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Pilgerweg zum Cornelius Kapelle

In the winter time the sun comes up a bit later, what makes it more easy to catch the intresting light effects.  I decided to walk the Pilger route to the Cornelius Kapelle, a route that leads me through wood and ends at the pet zoo.  Here a few impressions.

Celebrating life

I was walking, my head in the air
That time again, those days are there
Memories of festivities
I don’t know exactly how long ago

Your birthday, 90 years you should turn now
You will always be with me, somehow
I think about applepie
And start to let the music fly

So far away, and so close in my heart
I talk to you, as I usually start
Hey mama, how do you do
Happy birthday, I wish to you
What should it be great, to get a sign
That you are celebrating at this time

I look for your usual communication
But I not find it
I listen to the bird
Beautiful, as seldom heard

Yes, a living bundle of feather
And all the sudden I feel together
Sing, little wonderful bird
Sing happy birthday
The miracle occured

Thank you, for being so deep in me
Thank you, for making me so happy

The target is reached.

As a reward I there are animals in the Kinderbauernhof

Tannenbusch – Wildlife behind bars

A nice wildlife park, in our neighbourhood is the ‚Tannenbusch‘.

Many animals, a lot to see, even at a chilly day in spring.


Oh, and ducks 😀

A special place for the storks

And for the peacocks


And a special album for the boars family

The rest

Former visits in Tannenbusch

click at the pic for more Tannenbusch