Human created

The discussion of what human did add on the values of the earth is endless, and you can always discuss the things that are done.

Düsseldorf Rheinpromenade IMG_6109

I try to have an eye for the different sites.

Kö IMG_6088

The beauty is the most important, but I do not mind showing the less beauty side as well.

image 9

Enjoy the pictures of what human did crreate


Dusseldorf Kö Mall IMG_6084

And not all what is seen is nice. People tell me, don’t photograph that trash, it is just trash. But hey.. in a photo it does not smell. Look different, or look not

2015-06-27 20.43.04-1

Decay, or lost places.  Forgotten places, once used from humans, and slowly taken back from nature. Another example of trash, but it might bring a picture as well

Click at the picture to see a few more pictures of ‚lost places‘

lost places breite strasse IMG_5288

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