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Moers, a little town in NRW/Germany. Friendly streets, friendly weather, friendly people. Friendly company.

In the center of Moers you find the Moerser Schloss, unfortuately the front side is built in from many buildings.  The park behind however, is beautiful,

with as highlight the Rosengarten

Foto shooting in Moers, with Markus. A nice challenge, because he likes to photograph similar as me.  We had a good laugh, and a huge cola (autch).  Enjoy the photos

And of course there is some sphere  (or not?)


And black and white photography

‚at work‘  🙂

09 08 2017, Unterwegs mit Topfotograf Markus

Ganz lieben Dank, Markus,m es war einen wunderschänen Mittag mit Dir!

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