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JapanTag 2018

A tradition, is the annual ‚JapanTag‘  in Düsseldorf.

This year I had  not only another ‚partner in photographing‘,  I also wanted to try to photograph a bit different.

In an audience of 10.000’s of people (!)  it is easy to sneak and make a photo from someone in a not so flattering situation. One can call it street.
I was guilty, to it, the past years, and this year my challenge was to photograph different.

I took my ‚270 Zoom with me, but before we went ’shooting‘  I changed to the Sigma 17 -70mm
Also, no ‚invisible shooting‘, but photos nearby, with more interaction, No close ups.

When they smile in the camera

With so many people, it was easy to ‚hike‘  with other photographers.  When the people  not smiles directly at the camera

And of course, it should not be me, if there were not photos that were in contradiction with what I wrote above 🙂

A wonderful day with Sonja, thank you, dear Sonja, for joining me, the fun and all!
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Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Ein neues Projekt.

Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Die Herausforderung.  Fotografieren mit den Handy

Eine Runde durch den Stadtmitte mit

Steffanie, Petra, Chris, Reinbert (und ich).

Special Guest….  Die Ente

Das Erfolg?  Erstaunlich


Die Fotografen sind allen Mitglied von der Südstern Freunde
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Another city with a lot of history is Xanten

With the Xantener Dom

the inner square

And with Markus  🙂

And with the rest, what is often the best

« 1 von 2 »

and with the crystal bowl, because we all need some sphere now and then

We even conquered the mill, who was in full function. A  challenge 🙂

HaFri Poetry February 2017

What do you see?

The chilly buildings
Or the reflections of the tree

Do you feel the walls, between where you walk
Are you missing a person, for a talk
Do you look up, to climb the stairs
Are you amazed by the breeze in the air

It is your choice, what to do
Suffering the dark, or enjoying the blue

01.02.2017 © HaFri

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Sometimes, when you are giving a job
You might think it is impossible, to reach the top
And, as it usualy is, with things to do
The success depends on you

It sure is a climb, upon the wall
And there is a risk, that you might fall
When you refuse, and quit
The story ends with it
If you give it a try
Knowing that you can not fly
Using your very own skills
Can let you climb over hillsThere is no excuse to stay below
Up we must, there we go
On your way, slowly but steady
Step by step, until you are readyWhile concentrating on your move
You realize that you improve
You overwin your fears and maybe a tear
All the sudden your goal comes nearYes, you did it, my good friend
Your struggle leaded to the end
Be proud at the wonderful you
And remember, you can, if you do
03.02.2017 © HaFri

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See here the story of my life
I can’t understand that I still survive
The thing is, girls and me
Always bring some mysery

I came on this sunny day, to say hello
A friendly moment, I thought so
But the girls decided to ignore
They showed their best sides, that’s for sure

No word came from them no baaa or boo
They preferred the grass to pay attention to
When my tears stopped dropping, they still were there
And I felt sad, needed to refind my attitude somewhere

So, I thought, there you have it, and click I did
As revenche I publish their bums, and that’s is it

05.02.2017 © HaFri

Life is rushing
Headlong – out of control
From one thing to nextLife is passing by
We can’t turn back the clock -aint that ashame?
We take no time to relax
In our rush, to who knows where
We shortly visit everywhere
Have you seen
We have been
No time for helloRunning away to our future
We do not pay attention for the day
We do not see what is around us
All what counts is far awayWe are going faster, faster
Obey your master
And easily we forget
What we can getOne day, and that day comes for us all
There will be the hammer to fall
The promise, I talk to you another time
Is transforming to an empty lineWhy such a hurry
Instead of starting in time
Why not now drinking the wine
And take the future to burryIs your goal to reach the end
Or is the road your goal, my friend
Take time for who you meet
Give a friendly greetLater did just start
Do it now, don’t run so hard
05.02.2017 © HaFri

Over the rainbow
I know, that you are watching meI can not see you
But I feel that you look to me
I like to think about you
You are a true, absent friend
Who really caresI know your name
But it should be the same
If it was not thereYou look at me, I look at you
And we both know it, too
Carry me, at your wings
Make me strong, to face the thingsI face the future with faith and flare
Because I know you take care
06.02.2017 © HaFri


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Come over the border
It is easy, there is no wall
Look to the other side
Mind the fall

The water shows you the way
Look further, discover the new
It might not be easy
But will be worth the view

Step over the border
A new horizon we shall find
We can make it, together
Let’s take the step
Let’s leave the past behind

09.02.2017 © HaFri

Are you ready
For the new week
That is coming fast
Do you think
about the worries
From the future and the past
I can not control your mind
And you can not control that of mine
One is more heavy then the other
But both are beautiful, each in their kindNo matter how different we are
No matter how close, or how far
The new week is for us all to begin
We get in the same pond, for the swimLet’s swim together
Because you do matter
Let see what come, routine and surprise
The worries for tomorrow, melting like iceWe can not change what has to come
No matter how we worry for right or wrong
We can change the way we approach
With you next to me, I will enjoy the most

10.02.2017 © HaFri

It is a perfect day

The warmth of the sun
Drifts the cold away
And even when nature is not yet sure
The warmer days will be coming

The cloudless sky smiles to me
A greet from who I can not see
But who always is there

I close my eyes
So that the light not blinds me
And I realize

That it is a perfect day
To step away

13.02.2017 © HaFri

Everyone needs it
Everyone has it
Why not give itEverybody likes it
Everybody feels it
When you live it
Never ignore a friendly smile
Enjoy the hugs, for a while
Feel the beat of your heartDon’t feel afraid to show it
Feed the fire, glow it
Love never tears apart

15.02.2017 © HaFri


Now is the time
To say your past goodbye
Now is the moment
To give the future more then a try

Go there, I will be there too
We have plenty of things to do
We shall work hard, and relax a while
We shall share the sunshine, and dare to smile

Don’t listen to who tells you to scare
Look around, and see what is there
Life is beautiful, if you choose
Forget hate and fear, what is there to loose?

Now is the time
To start anew
Walk on with us
We are quiet a few

We share hope, and love, for who is there
And even if you’re not, we still do care
Don’t waste another moment, you will love it
Hate, fear and violence, we shall shove it

17.02.2017 © HaFri

And then, after a long and hurting fight
Things look to go to be all right
And then, like out of the blue
I do not know, what to do

I am full of hope, and have new plans
But my emotions give me no chance
No change to cheer, or be happy too
I feel so sad, what should I do?

Maybe I must go to sleep, and take a rest
And let the future do the rest

17.02.2017 © HaFri

Geese in Schloß Wickrath. More about Schloß Wickrath? Click at the picture

I sleep with one eye open
When I nap in the light
My daydream unspoken

Don’t misunderstand my dreams
Don’t think you know me
Not all is what it seams
Like not all is what you show me

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Walk with me
There is a path, you might not see
Have faith, we can walk
Hand in hand, and we can talk

About the things that we do fear
What looks better, when you are near
We can laugh about what is told
We can feel blessed, getting together old

Walk with me
Every step
Every tree
Look into my eyes
And see

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Standing at the top
Looking back
I see the long way
The struggles, the fear
Giving up was not an option

And all the sudden it was there
One moment I felt great
I made it
I so much enjoyed, being at the top

After a while
The view got boring
I missed the excitement of facing a new day
Because I could not get higher
And everything seemed the same

Looking forward
There was the way down
Looking back is not an option

I can’t stand still any longer
So, should I dare
And let go?

Giving up
All what I not need
Returning back at the ground

Where the wind is less strong
Where the cold is less chil
Where we belong
Where we are happy, still

Because it does not matter
To give up, what we actually not need
As long as I can share with you
There is a reason for the new day to greet

19.02.2017 © HaFri

When the path gets small
When you can not see it at all
It still is there

It migh not be easy
Looking forward
It is so much nicer
To close the eyes

Drift away in dreams
To happiness, it seems
But when you realize
That sooner or later, you open your eyes

And the path, that you can not see
Is the only road to go
Then, I hope that you are still at my side
Walking with me, to where we don’t know

21.02.2017 © HaFri

Until the rain is gone
To get wet
As miserable as the weather

In the rain
Feel like dancing
To get wet
It does not really matter

18.02.2017 © HaFri

Take a break
From the pressure
Enjoy the nothing
It’s a treasure
That we so often ignore
Worth living for

Take a move
Where are you waiting for
Empty cupboards
Strange footprints at the corridore
New steps in your life
Don’t be afraid, you will survive

Leave behind
What you not need
Someone else might like and get it
And if not, simply, let it

Take a break
And a coffee
Or a tea
Taste the fresh baked cake


24.02.2017 © HaFri


It is sad, that there is nothing nutty around
It is said, that it can’t be found
But I see it everywhere
Only not here

Do we not need it after all
Do we prefer a plastic doll?

I don’t like the smell of rubber
I prefer real, even when it blubbers

And so it is, my friend
The same with nutty, in the end

We can find it, in our brains, in the street
Nuts are everywhere, nuts we need

So I ask you, show some guts
Cheer up, and let’s go nuts

25.02.2017 © HaFri

Look around
See what is there
And share

Stay together
Be alert on what you see
You might watch something different then me

When everyone looks to the right
Then look left
And enjoy the different sight

25.02.2017 © HaFri

A Winter Fotoshoot. Südpark 2017

Winter. Temperatures close above zero. A waterly sunshine. A stroll through the Südpark (Düsseldorf).  Enjoy the photos!

Water..  means.. ducks!


And more birdies!

The crystal ball showed its best side

A flaw of spring, for who wants it, but in fact it are winter flowers

And the rest.

A wonderfu winter Fotowalk with Hilde, WIlli and Sonja

HaFri Poetry March 2016

HaFri Poetry – March 2016

February 2016, Rosengarten


Hey little darling, my goose
Come a bit closer, because I have news

It is that time of the year again
You know, the thing between woman and man
Or of course, If you prefer
A he and a he, or a her and a her 🙂

The winter will go, it has been told
Even when the water still is frigging cold
The daffodils do flower
The bright takes more hours

I can shout it out loud
Or can nibble it in your ear
Rise and shine, because spring is here

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016

(july 2015, Zandvoort beach)

Unreachable you are
But not really that far
I see you, and come close
Until I capture you the most

I see you, but you are too busy
to see me

You and your flower

I come near
And then I can’t come closer anymore
I look
and focus what I see
The memory will remain

Even when you
or I
are gone
into the memory lane

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016

(summer 2015, Zandvoort)

On a hot summernight
When the evening seems not to end

Watching the waves of the sea
And, when no one is looking, waving back

On a hot summernight
Where you could touch the sky

Watching what is happening
The sun sets on fire
And you don’t need to be afraid
The water is cool, and wide
The fire is far away

An awe to look to
Unnatural beauty touches your soul
And you wish
this hot summernight
should last forever

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016

(february 2016, Urderbacher Kämpe)

you need to take the colours away

so that you can discover
the beauty of the black and white

and all what is between


© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016


In life we need to be strong
Even when it is hard
We have to carry on
Your bed can be gone
But you still need to sleep
Some wounds are hurting pretty deep

Where can you rest,
When you are roaming around
When you are lost
How can you be found

Pack your things
Count what you have
When looking better, you find much more
Then what you were ever
Looking for

© HaFri Poetry 02.03.2016


Or found?

But not safe.

Why is it left at the street
As if no one really needs it?

Why did I make a picture
And not even moved it aside?

When that was wrong
What has been right?

Is there a beginning
After the end?

© HaFri Poetry 03.03.2016


From my chair in the sun
I look to the horizonThe grey sea
And the red ship
It looks so peaceful
The waitress brings me another beer
The ship is still there
It slowly passes from the left to the right
Beautiful in eye sight

I sit with my beloved and a drink
While I think

About where the ship comes from
And where it will go
First harbour in sight is Amsterdam
And that is all I will ever know

The ship is long gone
And so are we
How much I long for meeting the sea


© HaFri Poetry 03.03.2016

( march 2016 Wrapped air)

If you have nothing to share
If there is no one who cares

When the street
Freezes your bones even more

And the people pass by
Busy with buying food for the day
Blind to see you sitting there

When all you have to do
Is nothing else then selling wrapped air

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016


(February 2016, Urderbacher Kämpe)
(February 2016, Urderbacher Kämpe)

Step by step
Running away from the past
Facing the future
But never reaching it

Step by step
At the long and windy road
On the long run

Your path is clear
Not your destination
You will soon be turning..
Turning.. around the corner

Do you know
Where you’re going to?
No matter where
Where ever I may roam
Running home
It’s a long way there
Running with the devil

© HaFri Poetry 04.03.2016


There was a lot of noise in the tree
Tweeting birds, but not for me
They were busy, as you cn see
Or maybe you can’t see it at all
They are pretty small

Their sound however, was loud and clear
Unmistakeable that they are here
Even on a rainy day
It is a clear message they have to say

Soon it will be spring, don’t be scared
The sun will come, and we are prepared
We are settling in, as you can see
Living in peaceful harmony
And if you want to see more
Next time picture better, we were with four

© HaFri Poetry 05.03.2016


Elements, like wind and sea
Are directing me
I have my way in my own hands
But how fast, that depends

of the height of the waves
and the winds direction
I trust on the elements
they are my reflections

That is how my soul is directing me
I can ride the wild wind
I can travel the sea
anywhere the wind blows
Doesn’t really matter

to me

© HaFri Poetry 05.03.2016


Packing my things
Going away
From this place
Full of sadness and fear

Not much I need
On my travel
To a bit more cheer

I rest my case
At the bicycle, that I shall ride
When I am there
Where it is sunny and bright

I not need to go far
In fact, I only need to turn around
And open my eyes
For the happiness
What here can be found

I unpack my bags
Leave the bicycle unused
I am looking more happy
Now the world looks less confused

© HaFri Poetry 06.03.2016


A few weeks ago
They did peek out
The crocusses
Ah, happiness came then

Spring will soon be there
Here is the sign
Their fragility and flowerpower
Colours to fade the winter away

Until yesterday
There are the last ones, flowering
In a sheltered place
And then the night came
with snow

The last crocusses, messngers of spring
A white blanket did they bring
But we all know
this will be over
And we all know
That we don’t know when

But it will
And I shall greet you
I shall remember
The victory of warm and bright
Over the cold of the night

© HaFri Poetry 07.03.2016


A protest poem

It is there
Spring is in the air
Carefully nature starts to bloom
But beware, here is Mrs Doom

The beautiful daffodils
That colour the park
Mean nothing
To Mrs and her red bark, bark

While doggie is taken to relief
My eyes watch his boss in disbelieve
She kills the flowers
And takes them home
So she can enjoy them all on her own

My disbelieve grows to anger
More and more
With every flower that is torn

I believe in karma
You get the bill for what you do
But I now should gladly do a spanking or two

No, I shake my head instead
And hope that she,
Just like the flowers
Will drop dead.

© HaFri Poetry 09.03.2016


Hi honey
I am going out
It is time to party loud
It is time to do less boring things
Here I go, spreading my wingsI have been waiting far too long
I feel fantastic, ready for all night long
Come with me, man you won’t regret
It will be hot, steamy and wetWell honey, I love to party with you
Nothing else I want to do
But, and I don’t want to spoil the matter
Your clothes are missing a few feather


© HaFri Poetry 10.03.2016


Hello everybody, how do you do
Do I need to introduce myself to you
Well, I live here in this park section
And I am often the main attraction

I swim and eat roots and wood
I am happy when I am in swimming mood
From nature I am a bit shy
But not here in the park, I tell you why
There are tiny old ladies that bring me feed
Corn, carrots, potatoes, bread,
all the things I don’t really need
There even a few, I have to confess in shame
That do give me a real human nameI don’t need that, but since I can not speak
And those ladies don’t understand my poorly squeek
They keep on coming with bags full of stuff
And we really, really did have enoughNow some bosses in offices with ties
Seem to have notiiced a bit of our cries
They want a solution for the problem, for me
But I think the problem is not me, but sheEven the radio sent reporters to see
They talk with everyone, but not with me
How sad is my destiny, what will be the decission
What will be the result of this missionMaybe there comes a plate, don’t feed
But I am sure tht my feeders won’t read
They will come to waste their time
with making us thick and sickSo, when there comes publicity
and no one is asking me
What do you think, will be the result in the end
It is a matter of surviving, and I will not bendNo Human Being, when you don’t talk with me
I will never leave, you will see
Be unkind to my feeders, they need to know
Thtat they in the end, will kill my show
We eat you arm, you can be sure
Because when you are not thinking, we will produce more
Until you have no idea what to do anymore
We will rule, you can be sureSo I warn you for the last time
Keep your waste where it belongs, and don’t share it with mine


© HaFri Poetry 11.03.2016


Sometimes I need to do
what I have to do
And then I hug a tree
or maybe two

It doesn’t matter, after all
Tree hugging is wonderful,
I had a ball

© HaFri Poetry 11.03.2016


Gently the daylight touches the water
The warmth of the sun melts the darkness away#Sanft berührt das Tageslicht das Wasser
Die Wärme der Sonne verschmilzt mit den DunkelheitIt is still cold
The harmony grows
when the season passes byEs ist noch immer kalt
Die Harmonie stärkt sich
Während das Saison weiter wachst


© HaFri Poetry 11.03.2016


Good morning wonderful world
It is a beautiful day it’s almost spring
I let the sunshine inAnd when you shine
It feels like you’re mine
The same old story with a new begin
Good mornng sunshine
We are friends today
You are not too hot
You reflect a lot
I can live with you this wayGood morning delightful light
Life can be beautiful, when things are all right
The joy of the approaching spring
Makes me try to sing


© HaFri Poetry 12.03.2016


Like guards
Taller then you can tell
Stronger then you can say
More silent then you can hear

They look over us
Day and night
In rain, or in sunshine
They stay where they are

We can lean on them
They protect us
No matter what we do
They care

Bless, that you are there

© HaFri Poetry 12.03.2016


Tweet, tweet, tweet
Come on
Listen to my beautiful song

It tells from winter, what is almost gone
It tweets the spring, it’s what we need
Tweet, twiddle dee dum
It’s in the air and you know it, hun

Tweet, tweet, tweet
You who hear this, you know what I need
It is fluffy and as beautiful as me
But instead it is not a he but a she

Tweet, twiddle, tweet, doddle, tweet, twit
For crying out loud, this has to be it
I want my baby and I want it now
And when Ihave her,
She lays me some eggs somehow

Yes you might have thought that my tweet
Is innocent and sweet
You know that that is definitely wrong
Here is the secret of my innocent song

© HaFri Poetry 13.03.2016


I walking through the present
Drinking from the future, and dreaming of the past
The sun is thin, and I feel cold
Warmer when there is you to hold

Memorizing memories of moments that we share
Holding heartbeats that will never flare
It is less colder when you are there to hold
Closing the memories, the future gently unfold

Not knowing what we are going to
Just you and me and our fears for tomorrow
Hold me now, enlighten both our sorrow
Time will tell us what to do

It still is cold outside
But when I hold you
There is always the light
It is told to hold us through the night

© HaFri Poetry 13.03.2016


One day the sun will come back shining
Just believe in it, and you will see
One day it will be warm again
One day, for you and me

That day I sing you a song
Of the path that we did go
The road that never went wrong
Even when we di not see

One day the sun will be shining
From south to north, from east to west
Shadows will disappear
We will be there, at our best

Einen Tag wird die Sonne wieder scheinen
Glaube es, du sollst es sehen
Einen Tag wird es wieder wärmer sein
Einen Tag, für uns beiden

Auf diesen Tag singe ich Dir einen Lied
Von den Weg, der wir gegangen sind
Den Pfad war niemals falsch
Auch wenn wir das nicht so erfuhren

Auf einen Tag wird die Sonne wieder scheinen
Von Süd nach Nord, von Ost nach West
From south to north, from east to west
Dann wird den Schatten für immer verschwinden
Wir sind dann dort, ohne Schmerz

© HaFri Poetry 15.03.2016

(a picture taken in December 2015, short before that the 3 swans did disappear out of the park. I fear something very bad did happen to them, but no one seems to know)
(a picture taken in December 2015, short before that the 3 swans did disappear out of the park. I fear something very bad did happen to them, but no one seems to know)

When I saw you
I was not aware
That it was the last time
I saw you there

We all were so happy, with you
The future looked much promising too
But the other day you were gone
No one has an adiea, where it went wrong

You were so happy, with you tree
And now none of you is there to see
We can only guess and hope
That you went to a better place
You gave so many a happy face

Farewell you beautiful creature
Maybe we meet in the future
And if someone did bad to you
I hope that he will end bad too

Take care, my friend, have a good flight
Spread your wings, and be all right


© HaFri Poetry 17.03.2016


When I opened up my eyes
It was as dark, as when they were closed
When I stepped into the fire
It was like walking naked in the snow
When I lit the candle
The darknes was colder
And the light was darker then the night
How much I wished to give up
How much I was longing for my final breath
But the air kept on coming to my lungs
My heart refused to fullfill my last wish
Life went on and onThen you opened my eyes
You let the light fow in
You gave your hand
I stepped out of the fire
I did not realize this was a new beginThere is no cold, where we do hold
There is no darkness where we areHow much I missed you
Where were you, that time, long ago
It doesn’t matter, you are here now,
That’s all I need to knowYour eyes, so grey and blue
Tell me how much I love you
You made me strong
I will carry onAnd when it is all a bit too much
I return your smile
And it won’t last a while
Before our hearts do touchThe fire, that will warm you in the bright
The flame, that protects you for the nightTwo persons, two hearts unite
Two worlds, gathered to one
The darkness, we overwan
In the end, we return
back to the light

© HaFri Poetry 18.03.2016



Finding their way
Over wave lengths
That we can not see

Invisible messengers
Sent from aweful constructions
Filled with amazing technolocy

Searching for recieve
They pass my eyes unseen
My ears don’t hear
The voice that hits me on its route

They are there
Leaving their killing micro dust
As long as we trust
In the advanced technolocy

© HaFri Poetry 18.03.2016



When I feel up
You say you’re down
When I say smile
You form a frown

When I say water
You show me air
When I see you
You are not there

I can look through you
And still see me
Like a mirror
Like the sea

When I look, I can see
What is really making me
All my love and happiness
Are a reflection of you

Let me be your mirror
Look into me and see
The magical world
That you share with me

Let my eyes reflect your soul
Look into them, be not afraid
The future will be different
Then what you now expect
In the meantime enjoy your happiness
In what I shall

© HaFri Poetry 19.03.2016

(schloss Rheydt, Mönchengladbach 20.03.2016)

I’m looking to you
You’re not the same

Somehow something looks different today
Is it because it is Monday
Is it my crown, my feathers, my hair
My eyes? No, everything seems to be there

I’m lookig to you
Now who’s to blame

The colours seem to be not there
O my, 50 shades of grey
What did I do, to deserve this way
I could almot cry from dispair

But I know what is bothering me
It is to blame on photography
My colours were not good enough
But in black and white
Everything seems to be all right

I did learn my lesson
I never will pose again
For that man
He can stick his canon where it is dark
And if he returns, I bite him
sharper then a shark


© HaFri Poetry 23.03.2016

(20.03.2016 Schloß Rheydt)


Finally I can sit
It was such a day, and that was it
I did show my feather
In stormy weather

I did do my best
But no one was impressed
Only some photographers were there.. again
Be honest, such can not satisfy a man
I wanted more, put my feather in curls
Shaked my booty, bring on the girls
They came, they saw, and they went on
Oh pitty me, where did it go wrong?I can not offer them more privacy
For those countless papperazzi
They click and clack, they sit and bend
Picturing every feather, every momentIt has been enough, I am tired and annoyed
Do they know how much they destroyed?
I hope they made the picture of the year
Then at least they won’t retun to hereI am done, it’s been such a day
Those photographers MUST STAY AWAY!

© HaFri Poetry 23.03.2016



Hop Hop Hop, beware, beware
It is that far, Easter is there
Get into stress for the Easter Bunny
O man, some people are too funny

Long rows in the supermarket
Big piles in overloaded carts
As if we need to store for a year
Ho, ho, ho, Easter is near

People see they have extrra free
Friends are invited, and food should be
And also some drinks
Me thinks

I look at it, and shake my head
This shopping stress may cause someones dead
Watching the clock, in a minute 4 times
Nothing better to do, in the waiting lines

Another box of eggs
Another lack of stress
Chocolate, oh, I almost forgot
There it is, let me take a lot
Bunnies, chickens and other sweets
Will fullfill our Easter needs

I smile and walk away
Because it is just another day
Okay, tomorrow the shops are closed
Still it seems to surprise the most

But me, being a clever man
Did foresee this event again
I smile and walk away
There is nothing I have to say

My Eastern is like christmas, but with an extra egg
My shoppings fit, like at Christmas, in one shopping bag
Happy Easter, to everyone
That is, if you can turn back to the fun

I foresay you, the shops are open, soon again
This stress is a commercial tricky mood
No stomach will suffer from a lack of food

That is, for the lucky ones, like me and you
Who have nothing better to do
Then buying and eating until we are stuffed
Like Eastern Eggs, more then enough

© HaFri Poetry 24.03.2016


Too much troubles in my backpack
I need to clean it up
There is loads of new waiting for me
It is time to give the past a drop

Too much tears I carry around
They contineously keep me wet
I need sunshine to dry up a bit
Love and warmth, and all of that
I know, happiness is all around
Even when not easily been found
It is there and I will make place
For a happy heart and a peaceful faceIt should be a pitty
If my bag is too full
To pack the happiness in my toolI don’t want to miss a chance
Instead of darkness, I shall carry a glance
I must make placeI feel a bit scared when I empty my pack
It was so safe, shall I put it all back
Strangely now it is out, it no longer fits
That is the sign, this must be itI let the sunshine in, and I get thrilled
About so much place, what once was filled
Enlighted I pick up my bag, and I wonder why
I did not earlier kiss the past goodbye

© HaFri Poetry 25.03.2016


What can all grow out of a bulb
Small, hidden in the ground
Until its time has come
An explosion, a miracle of nature

And you are there
Fragile first, but fully bloom soon
In amazing colours

What else can I do
Then look at you
Being amazed from this miracle
Your beauty is still wrapped
Slightly the colours are revealed

Sweet wonderful you
I whisper, and I take your hand
Because it is you, who really understand

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016


I am afraid
Of the violence, around us
I feel scared
How the threathening has found us

Hold me
Don’t let me alone

I stay with you
When the fire gets hot
I hold you closer
When the rest is not

Hold me
we’re not alone

I am scared
From the hate and the war
I am afraid
The darkness is not far

Hold me tight
When we walk to the light

Let us fly
Away from the cold
The hangman long not need us
Hopeless nights won’t feed us

Hold me tight
You are the star in my night

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016

(Can message: nicht öffnen/do not open)

Wenn man nicht lesen kann
Oder seine Neugier nicht beherrschen kann

Oder wenn man einfach so doof ist
Das man nicht lest,
und sein eigenes Zeug nicht aufräumen kann

When one can not read
Or can not control his curiosity

Or when one simply is such a fool
That does not read,
And who can not clean his own mess

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016


I sit here at the bench
On sunny days
But as well in rain

It might look sweet
But it is a pain

And if you say, oh how lovely this is,
I am sorry that I can not share your mood at this

This place is bad, man, can’t you see?
Do you really not matter about me?
I sit here, day and night
I can not move, that can’t be right!

Sometimes, when the weather is fine
I get company at theis benche of mine
When I am lucky, I get a pat
At the head

And when it is starting to rain
They leave me sitting here, again
As if I am not there, have nothing to do
Now I tell you
Dolls have feelings too
You can leave me alone
Because my heart is stone

But you can not control my mood
When I feel frustated, then I am!

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016

Crystal bowl photography Nordpark

July 9th 2016.


A photo shoot with the crystal bowl. Click at the picture above to see my pictures of the photo shoot at facebook

Here below an impression of my photos with the bowl.  It still is a pretty difficult discipline to photograph!

About 20 photographers, many crystal balls.
Behind the scene!

More impressions from he Nordpark

Klick for more crystal bowl photography at the tripod below

Stativ 0969