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Around the water line

My original plan was to ride along the meddows of the rhine.

Actually, it became a longer trip-
It lead me following the side river (Erft) to the Kindernbauernhof,

and I took the road along the creek (obererft) to get home again.

That was all the (flooding) water of our city in 1 day, enjoy the photos.

Yes, spring is there. I hope that the bad weather, the night after my trip, did not ruin the beauty too much.

Spring in the city

The first warm weekend of the year,  the city is exploding

Fish Market

The ‚Hausstrecke‘,  my routine walk trhough the park

Spring has sprung!

And the best of the rest

botanischer Garten Neuss January 2018

A new year (2018) and the same location as every year.

One of my favorite spots, here, the tiny, wonderful, Botanic garden.

January yet.  They say it is winter.

Nature, however, shows that spring is not far away anymore

And a bit of sphere, with the ‚hurted‘ (because dropped and damaged) crystal bowl

Spring at the Rheinufer in Düsseldorf

Spring at the Rhine in Düsseldorf

Sunshine, Sheep, blue sky. Enjoy

Sheep 😀

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HaFri Poetry May 2017

You colour my life
With just a single wordWhen you laugh, and I see the sparkle in your eye
I know, why
When you are tired and rest your head
I know that
I can’t imagine anymore
How the days were before
There were many okay
Just a little bit greyAnd even when the worries
Now might be more then before
The sun is still shining brighter
The rain is refreshing a bit moreThe shoulder to lean on
The reason to surviveWhen I look at you
You colour my life


01 -05- 2017

Itching here
Scratching there
It is everywhere

Too few hands to scratch away
It drives me crazy
As a matter of say

Are it animals at my skin
And if so
Who let them in?

Is it the washing powder
Or my new perfume
what is more likely, i assume

Should I wash less, or maybe more
I can’t stop scratching
And my skin is so sore

Please stop it
I can not bare it to stay
I prefer a life long bad hair day

01 05 2017

Looking through the window
Waterdrops at the glass
Ir is raining -again-, just as it was

Early May, the day is grey
And usually that’s not my day
I can do with less, as I often say

Today the drops are looking fine
I want to catch them, make them mine
Drops at leaves or hanging on a line

I look up to the sky, and get wet
No one should be surprised in that
I catch them and take a look

If the results fit into my book
The camera, handy and small
Or the one who is a bit tall

Water, the sources of life
Easy to gain right here
Essental for everyone to survive
Showers leave the hemisphere

And while I gently am dancing In the rain
I sing helllo May, we are in the middle of spring


Be strong
You tell me, when the weather is wrong
One day it will get better
But I do not really matter

Cheer up
You say, the rain will pass
And the sun will return
And all I think of, is how to drown

Come on
You say, there are worse things to be
You might be right
But I do not want them to see

I remember
Rain in september
And it is may now
Still it is grey now

I remember
November rain
and 7 monhs later
I still feel the pain

And when the rain is falling down
I take what I love, it fits in one hand
I walk to the water
And let it go
And say hello

I do remember
How it feels to be strong
And when my duck
gently floats away
I cheer up and know
With you nothing really goes wrong

Photo – Photographer and date  unknown
Poetry  Hafri , 03 – 05 . 2017

We all carry a load
At our shoulders
Is it that, that makes us bending more

We all have things to think about
Where are the times, that we did not worry
And just could play

We all get our signs of time
Written at our face
Etched in our soul

What we can not change
Is behind us
What we can change
Is waiting for us

you can’t move forward
When you stay in the past
Be strong, leave the past behind
Make your light lighter
Make space, for happiness to find

09 05 2917 HaFri Poetry

We dachten
Dat je had gewonnen
Maar niets was minder waar
Terwijl je je zorgen vergat
Groeide het gevaar

Je hebt gevochten
Een privilege voor wie dat ervaren mochten

Je hebt geleefd
Tot de laatste dag
Rust zacht, Chantal
Fijn, dat ik je herinneren mag

10 05 2017

And when the darkness
Almost took my breath away
You came and guided me
Through your gardens

Instead of the dark blackened days
I tasted the fountain of life again
Your magic voice
Made me believe

The words that you whispered
Forget your pain
Dream the sunshine back into your heart
The night will never be so dark
Or the sun will raise again

Oh wonderful land
Where the water is crystal clear
Where is no such word as fear

Please let me remind you
So that you can guide me
To find your gardens again
Because of the pulse of her heart
What is beating inside of me
Needs it more then ever

15 5 2017

Who goes up
Is not going down

Who is down
Can get up

Look around

Are you really going up
Do you really need to get down

I go to sleep
Lay myself down
And tomorrow

I will get up

15 05 2015

It is hard to imagine
That things pass by
But everything that begins
Will end, one day

The only thing that will remain
Is your smile, in my heart
As long as I live

It will sparkle,and tell me to go on
As long as you are here, I sure will be strong

No one knows, when it is our end
Until then I shall live with you
I might not always speak, but know what to do
I will not leave you
without a kiss
It is the last thing, that I want to miss

And even when I do not see you, my friend
I love you, my way, until long after the end

17 05 2017

How I adore you
My black sheep
It is so true
Black is beautiful as you

You make that white looks bright
You make that we see between
We are all equal, under our skin
And who denies it, makes a big sin

You don’t feel different, because you know
The colour does not impress you so
You are thirsty, just like the white
Everything is going to be all right

You are the difference
And Iam grateful to
Everyone who compares me with you

Maybe some people, agree
That I am the black sheep of the family
It all depends how you see me
How you treat the one who is different

Speak bad, stroke softly
You will get the response that you expect
Some might listen, other just neglect

Black is just a word, no one can blame
Black is beautiful, nothing to shame
Be glad that we are not all the same

Black sheep, you are a part of me
Black is so beautiful
Even your shadow does agree

17 05 2017

They say
You are so young
We shall take care of you
Until you are strong
One looks to the right
One looks to the left
Just look no further
And you will be all right
They say
You grow up so fast
Now you must choose
Go for some, and let other things loose
We took care of you
We told you what to do
Now you have a voice
Let’s hear in you our beautiful noise
It is long ago that you did listen
You found yourself strong enough
To know what you should do
And your friends knew it too
A new sound is heared
You feel so strong
Nothing can go wrong
Until you realize
That your new words
Have been spoken many times before
And more
You say
you can not know, you are still so young
We take care, until you are strong
And so the circle is round
We listen to the sound
That we heared before
What will be heard ever more
© 18 05 2017 HaFri
Is not so intrested
in she
Types his time away
Thinks that is not okay
And mumbles
One more text
And I hit him, with my Axe
© 21 05 2017 HaFri
Against the wind
Against the fear for what can come
Against attacks
Against who is wrong

Against the rain
Against the pain
Against the terror
Against that evil is going on

I do not want to waste my time
There is so much I want to do
I have no time to hate
Because I do care for you

I have no time to fight
Because, in the end
We must live together,
friend to friend

I do not need to agree with you
On everything that you, or I, do
In the end I want the same
To love and be loved,
no evil game

Let’s rest together, forget the fear
Love is all around, love is near
We might bend, when bad wearther is on
Love and understanding makes us strong

Against violence, that hurts and makes sore
Let’s love and understand who is around us
A littebit more

© 24 05 2017 HaFri
Often I look up to you
And let my eyes climb as high as you are
What is less dangerous
As that I should climb by myself

I think about the view that you have
High above the houses
High above the screens
High above all the things
That come to us

The lower we are
The less we see
There are so many obstacles
between you and me
It might be a road
Or maybe a sea

It might be agression or hate
Voiced by an evil prophecy

How much I should like
That we all could be
In the top of a tre
Where the world looks green
And all our troubles are hidden between
Just being
No wondering why
Just be there, reaching out for the sky

© 25 05 2017 HaFri
I found you
When you came from under the bridge
Where you left your coffin
In mistake

You were caught by the light
And are chained into my darkness

Bite me
I don’t care
One pull at my life line
And you will be there

© 27 05 2017 HaFri
You want nobody to see
Your pain and tragedy
You not want to share your reality

Looking for a way
To hide your tears
To dig your fears

Not that they are gone
When no one talks about it
You prefer to suffer alone

And when you look into the mirror
To your pretty face
You see you can not hide it
It leaves again another trace

Smile, if you want
Share your worries,
There is a shoulder

Don’t worry, we are all
On our way
To the hammer to fall

© 28 05 2017 HaFri
Today I visited the bridge again
It was part of a bigger plan
I wanted to go to make a long walk
Stranded in a short talk

It made me thinking, again
About the meaning of life
Why do we always want to survive
Isn’t it much easier to just get asleep
And never wake up again
Dreaming our life away

Things can change
Once, when the sky was blue
The world was different, according to you
Now you got a message, what changed your life
What is so much changed, from yesterday then
Is it the thought that you want and still can
Someone told you, it will be over soon
Are there less stars now, or more, under the moon

Life goes on, and so do you
Maybe different as that you wanted to
Make the best of the rest
The bridge is still there
Will you pass it
Will you swim down under
Or do you prefer to stay here

No matter what
Life shall go on
The less I can tell
The more it makes you strong

© 31 – 05 – 2017 HaFri

Goodbye April

With a sunny day (spring for a day?)  April tells us goodbye for this year.  Nature proved it is spring, the weather less.  The last impressions of the month come from my walk to the Botanischer Garten.

There is no escape, I need to go through the park to come there. The Geese nests are ‚out‘, except the one in the Rosengarten.

The results.. Nest 1,  zero.  Nest 2, 10 gooselings, Nest 3, 2 gooslings (one left)

And apart from the new breed swining in the water, the model ships were out as well.

Various Tulips

The Gooslings

I tried a bit out on this beauty.  Therefore rewarded with a separate photo album

Berg-Waldrebe Pink Perfection – Clematis montana

The other flowers

And the rest around my farewell walk for April

Up to May we are!

Hausstrecke April

The temperature is winterly, now and then, but nature is telling it clear. Spring is there!

The geese are breeding, the first ducklings are spotted, we are all prepared for some busy weeks to come. May is on its way, here are the impressions of ‚the Hausstrecke‘  in April






Spring in Stadtwald and Jröne Meerke

A wonderful part of green, in our city, is the Stadtwald (city wood).

Spring has sprung here as well, here are some pictures

The first picture in the walk was at our Marienkirche. It has nothing to do with the rest of the walk, but all with spring, and what I love in it.

200 likes in 24 hours on Facebook

I must excuse for the quality.  The disadvantage of changing the camera lenses in spring are clear, no matter how careful, the dust of the flowers comes in and makes irritating spots at pictures. I will soon let this tiny problem being fixed.
(tip,  do not clean the camera sensor yourself. It is possible, but you will need a lot of effort, and the result is not always as good as you wish)

I used my 250 Makro Konverter and catched my first bee with it. Thank you, Bee, for being so patient with me :-).

Chestnut trees

Big birdies


And the famous leftovers album

HaFri Poetry 03 2017

And when the party is over
Nobody may be left sober
Nothing needs to be said
Because thinking so much hurts the head

The last drop is drunk
Some still want more
Others already snore
And smell like a skunk

I look back, and only see black
Even when the pictures colour, somehow
I feel like a wet sack
Hit by the tiger’s paw

We are behind the masquerade
Showing our real face again
Maybe I should accellerate
And face it like a man

The cascs are empty
The last laughter is long gone
I wake up, life offers plenty
Another cheer soon will come

©  01-03-2017

A windy day
Plenty shades of grey
I wish the rain to go awayI think about the sun
The time that life began
The time that spring sprung
I am sitting here
See that it is getting near
I trust
I do not fearSoon the sun will shine again
Life will wake up, and then
I love you,
Because I can

Spring will open up our eyes
We shall bloom, and realize
That time flies

No matter how dark
In the end it will be light
I will love you
Not less then tonight

©  02-03-2017


So close, he is
To find back the road
That he not wants to follow

So far away, he is
Sitting on cloud 9

© 03-03-2017

Life is making choices
And they are not so easy at all
We need to make them to come further
Take the risk, don’t be afraid to fall

Our climb to our destination
Is filled with moments with a tear
Stumbling further
The end comes a little near
We all have our wishes
And dreams, that won’t come true
But even when it rains
The water will be less cold,
Because of you

© 04 03 2017

© © © © © © © © © ©


When you only can ask
When your sorrows
are too much to carry

When hope is gone
When fear takes away the light
When your comfort
Is frozen by the night

When you are lost
Let me find you
When you think, there is nothing to live
Let me give

If you want, you can have my shoulder
If you can, we will grow older
And if you can not go anymore
I will love you
a little bit more

©  HaFri Poetry 6-3-2017

The road seem to be blocked
It looks impossible
To reach your target,
The one you need so much

The gates seem closed
The signs warn you
Not go further

Read the sign
Watch the bars more clear
Is there really no way through
It might look different, when you forget the fear

There are always ways to escape
There are always reasons to stop
Bend your head, to not hit your head
Crawl at your hand and feet

A big chance that you can make it
If you just give it a try
And when you decide the challenge and take it
You will, later, know why

Was it all worth it
Was it worth the prize
Was it more easy
THen you did realize

Don’t feel lost
Where ever you may roam
There is someone who has faith in you
You never walk alone

© HaFri oetry, 8-3-2017

Where is the sun
On a rainy day
Where is love
When the world screams hate

Where is the light
In the darkness
Where can we hide
Against what makes us sad

Where is hope
When you lost
Where to go
When you are gone

Walking in the rain
Is so much nicer, arm in arm
Walking in the dark night
Is lovely with your charm

And when the bullets silent
The songbird still will be singing her song
I still will walk, with you hand in hand
Together, somehow, we will feel strong


© 08-03-2017 HaFri Poetry

Hiding for the rain

Waiting until it ends
Is not really an option
Drops drip from the stones

It won’t last long
Before I go
I want to be home
Before it is dark

I want to walk in the light

And for a few drops, or more
I should
And won’t
Not hide

©9-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

When you are feeling cold
And you think you have no one to hold
Then let the sunshine in

When you are feeling blue
When you need that encouraging pat
Be different, and try red

Why should you drown in fear
When love is near

When the night is without the moon
Look to the stars, and know
She will be back soon

When someone tells you to be strong
It does not mean that weakness is wrong
Be what you feel
Be who you are

In all of us
shimmers a brightening star


 © 11-03-2017

Rest your weary head
Smell the fresh pillow in our bed
Your breath and the fresh sheet
There is not much more we need

Close your eyes
Leave your laundry in the night
GIve it away, enjoy the new white

Close your eyes
Wash your brain
Let it again be fresh and clean
A rainbow as has long not been seen


Sometimes, when I look to a tree
I wish I could be more like them
They wait there, patiently
To what will come, and when

The winter, cold and wet
No complaints, no regret
Silently they stand
Until the dark days will end

They don’t give up,
well, not from free will
It may happen
That a storm does kill

But usually, they just wait
Until the ice is gone
And the sun shines great

Then the miracle happens, again
What looks dead, in between
Returns back to green

I love the trees
I admire their power
They are so strong
They teach me
Every day
That there is a way to carry on


 © 12-03-2017 HaFri

Tired he walks on the road
His back is almost breaking
He bows under the load
That lays on his shoulder

The weight got more
When he grew older
He still is strong
but not so fast anymore

He welcomes every bench,
On his road
And rests a while
Enjoying the unload

He wonders why
He has to carry the heavy pack
And decides
To leave his past behind

He walks away
Still slow
But he can look up again
The luggage from the past
Under the tree.

I find it
There is not much in it
But the bag is too heavy for me to lift



when the day is grey and wet
When all the words are said
In the lonely hour
Pick up a flower

Don’t close your eyes for the star
When the night is dark
Smell the scent
Of the unseen flower

When the sun comes up
And all you feel is the pain
Smell the roses again

Lay your worries aside
For a moment, that’s all right
Breath the beauty
Smile through the tears

Breath the colour
Drink the nectar
And it won’t be
so dark anymore


©18-03-2017 HaFri Poetry

There is a place under the sun
Where spring has just began
Where you can listen to the birds
And see the flowers grow

Won’t you sit with me
Watching an early humble bee
Hearing the birds, sing their song
Where we can pretend, that nothing is wrong

And when we close our eyes
We feel the sunshine at our skin
Let her in

That moment
When you drift away
To a world, where all is okay

Come, sit with me
And dream
Let it in

The dream might last just a moment
But it is the start of a new begin


There is a place, under the sun
Where you can sit, and dream away
Where you can be in peace
Where you can feel okay

The birds sing their song
And when you are silent enough
Let your thoughts and worries go
You can hear them

There is a little fountain
And when you sit down
Take some time to stand still
You will hear the water float

The flowers are free to show
Let it go, don’t be afraid
Your package will not run away
But it might loose some weight

Get closer to yourself
You are wonderful, the way you are
And so is the garden, behind the wall
Don’t be afraid, to know it

The garden’s serenity and rest
Will cure you
And I assure you
That this meditation
for both of us
the best


© 26-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

There is light
Even when we can not see it
The light is shining
And waiting for us

When there is nothing to look
When you can’t see your own shadow
There still is light, at the other side

Not be afraid, to walk out of the dark
Not be afraid, to give up what was
Not be afraid, to step into a new life

What will be more the same
But with more light
With less pain

There is light
Waiting for you, and me
Just have faith
When we hold on
We shall see


© 26-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

I had a dream
Angels, dressed in white
Were everywhere, where I could see
They were not looking for me

They sang sad songs
Of life, what went to soon
They sang their songs
Under a shining moon

I walked to one angel
Who sat, under a tree
And asked if she could answer me

Where they were looking for
And why, and such more
She looked at me
And I could see
The answer in her eyes

I asked her if I could sit next to her
She did not say a word again
So I took the invitation
Stepped into her meditation

Under that big, dark tree
That carried the answer
What we could not see


© 29-3-2017 HaFri