I try to photograph people in a natural way, and that consequently means that they should not be aware of the picture moment, they should do what they are doing and then framed with their activities.

At festivals and events there is a bit different climate. People want to be seen, want to be pictured.  Still, for me the nicest pictures are when people are fully relaxed and not noticing the camera.

Consequently that not always brings the most perfect portrait photos, a lot of  extra objects in the  photo’s, that show the people in their own habitat.

Middle age event
Keeping long lost traditions alive, the knights and maids of the middle age events.

Japan Day Düsseldorf. 
As a gift from the Japanese community to the German city Düsseldorf, this event did develop is to a huge open air festival with a lot of culture and. costumes

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And when it comes to people,  the street photography must be included as well.
Check out this site in the near future, for more!  😀

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