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Blood Moon

I love space.  I love planets, and I love the moon

Photographing them, however, is not that easy.  Stars and planets are far away, and usually seen only in the dark, as little stars.

This Friday evening,  there was a moon eclipse. The phenomena with it, blood moon, should turn the moon red.  The eclipse lasted about 2 hours, the longest eclipse in the century.  Together with the ‚blood moon‘,  we should be able to see the red planet Mars, close to it.

I made a few photos, enjoy them.  Take note that it was my first attempt, the photos are not cropped, and the moon was not showing up bright, but covering in a damp atmoshpere, so that the photos are not all as sharp as I wished.

We were not the only ones, that took this summernight to watch‘

And finally, almost unexpected, the moon showed up, in all her