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Kul Tour 2018

An annual tradition in our Region is the ‚Kul Tour‘

Beautiful cars, old timers, and classics
Beautiful weather
Beautiful people

Arrival at the ’slalom square‘

The joy at the litltle skill contest

Cars…I love it

It is so cool to see them riding through the streets in the city!

Classic cars II

What to do

When your plan is for a big walk, in the wood
and the weather is very stormy?

Then we find alternatives.  Like in the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf

This time with Markus.

Danke Markus, es war (wieder) toll mit dir!

Different then last time, and for photographing it was ‚un-nice‘  to see at all the cars a huge (sales) leaflet.

Nevertheless…  A nice day, even when we could not get coffee there!


Classic Remise Düsseldorf

I am absolutely knowing nothing from cars, but… I can recognize the colours.

Here a few pictures from the  visit to the ‚classic remise‘  in Düsseldorf.  A place where oldtimers and other memorable transport means are being traded.

more info about the classic remise in Düsseldorf with one click at the pic


Cars can be beautiful, but my challenge is in putting up something what is slightly different.

Such as colourful details

And reflections


Or photographing with the crystal ball

There is more to see (and to buy)

And as always, there are pictures that are  best of the rest

When photographers photograph photographers
And not always on purpose 😉

Vielen lieben Dank,  Willi und Hilde, für den schönen Tag

Photo Album at Facebook (click at the picture below)