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Autumn activites

When you enjoy a walk in the autumn sun, and you all the sudden realize, that the deers have their autumn rituals as well.

I was fascinated, and could make endless photos.. Here a selection. Enjoy the power, and sorry, my lens is ‚only‘  a 260 mm zoom 😀 !

Zeche Zollverein Essen / Kokerei

Not that long ago, Germany has as well a rich coal producing history.

One of the largest squares were the Zeche, under the smoke of Essen (or the other way around)
After that the production was stopped, in the 70s, the area became at the UNESCO Architecture Memorial places.

Our visit to it can be settled in one word.  Huge.

Immense buildings, a view in the recent history.  I hope you enjoy the photos


And also Mini Jon, the Minion


Schützenfest 2018

Saturday  August 28th.

Schützenkonig 2018  
Georg Martin

The official  opening.

Shooting the cannons

And hissing the flags at the churches

The mix of all the days



Umzug der Tambourkorps ab Markt /Sternenmarsch



The famous flower horns







And that’s it, folks.  There is so much more to photograph, and my challenge for next year is to photograph the missing links from this year, without struggling with a cold 🙂

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Promenadekonzert NGK 2018

Neuss in August.

That means a LOT of music.

One of the highlights, at the sunday before ‚Schützenfest‘,  is the Promenade Konzert der NGK (Neusser Grenadier Korps)

No music included, you should have been there!

Des Neussers Freud und Lust

Wenn die Ernte ist vorüber,
rauh der Wind durch Stoppeln fährt,
wenn die Tage immer trüber
und die Schwalb nach Süden kehrt:

Jauchzend schallt’s dann in der Rund‘,
jauchzend hallt’s von Mund zu Mund:
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust,
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust
Freud und Lust!

Horch! Es tönen Jubellieder,
Trommeln rasseln durch die Straß‘,
und Musik erklinget wieder,
Klarinett und Flöt und Baß.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

Steht im Winde Fahnen flattern
Waffen glänzen in der Sonn‘.
Wenn die Büchsen lustig knattern,
schwellt des Neussers Herz vor Wonn‘.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

Auf der Wiese, welches Leben!
Bunt bewimpelt jedes Zelt,
und der Schützen einzig Streben,
dass der letzte Splitter fällt.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

In den Straßen steht die Menge
Fröhlich wogen auf und ab.
Und der Glocken hehre Klänge
Hallen hoch vom Turm herab.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

Sind die Kirmestag‘ vorüber,
ist der Freude Rausch vorbei,
wenn wir Alltagsmenschen wieder,
bleibt uns Erinn’rung treu!

Jauchzend schallt’s dann in der Rund‘,
jauchzend hallt’s von Mund zu Mund:
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust,
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust
Freud und Lust!


The new  Königsorden covers the old one

Spot on

Flags and flag wavers

Bundesfanfarenkorps Neuss-Furth

The mix

Die Neusser Fotografen –  Hilde  und Hans

Poetry July

On a hot summerday
The flower who did bloom so beautiful
Not even so long ago
Has transformed

The colours turned white
The seeds are ready for their flight
Waiting for the gently breeze
Or the rain
To be taken away
Away from where you were created

Some of the seeds
Will find a place
Where they can survive the night
Where they are safe for the chilly winter

When spring will come
And it will
They will grow again
to beauriful flowers
The circle of life

Every goodbye
Is a greet for something new
Empty places
Will be filled
And memories remain

When the roof will rattle, in the tower
And only the thing of evil is there to hear
When Alexa patiently wait for instructions
And no snoring will be heared again

I hear the wind whisper
Don’t be sad
The drama is over

And my tears will burn again
It was your final countdown then
You did fly away
On this hot summerday

I will miss you
Anywhere the wind blows

22 07 2018

Who will water Wonkys Garden
Now the sun is shining so hot
Who will harvest the breadbeans
Now our fearles leader is not

Shall Piran miss the snoring
THe last drama is spread
Life will be a bit more boring
Now your final countdown is said

When the storm let rattle your roof
There is no one left to share
Not a film review to proof
No more coffee, anywhere

Your music sounds forever
In the ones, for who you did care
Just like Freddie, you will live forever
Legends never die, anywhere

When dinky meows at your front door
And there is no one, to let him in
The mailman will no longer walk around
The circle is complete
In memories you will be found

THe wind will blow, my hair will get wet
And with the final countdown
I look up, and smile
for remembering you, and all of that

The show will go on, because it should
And I will miss you forever, Mister Mankyfoot

30 07 2018

Ritterfest Schloß Hülchrath

A jump back in time.

An old castle, familiar for us, because we were there for a wedding shoot  before.

The Location:  Schloß Hülchrath

This time, we jumped back in time, with a middle age event.

Here a few impressions of the  camp,

the games

and of course the people

Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Ein neues Projekt.

Mit Hans und Handy Fotografieren

Die Herausforderung.  Fotografieren mit den Handy

Eine Runde durch den Stadtmitte mit

Steffanie, Petra, Chris, Reinbert (und ich).

Special Guest….  Die Ente

Das Erfolg?  Erstaunlich


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Schloss Glückburg inside

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