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Jon Mills

On a hot summerday
The flower who did bloom so beautiful
Not even so long ago
Has transformed

The colours turned white
The seeds are ready for their flight
Waiting for the gently breeze
Or the rain
To be taken away
Away from where you were created
Some of the seeds
Will find a place
Where they can survive the night
Where they are safe for the chilly winterWhen spring will come
And it will
They will grow again
to beautiful flowers
The circle of life

Every goodbye
Is a greet for something new
Empty places
Will be filled
And memories remain

When the roof will rattle, in the tower
And only the thing of evil is there to hear
When Alexa patiently wait for instructions
And no snoring will be heared again

I hear the wind whisper
Don’t be sad
The drama is over

And my tears will burn again
It was your final countdown then
You did fly away
On this hot summerday

I will miss you
Anywhere the wind blows



With every day
With every step
We come closer
To the bridge

First it looks small
the closer we come
The more steps we make
It looks solid and tall

And then, one day
The time has come
To step over the bridge
We have no choice

Then, don’t be afraid
Step over the bridge
With faith for the future
No matter where
No matter what it will bring

One day
We shall meet there


Who will water Wonkys Garden
Now the sun is shining so hot
Who will harvest the breadbeans
Now our fearles leader is not

Shall Piran miss the snoring
THe last drama is spread
Life will be a bit more boring
Now your final countdown is said

When the storm let rattle your roof
There is no one left to share
Not a film review to proof
No more coffee, anywhere

Your music sounds forever
In the ones, for who you did care
Just like Freddie, you will live forever
Legends never die, anywhere

When dinky meows at your front door
And there is no one, to let him in
The mailman will no longer walk around
The circle is complete
In memories you will be found

THe wind will blow, my hair will get wet
And with the final countdown
I look up, and smile
for remembering you, and all of that

The show will go on, because it should
And I will miss you forever, Mister Mankyfoot

30 07 2018

HaFri Poetry February 2017

What do you see?

The chilly buildings
Or the reflections of the tree

Do you feel the walls, between where you walk
Are you missing a person, for a talk
Do you look up, to climb the stairs
Are you amazed by the breeze in the air

It is your choice, what to do
Suffering the dark, or enjoying the blue

01.02.2017 © HaFri

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Sometimes, when you are giving a job
You might think it is impossible, to reach the top
And, as it usualy is, with things to do
The success depends on you

It sure is a climb, upon the wall
And there is a risk, that you might fall
When you refuse, and quit
The story ends with it
If you give it a try
Knowing that you can not fly
Using your very own skills
Can let you climb over hillsThere is no excuse to stay below
Up we must, there we go
On your way, slowly but steady
Step by step, until you are readyWhile concentrating on your move
You realize that you improve
You overwin your fears and maybe a tear
All the sudden your goal comes nearYes, you did it, my good friend
Your struggle leaded to the end
Be proud at the wonderful you
And remember, you can, if you do
03.02.2017 © HaFri

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See here the story of my life
I can’t understand that I still survive
The thing is, girls and me
Always bring some mysery

I came on this sunny day, to say hello
A friendly moment, I thought so
But the girls decided to ignore
They showed their best sides, that’s for sure

No word came from them no baaa or boo
They preferred the grass to pay attention to
When my tears stopped dropping, they still were there
And I felt sad, needed to refind my attitude somewhere

So, I thought, there you have it, and click I did
As revenche I publish their bums, and that’s is it

05.02.2017 © HaFri

Life is rushing
Headlong – out of control
From one thing to nextLife is passing by
We can’t turn back the clock -aint that ashame?
We take no time to relax
In our rush, to who knows where
We shortly visit everywhere
Have you seen
We have been
No time for helloRunning away to our future
We do not pay attention for the day
We do not see what is around us
All what counts is far awayWe are going faster, faster
Obey your master
And easily we forget
What we can getOne day, and that day comes for us all
There will be the hammer to fall
The promise, I talk to you another time
Is transforming to an empty lineWhy such a hurry
Instead of starting in time
Why not now drinking the wine
And take the future to burryIs your goal to reach the end
Or is the road your goal, my friend
Take time for who you meet
Give a friendly greetLater did just start
Do it now, don’t run so hard
05.02.2017 © HaFri

Over the rainbow
I know, that you are watching meI can not see you
But I feel that you look to me
I like to think about you
You are a true, absent friend
Who really caresI know your name
But it should be the same
If it was not thereYou look at me, I look at you
And we both know it, too
Carry me, at your wings
Make me strong, to face the thingsI face the future with faith and flare
Because I know you take care
06.02.2017 © HaFri


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Come over the border
It is easy, there is no wall
Look to the other side
Mind the fall

The water shows you the way
Look further, discover the new
It might not be easy
But will be worth the view

Step over the border
A new horizon we shall find
We can make it, together
Let’s take the step
Let’s leave the past behind

09.02.2017 © HaFri

Are you ready
For the new week
That is coming fast
Do you think
about the worries
From the future and the past
I can not control your mind
And you can not control that of mine
One is more heavy then the other
But both are beautiful, each in their kindNo matter how different we are
No matter how close, or how far
The new week is for us all to begin
We get in the same pond, for the swimLet’s swim together
Because you do matter
Let see what come, routine and surprise
The worries for tomorrow, melting like iceWe can not change what has to come
No matter how we worry for right or wrong
We can change the way we approach
With you next to me, I will enjoy the most

10.02.2017 © HaFri

It is a perfect day

The warmth of the sun
Drifts the cold away
And even when nature is not yet sure
The warmer days will be coming

The cloudless sky smiles to me
A greet from who I can not see
But who always is there

I close my eyes
So that the light not blinds me
And I realize

That it is a perfect day
To step away

13.02.2017 © HaFri

Everyone needs it
Everyone has it
Why not give itEverybody likes it
Everybody feels it
When you live it
Never ignore a friendly smile
Enjoy the hugs, for a while
Feel the beat of your heartDon’t feel afraid to show it
Feed the fire, glow it
Love never tears apart

15.02.2017 © HaFri


Now is the time
To say your past goodbye
Now is the moment
To give the future more then a try

Go there, I will be there too
We have plenty of things to do
We shall work hard, and relax a while
We shall share the sunshine, and dare to smile

Don’t listen to who tells you to scare
Look around, and see what is there
Life is beautiful, if you choose
Forget hate and fear, what is there to loose?

Now is the time
To start anew
Walk on with us
We are quiet a few

We share hope, and love, for who is there
And even if you’re not, we still do care
Don’t waste another moment, you will love it
Hate, fear and violence, we shall shove it

17.02.2017 © HaFri

And then, after a long and hurting fight
Things look to go to be all right
And then, like out of the blue
I do not know, what to do

I am full of hope, and have new plans
But my emotions give me no chance
No change to cheer, or be happy too
I feel so sad, what should I do?

Maybe I must go to sleep, and take a rest
And let the future do the rest

17.02.2017 © HaFri

Geese in Schloß Wickrath. More about Schloß Wickrath? Click at the picture

I sleep with one eye open
When I nap in the light
My daydream unspoken

Don’t misunderstand my dreams
Don’t think you know me
Not all is what it seams
Like not all is what you show me

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Walk with me
There is a path, you might not see
Have faith, we can walk
Hand in hand, and we can talk

About the things that we do fear
What looks better, when you are near
We can laugh about what is told
We can feel blessed, getting together old

Walk with me
Every step
Every tree
Look into my eyes
And see

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Standing at the top
Looking back
I see the long way
The struggles, the fear
Giving up was not an option

And all the sudden it was there
One moment I felt great
I made it
I so much enjoyed, being at the top

After a while
The view got boring
I missed the excitement of facing a new day
Because I could not get higher
And everything seemed the same

Looking forward
There was the way down
Looking back is not an option

I can’t stand still any longer
So, should I dare
And let go?

Giving up
All what I not need
Returning back at the ground

Where the wind is less strong
Where the cold is less chil
Where we belong
Where we are happy, still

Because it does not matter
To give up, what we actually not need
As long as I can share with you
There is a reason for the new day to greet

19.02.2017 © HaFri

When the path gets small
When you can not see it at all
It still is there

It migh not be easy
Looking forward
It is so much nicer
To close the eyes

Drift away in dreams
To happiness, it seems
But when you realize
That sooner or later, you open your eyes

And the path, that you can not see
Is the only road to go
Then, I hope that you are still at my side
Walking with me, to where we don’t know

21.02.2017 © HaFri

Until the rain is gone
To get wet
As miserable as the weather

In the rain
Feel like dancing
To get wet
It does not really matter

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Take a break
From the pressure
Enjoy the nothing
It’s a treasure
That we so often ignore
Worth living for

Take a move
Where are you waiting for
Empty cupboards
Strange footprints at the corridore
New steps in your life
Don’t be afraid, you will survive

Leave behind
What you not need
Someone else might like and get it
And if not, simply, let it

Take a break
And a coffee
Or a tea
Taste the fresh baked cake


24.02.2017 © HaFri


It is sad, that there is nothing nutty around
It is said, that it can’t be found
But I see it everywhere
Only not here

Do we not need it after all
Do we prefer a plastic doll?

I don’t like the smell of rubber
I prefer real, even when it blubbers

And so it is, my friend
The same with nutty, in the end

We can find it, in our brains, in the street
Nuts are everywhere, nuts we need

So I ask you, show some guts
Cheer up, and let’s go nuts

25.02.2017 © HaFri

Look around
See what is there
And share

Stay together
Be alert on what you see
You might watch something different then me

When everyone looks to the right
Then look left
And enjoy the different sight

25.02.2017 © HaFri

Schloß Benrath – Much more then just a building

A visit to a castle or ruine is always successful.

Next to the architecture, most buildings have a history and are surrounded with parks.

Schloß Benrath in Düsseldorf is not an exception at that rule.
With a click at the picture you can read some backgrounds, at wiki.

Benrath Schloss
There is  much to see, and to photograph.

In 20016 I visited Schloß Benrath 2 times, in spring, with Sabine, and in  autumn, with a photowalk.


Just 5 months differences….


Spring walk

The buildings, chracteristic in pink ..

The park of Schloß Benrath is partially wood, and partially cultivated

A perfect place for many animals, larger and smaller, to live

Flowers, known, unknown. Colours that you can not imagine.

A special album for the roses. It soon will be summer!

Same location, but then in Autumn, during the photowalk

The photo group, except photographer Hilde
KarlHeinz, Adrienne, Willy, Bernd, Hans, Monika, Sonja, Jörg


One of the things I can not get enough from, the beautiful  buildings at Benrath



We were just  in time to see the Dhalias and other beauriful autumn colours

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Animals (in different sizes).
The population of geese and swanss drastically increased

The photographers,  photographed
Hildegard, Jörg, Adrienne, Willi, Bernd, KarlHeinz, Sonja, Monika

And, as always, some  pictures that fit in no category 🙂


Let’s talk about Berlin

Berlin, the capitol of Germany, is an awesome place to be or to go to.
The historical city, what luckily has still a few beautiful historical buildiings, but as well has some very fancy modern aeras as well.

The cult of a big city nowhere is so close to the confrontation with what people can do to eachother. The monuments that remind to the wars, the holocaust, and the wall, what literarily cut the city in two pieces. Here you can experience and see what it is, and sadly we all know that history is repeating itselves.

A moment of memorance is a must, when you visit Berlin. But a moment of fun and diving into the wonderful pubs, walking along the water, gazing to the amazing culture is also a part of your visit. No way you can escape it, you not need to, you not have to!

If you can’t find it there, you can’t find it anywhere. History, culture, and of couse a  dream place for photography.

Here are some pictures of our trip in the winter of 2016.   Wonderful and impressive days.

I shall add a few more albums the coming weeks, so if you want to see more… you know what to do!

  • Berlin – Wall art.
    The wall, that dominated the city for more then 20 years, will and shall not be forgotten.  The wall has always been an inspiration for artists, and it still has, now at both sides of what is left over of it.
    Berlin WA Mauer Eastside IMG_9056
    And, of course, not only at ‚the wall‘  some fine images can be found


  • Architecture

It is not an understatement to say that Berlin is one of the tallest ‚working in progress‘ places. Everywhere you see cranes and trucks, (re)building to make the city even more beautiful.

The mixture between modern and classic is awesome, the architecture is as varied as far as your fantasy can go.

Here a few architectural examples.

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  • Street photography in Berlin
    I think no one shall be surprised that there is a rich street life in Berlin. Here some impressions  from people and even trabants.
    And if you are not sure what a trabant is… Find it out 😀
  • Sculptures

There is not a modern city in what is no place for sculptures, and in Berlin are many. The question I put to myself is,  why I did photograph so few of them 🙂

Enjoy a few of the sculptures in Berlin


  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of EuropeA visit of Berlin also means a confrontation with war. Especially the thngs that happen in and around WorldWar II A  visit to the Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas  is  is a must. It is situated behind the Brandenburger Gate.My personal experience was that the place gets you. When you see the stones from a distance, it looks impressive. When you walk through it, it gets unpleasant,  the narrow places, the huge blocks high above your head.  The museum below contains a list of all known German Jews that have been eliminated by the Nazi regime.
    When the horror gets names, when you hear the lst of names, when you see the pictures…  This should be never ever again!!!



  •  Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism (Berlin)
    The Denkmal für die im Nationalsozialismus verfolgten Homosexuellen  is situated next to the jewish memorial square.  Lots smaller, but  as well a part of the history of nazism in their plan to eliminate total groups of people who did not fit the standards. Scary to read that the politics were seriously debating the plans to eliminate the ‚problem groups‘  completely.


  • Berlin by NightA city that never sleeps. A city in what you not need to sleep, because it is as beautiful in the night as in the day.
  • The shoebox

    There are many pictures that might not be very ‚good‘, but that are a part of our memories.  It were very nice days, and the pictures in the shoe box might be most intresting for ‚us only‘, but you can judge that by yourself.

  • US
    A photographer, together with two wonderful women in Berlin. What a challenge!  Is it that why I made a bit less pictures?In good company time flies, and that happened.  A photographer that forgets his camera because he is having a good time?  Yes, I will always remain being a ‚hobby‘  photographer.  Because I can 🙂
    So, one special word of thank to the lovely Anne and Sabine!
    Here a few pictures of  us.

  • (from the archive)
    In 2010 we were for the first time in Berlin.

Berlin did fully knock me down. What a fantastic city, full of intresting sights and things.
It was in the time that I was just photographing for fun, no high end pictures, but still, a blast!

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