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We Remember Progrom

November 9th 2018.

Music for this posting –  Max Bruch – Kol Nidrei Op. 47

Exactly 80 years ago did the Synachochen in Germany burn.

It was the start of a mass murder, initiated by the Nazis, at the jewish part of the population.

We should not wait, unti the snowball becomes an avelanche /lawine. We should detroy the rolling snow ball The avalanche can not be stopped, by no one.


Today we did memorize this, at the place where, exactly 80 years ago, the Synagoge of Neuss was burnt down, and the Jewish peaple were haunted.

We shall never forget, what happened. And never let happen it again.

Some photos,  and some thoughts in between.  I have chosen to stay back behind the crowd, not making the best photos.  I felt  that it was better to be part of the crowd.

Here the tekst from the official site of the city


Das neue Schild zum Denkmahl den ehemalige Judische Synagoge

Als ich nach Hause gelaufen bin, tief in Gedanken, kam ich an diese Erinnerung, am Rathaus  vorbei.

We remember the people in our city, that did not survive the war.

Niemals vergessen
Never forget

Quirinus Münster , Neuss

Das Quirinus-Münster ist eine Kirche im Rheinischen Übergangssstil am Niederrhein und Wahrzeichen der Stadt Neuss. Es wurde zwischen 1209 und 1230 erbaut und 2009 von Papst Benedikt XVI. in den Stand einer Basilica minor erhoben.

Für Vollbild auf dem Bild klicken.


Hansefest Neuss 2017

The annual HanseFest in the city

A crowded street

And a  very short visit to the performances of the Der Tae Kwon Do Club Neuss

and Jaid.

 What was not bad at all.


Same procedure

But another band.  That started playing Crazy Little Thing Called love at the moment that I passed by!  Yay for Replay!

Sunday morning in the Harbour area, Neusser Hafen

Sundaymornings are wonderful.

Especially when you are up early, and the only people in the street are some who walk their dogs. Or photographers.

On this summerday in August I made a small walk in the harbour.

I took my  crystal ball with me,  it is hurted (dropped down badly from the tripod), but I did not want to send this one in retirement. If I was right?

You can judge with the spheric images below

Further some other pictures out of the ’neusser Hafenbecken 1′

Kirmes Furth 2017

Our region, traditionally has many ‚Schützenfeste‘  /Henchmen parades.

The first one in the row is at the Neusser Furth

The fair, this year, was without the ferries wheel. Just now I wanted to photograph it a bit better..

Clck at the photos to enlarge them 


A stroll along the Obererft

Click at the pictures to enlarge
Auf den Bilder klicken um sie zu vergrösseren

Einen frühen Spaziergang am  Obererft
An early walk at the Obererft

Von Haus bis zum Selikum
From home to Selikum




(for more sphere, click at the photo below)

The magic ball
Sphere photography



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Our city has a long history, what leads back to the roman area.

But later the city got its attention as well, for example from Napoleon Bonaparte. Who wanted to create a water road to Antwerp, and he succeeded in it.

One of the water works that needed to be built to regulate the water was the epanchoir.

In April 2017 the restauration was finished. Here are some impressions of the newest attraction. I will definitely visit it more!

Karneval 2017


Street Carneval.  Happy people, costumes, fun to photograph. Enjoy the people

Düsseldorfer feiern einfach so wie sie das wollen


Street Carneval.  Happy people, costumes, fun to photograph. Enjoy the people,   here, in Düsseldorf

Sunday. Home play.
Kappesonntag in Neuss

Not everybody was exited to be photographed ..  😀

But most had their fun

With Südstern Freunde



Happy Faces

Ons Neuss — HELAU

And…. the rest!

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.. or, Reuschenberger Wald, Kinderbauernhof,  … whatever 🙂

A nice piece of nature,

including a children’s farm, and a wood. Animals guaranteed,

nature from nature.

This time I made myself ’smart‘ and discovered my favorite animals as well.

Even a one eyed one, who was gently sitting in the sun.

And, of course, you know it, some picutres that are ‚out of all categories‘