Spring  – A new begin

April 2017

This sunday I took a (long) walk through the wood, to the Jröne Meerke.

I was happy with catching my first bee in a close exposure.  More from my walk, with a click at the bee 🙂


Yes!  Spring is there, when the cherrry blossoms in front of our church are flowering.  It finally happened. View for the pictures with a click at the photo below.

March 2017, it seems that nature is two weeks ‚behind‘,  compared with last year, but, it is unstoppable.

Spring in Düsseldorf (Hofgarten)
Click at the picture

Spring in Hofgarten, Düsseldorf. Click at the flowers

Spring at the ‚Hausstrecke‘.   Klich at the picture.

click at the picture for the first spring photos in 2017

Spring 2017 in the Botanic Garden, Neuss.

April  Click at the pic

Botanic Garden April. Clic


Splish, splash – goose style


spring 2016

Sonn Gelb IMG_7880


Enjoy the flower power of spring 2016

I made a separate album for one of the most spectacular spring flowers, the Magnolia. Flowering only a few days, but what a magnificent flower.  Well, why spending words, take a look by yourself

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Do I need to say more about tulips?  Wonderful flowers for a photographer, both in the free field and at the vase at home.

Enjoy the classical messengers of spring

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I adore them, I love them and sometimes I feel like being one of them.

But then, as my mother used to tell me, I am one of the black ones. Can you find my brothers and sisters?

I did photograph the sheep in April 2016 at the rhine meaddows in Düssseldorf.

Where should photogaphers be when there was no spring to photograph?  No matter what kind of specialism you have, spring is everywhere, in the street, in portraits, and of course in nature.


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Next to the animals, young ones or small ones, the main course at the menu in spring are the blossoms and flowers. I add a selection of pictures that did reach my eye, enjoy it.

And how about mushrooms in spring?  Pizza size

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