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Hagen  is the 41st-largest city in Germany. The municipality is located in the state of North RhineWestphalia. It is located on the south eastern edge of the Ruhr area, 15 km south of Dortmund, where the rivers Lenne and Volme (met by the river Ennepe) meet the river Ruhr.

At most likely the last day of this year’s summer, with the love of my life.

botanischer Garten Neuss January 2018

A new year (2018) and the same location as every year.

One of my favorite spots, here, the tiny, wonderful, Botanic garden.

January yet.  They say it is winter.

Nature, however, shows that spring is not far away anymore

And a bit of sphere, with the ‚hurted‘ (because dropped and damaged) crystal bowl

Orange sun

Once in a while,  nature brings us amazing phenomenas, like the orange sun.

Dust from the Sahara, is blown over Europe and leaves all in a smooth blanket of orange dust.  This year, the dust was a bit more, due to the bush fires in Portugal and Spain.
On a very sunny day, where the sun was filtered by the dust.

And for the photography it meant, that there were no filters needed.
Klick at the picture for more info about the Schützenwehr

Some history, hidden well in the wood

Golden Autumn under an orange sun.

Mushrooms, animals

and the flowers… are stil lflowering

Sunday morning in the Harbour area, Neusser Hafen

Sundaymornings are wonderful.

Especially when you are up early, and the only people in the street are some who walk their dogs. Or photographers.

On this summerday in August I made a small walk in the harbour.

I took my  crystal ball with me,  it is hurted (dropped down badly from the tripod), but I did not want to send this one in retirement. If I was right?

You can judge with the spheric images below

Further some other pictures out of the ’neusser Hafenbecken 1′