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HaFri Poetry February 2017

What do you see?

The chilly buildings
Or the reflections of the tree

Do you feel the walls, between where you walk
Are you missing a person, for a talk
Do you look up, to climb the stairs
Are you amazed by the breeze in the air

It is your choice, what to do
Suffering the dark, or enjoying the blue

01.02.2017 © HaFri

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Sometimes, when you are giving a job
You might think it is impossible, to reach the top
And, as it usualy is, with things to do
The success depends on you

It sure is a climb, upon the wall
And there is a risk, that you might fall
When you refuse, and quit
The story ends with it
If you give it a try
Knowing that you can not fly
Using your very own skills
Can let you climb over hillsThere is no excuse to stay below
Up we must, there we go
On your way, slowly but steady
Step by step, until you are readyWhile concentrating on your move
You realize that you improve
You overwin your fears and maybe a tear
All the sudden your goal comes nearYes, you did it, my good friend
Your struggle leaded to the end
Be proud at the wonderful you
And remember, you can, if you do
03.02.2017 © HaFri

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See here the story of my life
I can’t understand that I still survive
The thing is, girls and me
Always bring some mysery

I came on this sunny day, to say hello
A friendly moment, I thought so
But the girls decided to ignore
They showed their best sides, that’s for sure

No word came from them no baaa or boo
They preferred the grass to pay attention to
When my tears stopped dropping, they still were there
And I felt sad, needed to refind my attitude somewhere

So, I thought, there you have it, and click I did
As revenche I publish their bums, and that’s is it

05.02.2017 © HaFri

Life is rushing
Headlong – out of control
From one thing to nextLife is passing by
We can’t turn back the clock -aint that ashame?
We take no time to relax
In our rush, to who knows where
We shortly visit everywhere
Have you seen
We have been
No time for helloRunning away to our future
We do not pay attention for the day
We do not see what is around us
All what counts is far awayWe are going faster, faster
Obey your master
And easily we forget
What we can getOne day, and that day comes for us all
There will be the hammer to fall
The promise, I talk to you another time
Is transforming to an empty lineWhy such a hurry
Instead of starting in time
Why not now drinking the wine
And take the future to burryIs your goal to reach the end
Or is the road your goal, my friend
Take time for who you meet
Give a friendly greetLater did just start
Do it now, don’t run so hard
05.02.2017 © HaFri

Over the rainbow
I know, that you are watching meI can not see you
But I feel that you look to me
I like to think about you
You are a true, absent friend
Who really caresI know your name
But it should be the same
If it was not thereYou look at me, I look at you
And we both know it, too
Carry me, at your wings
Make me strong, to face the thingsI face the future with faith and flare
Because I know you take care
06.02.2017 © HaFri


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Come over the border
It is easy, there is no wall
Look to the other side
Mind the fall

The water shows you the way
Look further, discover the new
It might not be easy
But will be worth the view

Step over the border
A new horizon we shall find
We can make it, together
Let’s take the step
Let’s leave the past behind

09.02.2017 © HaFri

Are you ready
For the new week
That is coming fast
Do you think
about the worries
From the future and the past
I can not control your mind
And you can not control that of mine
One is more heavy then the other
But both are beautiful, each in their kindNo matter how different we are
No matter how close, or how far
The new week is for us all to begin
We get in the same pond, for the swimLet’s swim together
Because you do matter
Let see what come, routine and surprise
The worries for tomorrow, melting like iceWe can not change what has to come
No matter how we worry for right or wrong
We can change the way we approach
With you next to me, I will enjoy the most

10.02.2017 © HaFri

It is a perfect day

The warmth of the sun
Drifts the cold away
And even when nature is not yet sure
The warmer days will be coming

The cloudless sky smiles to me
A greet from who I can not see
But who always is there

I close my eyes
So that the light not blinds me
And I realize

That it is a perfect day
To step away

13.02.2017 © HaFri

Everyone needs it
Everyone has it
Why not give itEverybody likes it
Everybody feels it
When you live it
Never ignore a friendly smile
Enjoy the hugs, for a while
Feel the beat of your heartDon’t feel afraid to show it
Feed the fire, glow it
Love never tears apart

15.02.2017 © HaFri


Now is the time
To say your past goodbye
Now is the moment
To give the future more then a try

Go there, I will be there too
We have plenty of things to do
We shall work hard, and relax a while
We shall share the sunshine, and dare to smile

Don’t listen to who tells you to scare
Look around, and see what is there
Life is beautiful, if you choose
Forget hate and fear, what is there to loose?

Now is the time
To start anew
Walk on with us
We are quiet a few

We share hope, and love, for who is there
And even if you’re not, we still do care
Don’t waste another moment, you will love it
Hate, fear and violence, we shall shove it

17.02.2017 © HaFri

And then, after a long and hurting fight
Things look to go to be all right
And then, like out of the blue
I do not know, what to do

I am full of hope, and have new plans
But my emotions give me no chance
No change to cheer, or be happy too
I feel so sad, what should I do?

Maybe I must go to sleep, and take a rest
And let the future do the rest

17.02.2017 © HaFri

Geese in Schloß Wickrath. More about Schloß Wickrath? Click at the picture

I sleep with one eye open
When I nap in the light
My daydream unspoken

Don’t misunderstand my dreams
Don’t think you know me
Not all is what it seams
Like not all is what you show me

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Walk with me
There is a path, you might not see
Have faith, we can walk
Hand in hand, and we can talk

About the things that we do fear
What looks better, when you are near
We can laugh about what is told
We can feel blessed, getting together old

Walk with me
Every step
Every tree
Look into my eyes
And see

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Standing at the top
Looking back
I see the long way
The struggles, the fear
Giving up was not an option

And all the sudden it was there
One moment I felt great
I made it
I so much enjoyed, being at the top

After a while
The view got boring
I missed the excitement of facing a new day
Because I could not get higher
And everything seemed the same

Looking forward
There was the way down
Looking back is not an option

I can’t stand still any longer
So, should I dare
And let go?

Giving up
All what I not need
Returning back at the ground

Where the wind is less strong
Where the cold is less chil
Where we belong
Where we are happy, still

Because it does not matter
To give up, what we actually not need
As long as I can share with you
There is a reason for the new day to greet

19.02.2017 © HaFri

When the path gets small
When you can not see it at all
It still is there

It migh not be easy
Looking forward
It is so much nicer
To close the eyes

Drift away in dreams
To happiness, it seems
But when you realize
That sooner or later, you open your eyes

And the path, that you can not see
Is the only road to go
Then, I hope that you are still at my side
Walking with me, to where we don’t know

21.02.2017 © HaFri

Until the rain is gone
To get wet
As miserable as the weather

In the rain
Feel like dancing
To get wet
It does not really matter

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Take a break
From the pressure
Enjoy the nothing
It’s a treasure
That we so often ignore
Worth living for

Take a move
Where are you waiting for
Empty cupboards
Strange footprints at the corridore
New steps in your life
Don’t be afraid, you will survive

Leave behind
What you not need
Someone else might like and get it
And if not, simply, let it

Take a break
And a coffee
Or a tea
Taste the fresh baked cake


24.02.2017 © HaFri


It is sad, that there is nothing nutty around
It is said, that it can’t be found
But I see it everywhere
Only not here

Do we not need it after all
Do we prefer a plastic doll?

I don’t like the smell of rubber
I prefer real, even when it blubbers

And so it is, my friend
The same with nutty, in the end

We can find it, in our brains, in the street
Nuts are everywhere, nuts we need

So I ask you, show some guts
Cheer up, and let’s go nuts

25.02.2017 © HaFri

Look around
See what is there
And share

Stay together
Be alert on what you see
You might watch something different then me

When everyone looks to the right
Then look left
And enjoy the different sight

25.02.2017 © HaFri

HaFri Poetry March 2011

You can not drown into your sorrow
You can try it today, want it tomorrow
I won’t let you, not later, not now
And please dont ask me how

I shall not let you go down
And when you think you will always drown
I will be there and tug you ashore
As long as my arms can carry you, and more

I shall not see when you will loose
Because it’s you. Always. Who I choose
My grip is firm, even when you dont realize so
I am still there when you are filled with sorrow

Listen carefully to what I say
I am there, always, no matter how tough, never far away
There is no distance between you and me
I stand next to you, just look and see

Behind you, to drop your fall
Tensing your deepest desire and all
Come to me, it is okay, the way it is
I am with you
Even when this is the last there is

Je kunt niet verdrinken in je verdriet
Je kan het proberen, maar het gaat niet
Ik laat het niet toe

Vraag me niet hoe
Ik laat je niet verdrinken
Hoe diep je ook wil zinken
Ik duik en breng je op het droge
Zo lang mijn armen je dragen mogen

Ik zal niet toekijken hoe ik je verlies
Omdat ik, altijd, voor jou kies
Ik hou je vast, ook al merk je het soms niet
Omdat je hart vol is van verdriet

Luister maar goed, naar wat ik zeg
Ik ben er, altijd, hoe moeilijk ook, en nooit ver weg
Afstand bestaat niet, je bent bij mij
Ik sta voor je, zij aan zij

Achter je, om je op te vangen
En ik speur het diepste verlangen
Kom maar, het is goed zoals het is
Ik ben bij je
ook als het het laatste is

© HaFri Poetry 23.03.2011


a dark cloud Hangs into the sky
I feel restless, and I know why
It’s the magical nature, playing with me
Life lessons, be not, or to be

The rain will fall, it’s comming near
The darkness approaches, now should I fear
I can join the ones that warn for thunder and fire
I prefer to choose another wire

I will face what comes, with open eyes
I will not tell myself anymore lies
I am full with faith
No matter what the shadow will bring
It will pass, and the birds again will sing

I look forward to the sunlight again
And if you think I am a cold and heartless man
I shall not argue with what you believe
And keep on trusting in what I achieve

The drops fall down, the wind starts to blow
Some are sheltering, others run and go
I face it with a grin
I never let it in

The hail hits me, the flashes deafen my ear
No matter what, I do not fear
When my time has come, than it has to be
Until than, nothing realy matters to me

The cloud floats over, as it begun
Rain disappears, makes place for the sun
I stay there, wet and cold
I should not when I had not hold


in my arms, in my heart
I promise, we shall never part
I lean on you, you live in me
Until the last breath, whenever it should be

Together with you, I can face the time
Bearing the darkness, breathing the shine

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2011

Who am I, to tell you what to do
Who am I, to decide what’s good for you
Why should I know better
what realy does matter

You know better than anyone
When your moment has come
Now, at the almost end
You lay it in someone others‘ hand

Strangers will judge the final trial
and it will be without a denial
You know what you want, and what you will get
It’s your decision, it wont make me sad
To see when you finally find your rest
It’s all that I want, if it is the best

Strangers will say, it’s okay, to do it now
and they will tell us where and how
The last decision that is to make
They will decide the final brake

Is this true? I dont know
To me it just looks like so
Because behind the screen
It is you who has foreseen
You did make your plan
You did drew the lines 

Cutting your final string
No one else who needs to bring
Or sharpen the knife
Because the final cut
will close this part of life

Wie ben ik, om je te vertellen wat je moet
Moet ik jou zeggen, wat slecht is of goed
Zou ik het echt beter weten, wat en hoe
Ach, wat doet het er allemaal niet meer toe

Beter dan ieder ander, die je kent
Weet jij wanneer je er echt aan toe bent
Aan het einde, wat snel nader komt
Hangt jouw toekomst af,
van wat men van jouw heden vond

Je weet wat je wil, en dat je het zal krijgen
Het is jouw beslissing, en ik zal slechts zwijgen
Om te zien dat je eindelijk je rust weer vind
Dat is alles wat ik wil, jouw rust wenst jouw kind

Vreemden zullen zeggen, het is goed, het is de tijd
En spoedig voel je jezelf bevrijd
De laatste beslissing komt eraan
De laatste knoop doorgehakt, in je bestaan

Is het goed? Ik zou het niet weten
Alternatieven, ze maken het niet beter
Achter de schermen trek je aan de lijn
Je hebt het eindspel in gedachten al lang gespeeld
De rollen en taken zijn zoals jij wilt verdeelt
Zoals jij het bedacht, zo zal het zijn

Het doek gaat op voor de laatste keer
En jij regelt alles nog eens een keer
Niemand hoeft de knoop door te hakken
Jij laat zelf het doek dan zakken

En wij kijken toe
Daar ga je, moe
Eindelijk rust, en dat is fijn
Vol vertrouwen
breekt de laatste lijn

© HaFri Poetry 31.03.2011


HaFri Poetry February 2011

Every day

I enjoy your mysterious way

When the night is dark as could be
You come, like a falling star to me
-make a wish – make me wish –

You found me
And i didnt know what I had missed
Until I found you

Life has so many mysterious ways
And I love to walk their paths
Hand in hand

O, let it never end


Je hebt me gevonden
En ik wist niet wat ik gemist heb
Voor die tijd

Het leven heeft zo veel mysterieuze wegen
En zo lopend kwam ik jou daar tegen

Hand in hand, niet meer alleen
Met jou kan ik overal heen
In jou vind ik mijn doel
Een wonderbaarlijk, mysterieus gevoel

© HaFri Poetry 17.02.2011

Your move
Makes me stand still
Your smile
Makes my eyes watering
Your breath

takes mine away

Your eyes
Let me drown
Your laughter
Makes me dizzling in happiness

Your mouth
let my heart smile
Your tears
Brighter than sunlight
Your charms
Warmer than tea

Is it love?

I dont know
But what I am sure about
My life loves thee

Als jij beweegt
Sta ik stil te kijken
Als jij lacht
schieten de tranen in mijn ogen
En jouw adem
Neemt mijne weg

Jouw ogen
Laten mij verdrinken
Jouw glimlach
laat me duizelen van geluk
En jouw mond
Laat mijn hart schijnen

Je tranen
Helderder dan het licht van de zon
Jouw charmes
Warmer dan thee

Heb ik het over liefde? 

Ik weet het niet
Maar een ding weet ik wel
Mijn leven draait om jou, en ik draai met je mee

© HaFri Poetry 22.02.2011

The secret we share
The secrets we play
Hidden safely
that our words
will not be miss heard

Mutual respect, deep inside
Extending friendship, eternal and bright

Comfortable as can be
Understood by you and me
No one else needs to understand
Between you and me, the words do end

Recognition, joy, even closer then until now
At the same time the distance, funny, somehow
A contradiction it could be
But for me
with you
It’s a bliss, simply

The secret we share
No one else is aware
And that is how it should be
We do understand
Even when we use words that should not be

Het geheim dat we spelen

Veilig verborgen
Zonder zorgen
Dat verkeerde oren
het ooit zullen horen
Wederzijds diep vertrouwen
Vriendschap nog dieper uitbouwen

Een veilig gevoel
Jij weet wat ik bedoel
En niemand anders hoeft het te begrijpen
Omdat het niet verder komt

Herkenning, blijdschap, nog dichter bij elkaar
En gelijk op afstand, dat lijkt wat raar
Een contradictie zou het kunnen zijn

Maar voor mij
is het met jou
alleen maar fijn

Het geheim wat wij delen
Niemand die er ooit van hoort
En zo is het goed
Wij begrijpen elkaar
ook al gebruiken we soms een ander woord

© HaFri Poetry 26.02.2011