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Naturpark Schwalm- Nette

A wonderful piece of nature, close to the Dutch Border, in Germany.

De Wittsee. Where nature is as it should be.  The photos speak for themselves.


Light and shadow



Japanischer Garten, Leverkusen

After the heat (part II)

A visit in the small, and beautiful ‚Japanese Garden‘  in Leverkusen.

Flora and Fauna


And the rest

Around the water line

My original plan was to ride along the meddows of the rhine.

Actually, it became a longer trip-
It lead me following the side river (Erft) to the Kindernbauernhof,

and I took the road along the creek (obererft) to get home again.

That was all the (flooding) water of our city in 1 day, enjoy the photos.

Yes, spring is there. I hope that the bad weather, the night after my trip, did not ruin the beauty too much.

Langen Foundation /Raketenstation Hombroich

On the first day of summer …. I made a very small bicycle trip to a very wonderful location.

Langen Foundation near Neuss, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is a museum designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The foundation showcases a collection of Oriental Art and Modern Art. It is located on the grounds of the Museum Insel Hombroich.

It is Spring, finally!!!

It was my first bicycle trip after 15 years, and I did not trust to bring my big camera(s) with me. So, I took the photos with the good old powershot.  Enjoy!


A trip with Hildegard, to the mini zoo Tannenbusch.

Spring is coming, but the winter was cold and long, this year.

Today I look up to the sky
And you know why
Just like then, the sky is so blue
Just like then, I talk to you

In a language, you could not understand
As always, you know what I meant

What is there to say?
I hope you are okay
I am fine, but, yes, I miss you
In my thoughts, I smile and kiss you

Thank you for the signs you sent
Life goes on, after the end

( 07 04 2018)

Das Jröne Meerke in early spring

March am Jröne Meerke

After a surprisingly cold few days, nature quickly awakes and prepares for spring.

The Nile goose has its first breed of the year,

The herons are preparing their nests,

and a lot of winterly left over.

Soon it will be greener

Tiergarten MönchenGladbach

A visit with Markus to the small and pretty zoo in Mönchengladbach.

A wonderful day, after the ‚rude‘  winterdays before.

Enjoy the photos, click at them to enlarge.

More irds




more animals

Bigger animals


Hafri Poetry March 2018

There is no end
After the last ending
There is no victory after the win
There is a shadow where the sun shines
Every end means a new begin

The darkness hides you for the light
Step out, don’t worry, it is all right
There might be a reason to survive
There might be a reason to be alive

When it looks like it is over
Look better, and look within
Becase there is no end, aofter the last ending
It is the road to a new begin

04 03 2017

Hello, world
A new day is breaking
Love your life
Because today is the day

Hello you,
The sun is awakening
Let it reflect
And smile through you

Don’t be afraid
Enjoy the birds sing
There is no darkness
The sky will be blue

Don’t join the hate
Love is so much better
The world is wonderful
And you are okay

09 03 2018

Sometimes I wish
I could spread my wings
Fly high above the treeJust spreading my feathers
In all kind of weather
Looking down to what I see

When I fy high
It all looks so small
And huge problems
Seem not so big at all

The higher I fly
The more I see
Leaving it all behind
For the time to be

When I could jump, and fly from here
I should know where to go to
I fly right away to you

To you, who leads me up
And I would offer my wings
In case you could not fly yourself
I should lift you,up to everything

We should fly as high
Where no one can see
Having our world for ourselves
Just you and me

To Sabine

 10 03 2018

Follow your dreams
They bubble before your eyes
Grab them

Let the bubble reach your hands
Let it poof
Free the air that is hidden
Let the water splash at your nose

What is holding you back?

Choose your life
Not all bubbles need to be catched
And if one explodes
Before it is time

Then think
That, maybe
Maybe this bubble
Was not meant to be

Find a bubble
They are everywhere

 13 03 2018

De Wittsee

At the border with the Netherlands, there is Lake De Wittsee

A very popular place for photographers f wildlife and nature.  My first visit, in the winter of 2018,  enjoy the photos.


Der Zwergtaucher (Tachybaptus ruficollis) ist eine Art aus der Familie der Lappentaucher. In Europa ist diese in Eurasien und Afrika verbreitete Art der kleinste Vertreter dieser Familie. Zwergtaucher sind in Europa durchaus häufig. Sie werden jedoch wegen ihres unauffälligen Gefieders und ihrer insbesondere während der Brutzeit sehr versteckten Lebensweise meist übersehen.

The little grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis), also known as dabchick, is a member of the grebe family of water birds. The genus name is from Ancient Greek takhus „fast“ and bapto „to sink under“. The specific ruficollis is from Latin rufus „red“ and Modern Latin -collis, „-necked“, itself derived from Latin collum „neck“.

At 23 to 29 cm (9.1 to 11.4 in) in length it is the smallest European member of its family. It is commonly found in open bodies of water across most of its range.

Nearby is the NaBu.  An nature -education project. While Nature was asleep in February, we need to return here another time 🙂

24-02-2018. A photo trip with Hildegard, Sonja and Karl-Heinz