Into the darkness

Photographing in the night is something different as in the day.

Is in the day your motive always clear, in the darkness you not always see what you want to photograph.
We have to do here with several phenonemas.
One is the optic illusion. Our eyes see things and our brains ‚develop‘ an image of it,  And that image is not always how the situation really is.


Especially in night photography (but as well during the day), the effect appears that your camera sees things ‚a tiny different‘

Further the lack of light makes that the camera needs more time to catch enough light to get the image proper. Often a tripod is helpful, because when the exposure times get longer, it is impossible to hold your camera steady.

Enjoy my pictures. And be aware that I am an absolute novice in this, and in a steady learning process.

October 2016.


I was so early awake that I went out to see the daylight going on.
I as well put a new ‚wish‘  at my wishlist, to get better 😉

More pictures from photographing in the dark will be added … soon!

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