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Neuss blüht Auf

Spring means not only that nature shows its best side.

The city makes a try as well.

Decide by yourself what you like the most.

Saturday, in the city

Saturday, in the park

Awwwwwww … oooooohhhh…
Gooselings and ducklings

Maimarkt Neuss, 02.05.2018

This year the Mai Markt (May Market) took place at May 2nd.  There is a new square available for the stalls, at the Freithof,  it is nice, a market under the Quirinus

The market

And  the famous ‚the rest‘  😀




A few impressions from the Aprilmarket 2018


6 times a year there is a huge market in the inner city, on what a lot of things are available what you not too often see anymore. Herbs, clothes, curtains and so more. A good reason to visit it, with and without the camera.

In June  it is the Johannis Market