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Trash Treasures

(hm, where did that other post went to? -me make a dumb face)
2016-01-21 12.54.05
Many of you have followed my project, in what I did photograph every week, one year long, the same location in the park.
It is already a while ago that the year is over, also is it time for a new project.

My new project is called Trash Treasure, and ithat tells it all.
Trash can be found everywhere, often I wonder WHY it is there, and I also wonder why people do not take care for environment or just play decent, for the other people.

Without encuraging the production of trash, I decided to look different to the trash. Through the lenses, in a different perspective or an unusual light, even trash can get its charms.

Or not?

You decide, feel free to take a look and come back soon, because there will be a lot more in the near future.

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Trash Graffitti

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