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A trip at the Rhine

And what a day it was.

Extreme warm (over 30 degrees C), extreme water.  A boat trip, at the Rhine, another view at the familiar places.

The conditions were far from perfect for photography. Too warm, too much light. But, with a little bit of help, the camera was able to make acceptable photos.   Plenty of them, enjoy.

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Architecture seen from the water

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The river Rhine is the most important river in Europe for shipping transports.  In harmony with the recriaton ‚captain Jack Sparrows‘  😉

Germany booms. And Industry is ‚rrom nature‘  situated around the water. Photographic a very nice subject

The last decades a lot of effort is made to make the Rhine back to a river that has a rich natural environment.  It succeeded very well.

Destination:  Zons

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If you want to see more from Zons, please click at the photo below

More about Zons with a click at the picture

Water Fun

One of the examples, how wonderful it is to be ‚coached‘  by a photographer, to get to a great image.  Thanks to ‚teacher‘  Hans Georg 🙂

More anmials


This is my first ‚wide angle‘  photo, and I very much love it.  Thanks for Hans Georg, who asked me if I wanted to try his new wide angle lense.

And ooh yes I did like it, I know now what to wish for.

Todays‘  “Dream Team“  were the amazing photographers

Markus, Gisela, Hans Georg, Hilde, Willi.

Thanks for making a great day brilliant!

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Fotoshoot Zons 2015 Click at the picture