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Talking about the birds .. no bees included

Let us talk about photography of birds.

Just as with other living subjects, it is not always easy to get a good picture from birds. Winter is a good time for trying to get the birds at your picture. The trees are barely carrying leaves and the birds do show up.

It takes time. Be patient, take the rest. Sit, and wait what happens.
I was sitting in the park, and all the sudden I did hear the wonderful whistle of a robin. Wonderful, and after having listened for a bit, I did  find him, in the tree behind me.   I calmly did take my camera, zoom (250mm) and there I had it.

Or that other time, that I was looking for another motive, and all the sudden the little robin did walk by, nosy about what I was doing.  I took the time, did not want to rush and let it fly away.

Birds photographing is nice. Take the time for it. The longer you wait, the more you see

My target for today was the market.  As in a tradition I did walk throught the park, it is a bit further, but well, curiosity to the wonderful world of animals makes me doing this, and I can, so why shouldn’t I?

I found my colleague photographer and we did watch the Kingbird and for all we did wait.  Waiting in a park is not a bad thing. There is never a dull moment.  The movie of life comes in front of you, just wait and it is there. Woodpecker, Squirrel, rabbits, and those lovely young ducklings   Awww moments, I want to hear you saying so 🙂

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Spring is in the water

The technical term that I use (well, my own jargon, nothing is scietifical proved -smiles- ) is freezing wild life.

Waiting for the proper moment and then being ready for quick shots.

Since it is spring, those ducks had the same thoughts. But their proper moments and shots were not where I am talking about


Ons Nüss … Helau

that is the thing that we did hear yesterday a countless time.
The 5th season is at its highlight (and at  its end), Carneval in our area is not just a parade, but it is cult and huge!.

When it comes to photographing it is not the most easy thing to photograph. First of all the motives are moving, most of the time, secondly it was sunny. The winter sun makes a hard light, and deep shadows, what in many of the pictures is combined.  I

So, the pictures did end a bit dark, but with the photo editing program I was able to enlighten them.
With huge credits to the smiling wall, and a lot of people who I did push away to get at a better spot for the pictures.

Photowalk Medienhafen Düsseldorf (WDF)

Photowalk in Düsseldorf, Medienhafen.  The afternoon was fine, but at the most intresting hours (the blue hours and short after dark) it was raining. Not the best circumstances for the camera and the objects to photograph, but it definitely gives a wonderful colourful view.

A few pictures are a bit blurry, but I do like them, they are natural, as it was and they give, in my opinion, the proper effect to how it was. Rainy and cold.



Photo walk in our city

There are many photogroups at the internet, and there are many photogroups at the social media as well.
One of the groups is active in our area. The Foto Freunde Niederrhein (FFN) did visit today our city. We did not have to walk far for the most nice pictures.

The best one (for me) were taken when it was dark already. The not so good ones I should love to skip 🙂

Winter for a day

this day the winter here was at january 24th!
Early in the morning it  started snowing like mad, and in the afternoon it was so warm that all did melt away.
In between I was just in time to catch some pictures

IRecently I read that it is worth to use the flash, when it is snowing, to photograph. The snowflogs cause a nice reflection. I don’t know if I have the chance for that, this winter, but maybe it works for rain as well

A photo walk in winter

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A winter walk in the park, is probably not the first thing you think about, for photography.
It has some advantages tho. First of all, there are far less people,, so the chance on a (non edited) picture with just the motive on it is much bigger.
Secondly the animals have less places to hide, so they are easier to be caught by the camera.
It is that we were not always fully concentrated (the talkings are part of the deal), else we might have cought a few other intresting animals as well.

Swans, ducks, sculptures, a beautiful park for under every weather circumstances.

A winter walk along the Rhine

Nothing is more nice, for a photographer, then a sunn y winterwalk in the afternoon.

The big advantage is that the best hours of photographing, not too long before the sun gets under, are at a time that it is perfect for a walk.

Our walk along the Rhine did give a few beautiful motives, varying from boats, water, reflections and industry (the power plant). Most of the pictures I took with the standard lense for the EOS 1100. A few were made with the zoom lense (the birds)

At a sidenote.
I do not understand what the fun is from a photo shooting with a ‚just married‘ couple at the  river, on such a cold day. I think that the idea is to get wonderful pictures but when it is that cold, the wedding couple can not feel happy when standing there in the mud and posing for the photographer. It might have been a professional photograph, but I think that he forgot the most important thing and that is that the people on the picture should be happy as well. Good, not of my business, he probably made better pictures then me, I will never know it 🙂