Spheric Photography – the bigger the better?


Last week I dropped my glass ball and of course it has a scratch on it, what  is not what I want in my spheric photography.

I went, faster then the speed of light, to get a new one, in Düsseldorf they are available at Kathryn’s Salzkristal Laden, a very nice shop, with many more  You cn order your ‚ball‘ there as well, English translation is available.

I came home with not only a new 8cm Glass ball, but with the 10 cm as well.  The 10 cm ball is already pretty heavy!

After that I bought them,  the weather became rainy and grey. Also my first experiments are not so colourful, but I look forward to more.

Enjoy the ‚ball‘  in the harbour area

And of course there are some photos that do not fit in this category 😀


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