift awayNo one is there,
To share your thought with
You thinkBut that is just a matter
Of in what direction you look
I see you
And I won’t reach you

© HaFri Poetry – 15 01 2017

All we need
Is something to eat
One loves veggies
The other meat

I love both, I am not picky
I can also enjoy a chickkie

It is much easier to be happy
When your belly is filled
An icecream, chips, sausages
Beans, Cream, Crackers and stuff
Bring it on, I can’t get enough

Happiness, it’s all we need
And happiness, migth be
Sitting into your best mates feed

© HaFri Poetry – 15 01 2017

Do you think that I don’t fit?
Do you think the picture is too small?
Do you not really like it
Or do you not care at all?

I can tell you, size does matter
And when I show you all the feather
I can’t help it when you can not see
It doesn’t make me another me
I show what I have, and I hope she will be impressed
And not, like you, will be mind mashed
I am beautiful, and complete
Maybe that is whyYou only see of me the part
And your judgment seems not too smart
Step back, and take me in another view
I will show you beauty as you never knewStep back, I show you, one more time
And if you still don’t get it
Then I guess it is your problem
And most certanly not mine


© HaFri Poetry – 20 01 2017

Forgotten memories
Walking along the fence
The wind slightly moves my hair
Enjoying the sun intense
As if you still were there
Looking to the flogs
Remembering the warm delight
Reciting the love blogs
Longing back to that summernight
I never do regret
What is done, and what is said
I will do it again, when I will
The wind blows faster, when I chill
Never forgotten
And nowhere to find
Memories of sunny days
Invisible, because we were blind
© HaFri Poetry – 22 01 2017
© Photograph – Frauke Omoruyi

Traces at the Ice at the pond in the Rosengarten.

What can I say
What shall I do
The only thing I see
Are traces of you

The closet filled
I am breathing in your perfume
It is as if you are here
Your shoes, the coat,
that you now can not wear
The silence of your absense
Is louder, the further you go
And when you return
I knowI calmly follow. with you
The traces in our heart
© HaFri Poetry – 22 01 2017
The days are cold and short
The nights are much too long
An extra candle spreads softly light
I gaze into the flame
Where from my dreams just cameMy daydream lets me walk
To a maginificent view
Over the water, to the bridge
Ahhh, remembering the good days
When we did not know, what we know now
And where we were happy, somehowThe bridge over the water
Connecting friends
The bridge that inspires
And makes me dream even more
No matter if it is cold or warm
Daydreams are allowed to have some charmI open my eyes, and seem to dream on
When I look to your painted view
It tells me, soon it will be spring again
As if I never knewI will walk over it, and find my rest
I will look to it, and do my best
To be a better person, all the time
For who walks with me over the thin line

You, my inspiration, you, the one I love
and you too, my dear friend, who painted
the different dreams,
That we all can be dreaming of

© Poetry HaFri Poetry – 26 01 2017
© Painting  Margaret Wilson


Gazing over the icey water
I stare into my soul
Diving deeper in my memories
I consider it all and all

I breath the energy in
I breath the worries out
And when I hold my breath
The silence sounds so loud

I forget my worries
My mind fills with emptyness
There is no place at all

I forget the pain,
The cold is no longer there
My balance prevents me to fall

Slowly I open my eyes
Gently I remember where
Softly I realize
The reason why I am here

© HaFri – 22 01 2017

I can not let it happen any longer
I shall open up more my mouth
I wil show that love is stronger
Then hate and all the violently shout

I shall not accept when life is hurt
I can not accept when humanity is disturbed
We are all God’s people,
No matter what religion
Or even without
It is love and understanding where it is about

It is time to my voice
It is time for human noise
I know I am not the only one
Let’s stand up together, we are so strong

No money or violence can dictate our life
With love and understanding, we will survive
Be brave and let the fear disappear
Let’s fight for peace, respectful and sincere

© HaFri – 29 01 2017

Fly away, my little friend
Fly through the sky, until the end
Feel free to see the mountains
Feel free to taste the sea

And, if you can, share it with me
Show the amazing sunsets of our dreams
Tell about the beauty what is everywhere
Find the courage and hope, the care

Fly over walls, fly high in the air
Sing about peace, everywhere
Be a dreamer, give me the strength
To fight for love, until the end

Fly away, my friend, far away
Pull yourself together
‚coz you know the world is better
Then scared and narrow minded say

© HaFri – 29 01 2017

Sometimes I am wondering
Why people are so full of hate
It makes me clueless pondering
About the world that we create

When hate finds us
It will blind us
At that moment we
Shall not clearly see

Where we walk
About what we talk
We might think that we can
While being ruled by a tyran

We can not expect from who is blind
A proper way to find
Only who opens up their eyes
Can see the difference between the truth and lies

The dark clouds starts loosing rain
History is repeating itselves again
Some say, it won’t be so bad
Some see, it is already worse as that

Let’s find the truth back again
Let’s give faith to every woman and man
No one wants this war, so stop it please
Give up hate, let love release

Is there any different in the water
Just because it is in different ponds?

© HaFri – 31 01 2017

Nikolausmarkt Nikolauskloster

An impression of the Nikolausmarkt  in the Nikolaus Kloster.

Nikolauskloster, Jüchen
Nikolauskloster, Jüchen

A beautiful christmas market, where people showed and soled their festival (most handmade) articles.


Bernds mini Karusell

The details are stunning!

Inges  Teddybären Bude

Inge and her child(ren)
Hand made, with a lot of love!

The rest.  🙂

And of course, when photographers are on their way… you get this as well
Thank you for the nice day, Hildegard and Willi!