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Hochwasser – High Water

Rain rain rain

Rain in the river

Rain in the Rhine.  It seems endless. And it leads to a very high water level in one of the largest rivers in Europe.

A walk along the rhine

Two weeks ago, the water was beautifully meandering.

Click at the photo, to see some picturs of our ’silvester walk‘

Soon the river will be closed for ship transport. The bridges are too low to let the tall ships pass.

Time for some photos.

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The good news is, that it stopped raining.

Sundaymorning, in the Harbour of Neuss.  The water rised about 30 cm in 12 hours

and this 🙂

Thursday, January 10.  The highest level of the water is over. Ships are allowed again. And the water slowly returns to where it belong.

My walk in Düsseldorf.  I had the plan to do some ND Photography, but that has to wait.  I was well prepared.. apart from the Camera lenses…..

Anyway, the water

And something more

The water comes, and goes, and returns again.  At the end of January, the flood/Hochwasser returned.  A bit less high, but still a chance for unusual photography.

Hochwasser in Düsseldorf

Hochwasser in Neuss

On a serious (foot)note …

It might be nothing new, when I mention that the water can be very dangerous, especially when it is rising.

Still, however, there are people who bring themselves in risk. And not only themselves, in this case their dogs as well. Good that the fire rescue was there in time.

We heard the cars, we saw the boat . The article, in German, is available with a click at the photo below.

THINK, people, do not take any risk, you have only one life!

Nachträglich betrifft es hier die Rettung von 2 Obdachlosen, die den Insel als Übernachtungsstelle gewählt hatten.  Es macht die Warnung nicht weniger aktuel.


Feuerwehr Neuss rettet zwei durch Wasser eingeschlossene Personen von der Ölgangsinsel


Rhine – Oberkassel/Düsseldorf

What is nicer, on a 2nd christmas day, then a walk along the Rhine?

Yes, a walk with the one I love <3

And you know what is even better?

Exactly, a walk with a bit of sunshine included. 😀

And, of course, the camera. It is not only water, you know!

Click at the photos to enlarge them

A trip at the Rhine

And what a day it was.

Extreme warm (over 30 degrees C), extreme water.  A boat trip, at the Rhine, another view at the familiar places.

The conditions were far from perfect for photography. Too warm, too much light. But, with a little bit of help, the camera was able to make acceptable photos.   Plenty of them, enjoy.

(click at the pictures to enlarge them and to see them fully)

Architecture seen from the water

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The river Rhine is the most important river in Europe for shipping transports.  In harmony with the recriaton ‚captain Jack Sparrows‘  😉

Germany booms. And Industry is ‚rrom nature‘  situated around the water. Photographic a very nice subject

The last decades a lot of effort is made to make the Rhine back to a river that has a rich natural environment.  It succeeded very well.

Destination:  Zons

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If you want to see more from Zons, please click at the photo below

More about Zons with a click at the picture

Water Fun

One of the examples, how wonderful it is to be ‚coached‘  by a photographer, to get to a great image.  Thanks to ‚teacher‘  Hans Georg 🙂

More anmials


This is my first ‚wide angle‘  photo, and I very much love it.  Thanks for Hans Georg, who asked me if I wanted to try his new wide angle lense.

And ooh yes I did like it, I know now what to wish for.

Todays‘  “Dream Team“  were the amazing photographers

Markus, Gisela, Hans Georg, Hilde, Willi.

Thanks for making a great day brilliant!

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Fotoshoot Zons 2015 Click at the picture