Industry, some say no no, others say go

Industry and photography.  A no or a go?

Industry is part of our life,  The big buildings, the dark smoke, that we know from some decades ago, are not that thick and not that full anymore, but the buildings and the  immense influence that this all has at the landscape and the city, is evidence.


Some people prefer nature. I do as well. And who wants, can find beautiful nature as well. You have to look better for it, and it might be worth if you find it.

150810 industrie blume IMG_8294

From a photographic view industry is very exciting.  How to picture those colossus, those immense ‚things‘  and how to give a proper impression of them, on a tiny piece of paper, or a small screen.  Should it be printed at A1 or A0?  Well, who needs new decoration at the wall can consider.

150810 industrie rohre IMG_8303


And, with photographing, do not forget the excitement to enter area’s that are (almost)  restricted.  Do not pass the fence, even when the picture from the other side is awesome   -now I need to look for my angel face 🙂

Here a happy view at the pictures, such as here, in the harbour of Neuss.  Enjoy

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