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Die Flora – Köln

In the middle of Cologne, a beautiful park is resided, die Flora.  A botanic garden and park.  After our visit in the japanese garden in Leverkusen, we went to Cologne.

And did not regret it, enjoy the photos.

Very much flowers,

and many flower seemed to have its own visitors


And … the rest


JapanTag 2018

A tradition, is the annual ‚JapanTag‘  in Düsseldorf.

This year I had  not only another ‚partner in photographing‘,  I also wanted to try to photograph a bit different.

In an audience of 10.000’s of people (!)  it is easy to sneak and make a photo from someone in a not so flattering situation. One can call it street.
I was guilty, to it, the past years, and this year my challenge was to photograph different.

I took my ‚270 Zoom with me, but before we went ’shooting‘  I changed to the Sigma 17 -70mm
Also, no ‚invisible shooting‘, but photos nearby, with more interaction, No close ups.

When they smile in the camera

With so many people, it was easy to ‚hike‘  with other photographers.  When the people  not smiles directly at the camera

And of course, it should not be me, if there were not photos that were in contradiction with what I wrote above 🙂

A wonderful day with Sonja, thank you, dear Sonja, for joining me, the fun and all!
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Kugelfotografie / Sphere



Black and white


Photographers posing

Fotografe Hildegard Jesch

Photographers at work 

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