HaFri Poetry September 2018

Do not be afraid for the night
The darkness will return to the light
The lion does not always bite
Sometimes wrong is needed, to be all right

Do not believe in Hate
Life is beautiful, you are great
Turn away from violence
It is never too late
Open your heart
Let the shadow out
Breath the light, that is around
Love is everywhere to be found

It is easy to recieve it
Just be love, and you will achieve it

Smile, be happy, wonderful you
Don’t think about it, just do
Let the sparkle into your heart
Live, love,and let me be a part


17 09 2018

Be amazed
When you not expect it
Feel the grace
Just before you neglect it

Enjoy the light
When the sun
Is gone too soon
And reflects in the moon

Believe in the impossible
Let the magic never end
Float on, live life
With a little bit of help from your friends

12 09 2018

Think about it

How it was, when we were young
How it was, when we were strong
And our only worry was
To be home not too late

Ain’t they great

Remember the first warm day
After a rainy spring
The moment the summer did begin
At first it seemed a lovely friend
But it was not
It was hot
And the heat did not end

Memories about what was
Make hope, for what soon will come
A new view
So familiar
As every year

Farewell summer,
Autumn arrived, just in time
I wish us all a refreshing rain
But beware for water in the wine

10 09 2018

Another day is over
The light leaves us the night
Tomorrow we will be left sober
The memories will be all right

And when you are feeling tired
When the day goes not too well
Step back into your memories
Let their feelings tell

There is always someone who loves you
And you should know it
It helps you through the darknes
The light will show it

So I slightly slip away
When my day transforms to a dream
When I sleep in with your smile
Evrn the darkness will be okay

02 09 2018

Waits for no one
Sooner or later
Your time has come
To goTo another place
In another world
Where time does not count
Where eternity
Lasts only a secondYour last breath
Even your grave
Sooner or later
Will disappearOur memories remain
They live on

03 09 2018

Magical moments
Spinning around
In circles

Head your hair
Into the air
Swing like a wild child
Trust, dare

Turning around
And around
Rocking all over the world
Feel free

When the music stops
Let the magic remain in your brain
Walk dizzy, in the street
Laugh loud, give a stranger a kiss

Be the wonderful you
Let life entertain you

01 09 2018

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