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A trip with Hildegard, to the mini zoo Tannenbusch.

Spring is coming, but the winter was cold and long, this year.

Today I look up to the sky
And you know why
Just like then, the sky is so blue
Just like then, I talk to you

In a language, you could not understand
As always, you know what I meant

What is there to say?
I hope you are okay
I am fine, but, yes, I miss you
In my thoughts, I smile and kiss you

Thank you for the signs you sent
Life goes on, after the end

( 07 04 2018)

Zoo KR

A rainy day in the Krefelder Zoo

Hornraben (Bucorvus) sind eine aus zwei nahe verwandten Arten bestehende, in Afrika verbreitete Gattung aus der Ordnung der Hornvögel und Hopfe (Bucerotiformes). Sie ähneln, abgesehen von den nackten, roten und blauen Hautpartien am Kopf, großen Raben. Ihr Gefieder ist überwiegend schwarz. Lediglich bei fliegenden Vögeln ist sichtbar, dass die Handschwingen weiß sind. Anders als die nahe verwandten Echten Hornvögel sind Hornraben gute Läufer. Hornraben haben 15 Halswirbel, während die echten Hornvögel lediglich 14 aufweisen. Die Beine sind außerdem länger und sie weisen eine spezielle Sehne auf, die vom Becken zum Femur verläuft.


Tiergarten MönchenGladbach

A visit with Markus to the small and pretty zoo in Mönchengladbach.

A wonderful day, after the ‚rude‘  winterdays before.

Enjoy the photos, click at them to enlarge.

More irds




more animals

Bigger animals


Krefelder Zoo


Zoo photography.

I always think it is a bit sad,  to photograph locked up animals.

It is different when you see the animals having a  good time

A wonderful day at the zoo with Hans Georg Bender

Enjoy the pictures

meow phote 1387


The advantages of going for a photo shoot with colleague photographers is that you can exchange photos. And when you are lucky, like I was this time,  you can even taste the luxuruy of using the ‚at my wishlist‘ lense,

This is the  amazing result., with my ’starter camera‘

schmet wahnsinn 1089
Tamron SP 90 mm f/2,8 Di MACRO 1:1 VC USD with Kenko Converter and external flashlight

More Butterflies

(Schmetterlinghaus /Butterfly greenhouse)


A leftover  rock from the classical Zoo days, where the Pavians feel comfortable

Elefanten / Elephants

Always searching for contact and new challenges

Raubkatzen ( Big Cats

The sleeping killer machines

Orang Utang

High intelligent, playful and happy


We, and they, both had the luck that tey were getting outside when we arrived. A happy group of beautiful monkeys


More monkeys

Water animals

Sometimes there are unplanned visitors, who have no respect for caches 🙂
sptze fisch 1363felder Zoo 201

and many more animals

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koroete 1282
Walk with me to more

Look to the differences. Not only in camera, but aa well in the zoo itself

Krefelder Zoo 2012

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Krefelder Zoo 2010

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