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Kaiserswerth 2018

What to do when the temperature rises to about 35 degrees in the shadow?  (95F).

What about taking a trip to Kaiserswerth, to a tiny little square in Düsseldorf, where the water is near, the history is plenty and the places to eat and drink are richly in the shadow?

Enjoy the photos

St Suitbertus Kirche


The rest

With Hildegard and Sabine




(Fototreff Die Welt der Fotografie)

Background information about Kaiserswerth
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Kugelfotografie / Sphere



Black and white


Photographers posing

Fotografe Hildegard Jesch

Photographers at work 

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Hugo Hoff Hans-Georg Bender Gisela Bender Sonja Maaßen Hildegard Jesch  Willi Hoyman  Helmut Friedrichs Reinbert Eitz  Rita Peters