An album about ‚the walk in the park‘

All the years that I live here, has this been a red ribbon.  A park, leterarilly in the middle of the city.  Long before I seriously went to photograph, I made my walks, and it never gets boring.

I met photographers there, I saw my first ‚Kingfisher there, and what all not.

I made my first personal photo challenge there and photographed ‚the bridge‘ 52 weeks in a row.

One year long, every week a picture. Klick at the bridge to see them all
One year long, every week a picture. Klick at the bridge to see them all

Hausstrecke 2017


Geese/ Gooslings





Time to give this special place an own corner. And here you have it!

Permanent visitors of the park(s),  just like everywhere in the city, are the Halsbandsittich, aka ring rose parakeets.  If you can’t see them, you can hear them.  Playful bandits, that terrorize with sound and presence. I love them!

April 2017

The temperature is winterly, now and then, but nature is telling it clear. Spring is there!

Click at the picture to see the ‚Hausstrecke‘ in April 2017

The geese are breeding, the first ducklings are spotted, we are all prepared for some busy weeks to come. May is on its way, here are the impressions of ‚the Hausstrecke‘  in April

Sunday morning 9.15 am.  A man lays on the ground in the Park, making a picture.  People who passed by had no idea, that this was the result 🙂


Neuss is an old city, first mentioned in documents from the 13th century. Through time a lot of complexes are built there. Here a few of them.

A bit sideways of ‚the park‘, for when I really like to walk a longer road, close to the Obererft, is the Epenchoir situated.

12 01 2015

Today, all by surprise, we had a lot of sun, what is good, after all the rainy days (winter in our part of Germany is grey and wet). So off for the walk through the park.

When people see me with the camera, I get some reactions now and then. Today two girls asked me if I could take a picture of them. They promised to look it up at facebook. I don’t think so, but it was fun to do.
Then to the park. There were more people with the same idea, so that we had a spontaneous photo walk with 3 of my photo friends.

13  01 2017

Same square as yesterday, but now with my lovely better half. As bonus we discoverd the swan again, this time in the Rosengarten. He still looks a bit not amused that I only photograph him and not feed!

16 01 2017

A winterwalk with Willi and Hilde

Stadtpark – Rosengarten – Botanischer Garten.

On tour with Hilde and Willi is always good for surprises.  When the signs tell, the exit is closed, that is not a reason to choose another exit.

The first signs of spring arrived.. Snow bells in the Botanischer Garten! Good that we have such strong zoom lensens (and good eyes)

Spring 2017

April 20

While the geese are breeding, the ducks are already parenting.

This page will most likely grow regurarily, so I say to you, until next time!

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