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Zandvoort aan zee


The sea, it is our therapy, and we visit it, when we can, at least once a year.

This year it was in November.
Even when there is not much sun, it is simply what we need.

click at the small images for a better view, enjoy!

Breakfast with this view. That means holiday. Zandvoort (again!)

A traditional dinner in Le Flamboyant, in Haarlem, with Petra (who took this photo) and Iwan.


The sea

The seagulls

The beach

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Beach Treasures



Food and more …

Zandvoort – Blessings of the Beach

Sun, Sea, Sand .. Zandvoort has it all

2016-06-04 22.37.01

One of our favorite places for a few relaxing days is without any doubt Zandvoort aan Zee, the tiny town under the shadow of Amsterdam /Haarlem in the Netherlands.

zandvoort Wolken

Born and raised on only a stonethrow away from Zandvoort I have many memories of the beach. And where ever I go, I tell that I miss the sea, the beach, the smell of water.  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the beach is attractive. And of course not only the beach, but the people and the activities. as well. Enjoy my trip at the beach.

Zandvoort, the little village



Zandvoort Moewenflug

Street in Zandvoort
Better called ‚Sand‘  🙂

The beach

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and last but not least

zandvoort sonneU skyline
The sunsets

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The photos of our week at Zandvoort 2016

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