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Reflections at the Medienhafen

it is one of the most challenging areas in Düsseldorf, from the photographic view, anyway.
This range has all to do with reflections

Update April 8 2015

We went to the Medienhafen again, on a foggy day in spring. We did visit the ‚fernsehturm‘  and even with the dampy weather it was awesome.

In the tower, at 172 meter hgh I did change my zoom (300mm)  for the fixed 34 mm lense. Reason for it was while we were inside and the photo’s are taken through the glass. If that decision was right?  I leave it to you to make the final conclusion 🙂

23-09-2014 Jröne Meerke

A lake in the city. Just a nice bit of nature, hidden between motorways and houses.
The green lake – das jröne Meerke


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28 – 09 – 2014 Garage Sale /Trödelmarkt City

It was a wonderful day to show the things that you want to get rid of.


Neusser Schützenfest 2014

The largest event in our city, with a lot of traditions, are the „Schützenfest“.
Starting with the the funfair on friday, the Fackelzug/light parade on Saturday, the kings parade at Sunday, and ending Tuesday with the firework.
This year I try to photograph a bit different, not only the music corps and hench men in their parades.
At the opening fire, canon shoot, I did choose for a short shutter time. 2 pictures gave me the wanted effect.



In the evening hours, the darkness, I fully forgot to choose a longer exposure, what gave the pictures a too dark flare.
With still objects, however, it did work correctly









Hilla Berger

A German photographer of industrial photography got a newspaper award, short before her 80th birthday

She and her husband did photography a lot of industrial objects, sometimes big risks were taken.

The (german) article you find here
An exhibition of their work will be held in September in Düsseldorf Germany
Info about the opening times you find here

A view in the collection of the work of Hilla and Bernd Becher you can find at the google search,  here

Gallery test

This entry is to test the photo gallery features and plug ins.  Without being able to publish photo’s, this site is totally useless.  I will delete this message, and the other tests, when I dont forget it, after that I fully did discover how it works 🙂


Hello world!

Hello World

Welcome at Hafri Photography, where it is all about Photography.

It is a multi language page, that’s why I shall write as less as possible and let the pictures speak.
I look forward to your reactions!
Hallo Welt

Herzlich wilkommen bei Hafri Photography, wo alles dreht om Photographien.

Diese Seite ist mehrsprachig, deswegen versuche ich so viel wie möglich die Bilder sprechen zu lassen.
Ich freue mich auf ihren Reaktionen